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5 Best Indestructible & Chew-Proof Dog Collars of 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Do you own a dog that’s determined to chew everything under their nose, even their own collar? Not only is constantly replacing chewed-up collars a hit on your budget, but you may also be concerned that your dog could ingest the torn-up material, causing an unwanted trip to the vet.

An indestructible and chew-proof dog collar may be your solution. We’ve listed the top five collars in this category and provided you with straightforward reviews and pros and cons lists.

Be sure to also check out our buyer’s guide, where we go in-depth into which features make a high-quality, indestructible, and chew-proof collar.

A Quick Look at Our Favorite Choices in 2023

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Kamooved Chew-Resistant Collar Kamooved Chew-Resistant Collar
  • Nearly indestructible
  • Tough nylon construction
  • Adjustable fit
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Collar Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Collar
  • Mesh padding for comfort
  • Durable nylon material
  • Reflective stitching
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Black Rhino Neoprene Collar Black Rhino Neoprene Collar
  • High-performing neoprene
  • Adjustable fit
  • Five eye-catching colors
  • RUFFWEAR Crag Collars RUFFWEAR Crag Collars
  • Lightweight woven fabric
  • Sturdy leash attachment
  • Broad range of sizes
  • Furbaby Training Collar Furbaby Training Collar
  • BioThane-coated material
  • Easy to clean & stink-proof
  • The 5 Best Indestructible Dog Collars

    1. Kamooved Chew-Resistant Dog Collar – Best Overall


    Because we found very few instances in which a dog was able to successfully chew through this collar and leash combination set, we listed the Kamooved Chew Resistant Dog Leash as the best chew-proof dog collar overall on our list. This well-made, specially engineered heavy-duty dog collar (with leash included) is constructed from tough nylon and comes with two D-rings and a buckle made from heavy-duty stainless steel. The leash is made of mountain-climbing nylon rope.

    This heavy-duty collar has extra features like a padded interior for your dog’s comfort and a built-in handle along the back of the collar to help you better control your dog. This collar is 1 inch wide and 27.5 inches long and has five eyelets for an adjustable fit for most medium to large dogs.

    While this durable dog collar may not come in a variety of stylish colors or patterns, it does have a nice look, with even stitching, silver-toned hardware, and colored padding. It also comes with a 180-day guarantee.

    • Nearly indestructible
    • Tough nylon construction
    • Heavy-duty stainless-steel hardware
    • Adjustable fit
    • Padded interior
    • Built-in handle
    • Sturdy leash included with purchase
    • 180-day guarantee
    • More functional than stylish in appearance
    • May not fit smaller dogs

    2. Tuff Pupper Heavy-Duty Dog Collar – Best Value

    Tuff Pupper

    We chose the Tuff Pupper heavy-duty dog collar as the best indestructible and chew-proof dog collar for the money. Made with fray-proof ballistic nylon, as well as stainless-steel buckle and hardware, this durable dog collar is built to withstand the most aggressive chewers. It also comes with mesh padding along the interior for comfort.

    Other features on this collar include dual 3M reflective stitched trim on the collar’s exterior, three convenient sizes ranging from small to extra-large, an adjustable fit, and a choice of seven lively colors. A stretch bungee handle is affixed to the back of the collar, which remains flush when not in use. However, we learned of an instance of near suffocation with this handle, in which two dogs became entangled.

    Also, the lower price of this product may affect the quality of construction. Some collars have loose stitching and pull apart after light use. Keep in mind, however, that Tuff Pupper will honor its 60-day money-back guarantee.

    • Durable nylon material
    • Stainless-steel hardware
    • Mesh padding for comfort
    • Reflective stitching
    • Broad size range options
    • Seven lively color choices
    • Adjustable fit
    • Suffocation concerns with bungee handle
    • Issues with the quality of construction

    3. Black Rhino Neoprene Dog Collar – Premium Choice

    Black Rhino

    Our premium choice goes to the Black Rhino Neoprene padded dog collar. The neoprene material and comfortable padding on this collar is not only strong but also performs well. You won’t have to worry about this collar when your dog is playing in the water, as it dries quickly and is odor-free.

    This heavy-duty dog collar comes in five eye-catching colors and reflective stitching to help your dog be seen at night. It offers an adjustable fit, and you can choose from a wide range of sizes, from small to extra large. However, we found that despite being advertised as lightweight, this collar may be too heavy for smaller dogs.

    While this collar is more expensive, we also discovered quality control issues with the thickness and stitchwork on the padding, as well as the eyelets rusting and possibly falling out.

    • High-quality, high-performing neoprene material
    • Five eye-catching colors
    • Reflective stitching
    • Adjustable fit
    • Wide range of size options
    • More expensive than similar collars
    • Padding isn’t as high quality as advertised
    • Eyelets may fall out or rust
    • May be too heavy for smaller dogs

    4. RUFFWEAR Crag Durable Dog Collars


    Made with lightweight woven fabric, including a reflective trim, the Ruffwear Crag dog collar lives up to its claim of being built for adventure. This collar has a V-shaped aluminum ring for a sturdy leash attachment and a separate hook for identification tags, which includes a clever silicone silencer to reduce annoying jangling.

    This durable dog collar comes in five bold colors and a broad range of sizes that fit necks from 11 inches up to 26 inches. For a better fit, this collar also has a slide adjustment. However, we found that the slide may loosen with wear, which can cause the collar to ultimately slide right off your dog’s head.

    While this is a durable product, be aware that you might have difficulty manipulating the plastic buckle. Also, keep in mind that the fabric on this collar is thin and does not include padding.

    • Lightweight woven fabric
    • Sturdy leash attachment
    • Separate identification hook and tag silencer
    • Five bold color choices
    • Broad range of sizes
    • Difficult to manipulate the buckle
    • Easily loosens and falls off
    • Material is thin, no padding

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    5. Furbaby Products Heavy Duty Dog Training Collar

    Furbaby Products

    If you’re looking for a collar that has the look of leather but can perform well in wet conditions, then you may want to consider the Furbaby Products BioThane dog training collar. The unique BioThane-coated webbing offers a sleek look while remaining stink-proof. It comes in 12 vibrant colors.

    This collar is constructed with corrosion-resistant nickel-plated hardware that includes a D-ring and a buckle. Furbaby Products offers six selections ranging from neck sizes of 12 inches up to 21.5 inches. The buckle can adjust for an even better fit using one of the seven incorporated holes. The holes are not fitted with grommets, which may cause widening and possible ripping.

    This product is priced on the higher side compared to other products on our list. While the material performs excellently, keep in mind that this collar does not offer a padded interior or additional features such a separate identification tag hook.

    • High-performance BioThane-coated material
    • Offers look of a leather collar
    • Easy to clean, stink-proof
    • Corrosion-resistant nickel-plated hardware
    • Adjustable fit
    • Adjustable buckle holes may pull and tear
    • More expensive than similar products
    • Lacking padded interior
    • No additional convenient features

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    Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Best Indestructible & Chew-Proof Dog Collar

    After reading through our reviews and pros and cons lists, hopefully, you have a better idea of which collar will work best for your dog. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll go over a few key components to consider before you purchase an indestructible and chew-proof dog collar.


    The Indestructible Claim

    First, we must address the indestructible dog collar claim. In this case, your dog’s determined chewing capabilities will ultimately win against any collar material available for purchase. Still, the collars on our list are made of a variety of materials that come close and can hold up against the most ardent chewers.

    Form and Function

    Synthetic materials are well-suited for water play, washing up, and avoiding the stink factor. You don’t have to trade appearance for function — your dog can have both! Many of the collars on our list come in stylish colors with shiny hardware.

    Beyond the material, be sure to choose a collar that incorporates high-quality hardware. No matter how strong the fabric may be, a collar only works if the leash stays attached and the collar remains well-fitted. Also, look for hardware that can survive water play. Make sure the collar uses a sturdy, rust-proof, and corrosion-resistant metal on the buckle, D-rings, and grommets.

    Chewing Prevention Starts With Your Dog’s Comfort

    Comfort and fit are two preventative factors for avoiding a chewed-up collar. A padded interior can go a long way toward keeping your dog so comfortable, they may forget it’s even around their neck. Be sure to purchase a collar that is the appropriate size and weight for your dog’s stature and breed. All the collars on our list have an adjustable fit, as properly fitted collars create less temptation for chewing. Make sure you can slide two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck to ensure an optimum fit.

    french bulldog with collar
    Image Credit: speckfechta, Unsplash

    Have you ever wondered if your dog can eat these foods?

    Important Safety Factors

    Finally, we must address safety concerns. Take extra care to keep your dog safe from accidental suffocation. Especially when multiple dogs are involved, rough play and wrestling may lead to serious entanglement. Many of the chew-proof collar materials are so durable, cutting through them in an emergency requires a sharp knife. Again, a proper fit and high-quality construction can go a long way toward preventing such unfortunate circumstances.

    How to Choose the Best Chew-Proof Collar

    Choosing the best collar for your chew-happy dog ultimately comes down to three factors: durability, comfort, and fit. With high-performing materials, sturdy hardware, padded interiors, and adjustable buckles, your dog can enjoy rough play, water play, and many other adventures.

    divider 10


    The Kamooved Chew Resistant Dog Leash is our choice for the overall best indestructible & chew-proof dog collar. This nearly indestructible and chew-proof combination leash and collar set include a dog collar made from tough nylon construction and constructed with heavy-duty stainless-steel hardware. It also has an adjustable fit, a padded interior for your dog’s comfort, and a sturdy built-in handle. The leash made of mountain-climbing rope material is included with purchase, as well as a 180-day guarantee.

    The Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Dog Collar earned its second-place spot for being the best heavy-duty dog collar for the money. For a great price, this collar is made from durable nylon material. It has stainless-steel hardware, mesh padding for comfort, and reflective stitching. You’ll easily find the right size and look for your dog with seven lively color choices, a broad size of range options, and an adjustable fit.

    The Black Rhino Neoprene Padded Dog Collar is our premium choice due to its high-quality, high-performing neoprene material, making it extremely chew-proof and well-suited for water play. With reflective stitching and a padded interior for your dog’s comfort, this collar offers five eye-catching colors, a wide range of size options, and an adjustable fit.

    We hope that our extensive reviews, quick-reference pros and cons lists, and helpful buyer’s guide have helped you find a durable dog collar that can hold up to the chewing capabilities of your dog. With the right indestructible and chew-proof dog collar, you can worry less about destroyed collars or possible trips to the vet to remove chewed collar debris. Many of the collars we reviewed will not only keep your beloved dog safe but also have them looking stylish as well.

    Featured Image Credit: Peggy_Marco, Pixabay

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