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8 Best Muzzles for Boxers in 2024 – Reviews & Comparisons

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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While your Boxer’s sweet flat face and short snout may melt your heart, they also contribute to this breed’s breathing issues. If you must muzzle your Boxer, you’ll need to take special precautions for their safety and comfort.

Before you place a muzzle on your beloved Boxer, you should know if you’re providing them with the proper equipment. Fortunately, there are several safe, well-made muzzles designed specifically for Boxers and similar flat-faced breeds. Basket muzzles offer a closed or wire-structured end that acts as a barrier while allowing for plenty of air circulation for your Boxer to breathe.

We’ve compiled the top eight best muzzles for Boxers and added detailed reviews and quick-reference pros and cons lists to help you find the best muzzle for Boxers.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorite Picks in 2024:

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Didog Soft Genuine Leather Didog Soft Genuine Leather
  • High-quality leather
  • Basket design
  • Strap designed to prevent falling off
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Baskerville Ultra Baskerville Ultra
  • Cage design provides ample air flow
  • Six size choices
  • Can be heated and molded for better fit
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Dogs My Love Metal Wire Dogs My Love Metal Wire
  • High-quality
  • Durable
  • Adjustable straps
  • CollarDirect Secure Leather CollarDirect Secure Leather
  • Genuine leather
  • Soft and comfortable fit
  • Two adjustable straps that hold well
  • Canine Friendly Short Snout Canine Friendly Short Snout
  • Unique full-face mesh design
  • Plenty of ventilation
  • Made with durable nylon
  • The 8 Best Muzzles for Boxers

    1. Didog Leather Boxer Dog Muzzle – Best Overall


    We chose the Didog genuine leather dog muzzle as the best muzzle for Boxers on our list. The high-quality leather construction provides a soft and comfortable fit for your Boxer. The basket design loosely covers your boxer’s mouth while allowing their nose to be exposed to fresh air. There are also multiple openings for additional ventilation.

    This dog muzzle comes with a sturdy strap design that connects over your Boxer’s head and around their neck to keep the dog muzzle from falling off. However, we found that the fit is not adjustable, which may impact overall comfort and staying in place.

    Dodog offers 30 days’ free replacement and a refund if you’re not satisfied. We aren’t able to confirm if the company honors this commitment, however. But, all in all, we think this is the overall best muzzle for Boxers you can find.

    • High-quality leather
    • Soft and comfortable fit
    • Basket design
    • Offers plenty of ventilation
    • Strap designed to prevent falling off
    • 30-day refund or replacement
    • Strap is not adjustable

    2. Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle – Best Value


    For the best muzzle for Boxers for the money, we recommend the Baskerville Ultra muzzle. At a lower price point, this cage-shaped dog muzzle is strong and secure. The cage design provides plentiful airflow, as well as the ability to allow your boxer to eat and drink while wearing it.

    This muzzle comes in six sizes, as well as having the unique feature of being able to heat and mold it for a better fit.

    Be sure to fully research the size chart and molding instructions, as there is a level of difficulty with achieving the best fit. If not well adjusted, this dog muzzle can chafe your dog where it contacts their skin. Also, without a proper fit, your Boxer can easily remove it and use it as a chew toy.

    • Great value
    • Cage design provides ample airflow
    • Six size choices
    • Can be heated and molded for a better fit
    • May cause skin irritation or chafing
    • May fall off

    3. Dogs My Love Basket Muzzle – Premium Choice

    Dogs My Love

    We selected Dogs My Love metal wire basket dog muzzle as our premium choice for its high-quality, and light yet durable construction that’s both comfortable and safe for your Boxer. This well-made muzzle is made of chromed wire and genuine leather.

    The cage design of this muzzle protects your Boxer while allowing them to pant easily or even bark due to the sufficient airflow. You won’t need to remove this muzzle if your boxer needs a drink of water.

    The leather straps are adjustable and built to resist stretching out of shape. We found that this product fits well on most Boxers with only a few minor adjustments.

    • High-quality, light yet durable construction
    • Well-made with chromed wire and genuine leather
    • Allows for more than enough airflow
    • Dogs can drink while wearing the muzzle
    • Adjustable straps
    • Well-fitted for a Boxer’s flat face
    • More expensive than similar products

    4. CollarDirect Basket Dog Muzzle for Boxers


    Made primarily of genuine leather, the CollarDirect basket dog muzzle is built to be soft and comfortable for your Boxer. It has a woven strap design that allows for protection and a reasonable amount of airflow.

    This muzzle comes in two colors, brown or black, and features multiple metal rivets that hold the weaved leather in place. While your Boxer may find a way to drink while wearing this muzzle, doing so may pose a challenge. Also, water or even just your dog’s saliva may eventually rust the metal rivets.

    This moderately higher-priced muzzle comes with two adjustable straps. We learned that most owners were able to find an appropriate fit that stays in place on their Boxer without it falling off.

    • Genuine leather
    • Soft and comfortable fit
    • Color choice of brown or black
    • Two adjustable straps that hold well
    • Metal rivets may rust
    • Difficult to drink water while wearing
    • Moderately higher priced

    5. Canine Friendly Short Snout Boxer Dog Muzzles

    Canine Friendly

    The unique design of the Canine Friendly short snout dog muzzle fits over nearly the entirety of your dog’s face, resembling a mesh-covered mask. Made with durable nylon, this muzzle slips over your dog’s head and offers them plenty of ventilation through its breathable mesh.

    This muzzle features a cut-out portion near your Boxer’s mouth for panting and drinking. It also has soft bumpers to help protect their eyes from rubbing and irritation.

    You can adjust the fit with a slider and secure it in place with a buckle. We found that the biggest complaint among Boxer owners was that their dog could easily and quickly remove this muzzle. Without a neck strap, your Boxer can swipe this muzzle off their face with little effort. Also, some dog owners ran into difficulty determining the proper size.

    • Unique full-face mesh design
    • Plenty of ventilation
    • Made with durable nylon
    • Cut-out allows for drinking and panting
    • Bumpers to prevent eye irritation
    • Adjustable fit
    • Boxers can quickly remove it
    • Finding the proper size may be difficult

    6. CollarDirect Leather Dog Muzzle

    CollarDirect Dog Muzzle


    Made with handcrafted genuine leather, the CollarDirect leather muzzle has a classic basket design. The main portion of the muzzle slides onto your Boxer’s short snout, while a second section traverses the front, providing both protection and ample access to airflow.

    The two adjustable straps go around your Boxer’s neck for a proper fit. Multiple metal studs secure both the snout portion and the straps for a solidly constructed product.

    Though designed for Pit Bulls, this product may work well on your Boxer depending on the size and shape of their snout. You may need to make several adjustments for a proper fit.

    • Handcrafted genuine leather
    • Classic basket design
    • Ample access to airflow
    • Two adjustable straps
    • Designed specifically for Pit Bulls
    • May need to adjust for proper fit

    7. Dogs My Love Leather Basket Muzzle

    Dogs My Love 108

    Designed for both Bulldogs and Boxers, the Dogs My Love leather dog basket muzzle has a shortened snout cover for a better, more comfortable fit. This well-fitted muzzle is constructed with high-quality genuine leather and secured by durable metal rivets.

    The weaved leather straps allow for plenty of ventilation for your Boxer. However, you will need to remove the muzzle if your dog needs a drink or becomes overheated and needs to excessively pant.

    This lightweight yet strong muzzle comes with a single adjustable strap. We found that if the strap isn’t properly secured, however, the muzzle can slip out of place or fall off.

    • Designed for Boxers and similar short-snout breeds
    • Comfortable fit
    • High-quality genuine leather and durable metal rivets
    • Plenty of ventilation
    • Adjustable strap
    • Must remove muzzle for drinking and panting
    • May fall off or slip out of place

    8. REAL PET Short Snout Dog Muzzle


    Much like the previous full-face mesh muzzle on this list, the Real Pet short snout dog muzzle has the added feature of two eye holes, as well as a small mouth opening. Your Boxer will not have their vision impeded and will be able to drink and have proper access to fresh air.

    Constructed with lightweight, durable nylon material, this muzzle is designed primarily for Boxers and other short-snout, flat-faced breeds. With a widened chin portion and an adjustable strap, this muzzle is built to stay in place despite your Boxer’s best efforts. Also, the easy-to-use quick-release buckle adds convenience.

    Since this mask covers your dog’s entire face, your Boxer may need time to adjust to wearing it. Also, watch for skin irritation where the muzzle may rub.

    • Designed for short-snout breeds
    • Eye and mouth openings
    • Able to drink while wearing
    • Good ventilation
    • Lightweight, durable nylon
    • Adjustable strap and quick-release buckle
    • Mask design
    • Your dog may not like wearing it
    • May cause skin irritation



    Summary: Choosing the Best Muzzle for Your Boxer

    We selected the Didog WDMU-D1-M Genuine Leather Dog Muzzle as the best overall muzzle for boxers. It earned our top pick for its high-quality leather construction and that it provides your Boxer with a soft and comfortable fit, as well as plenty of much-needed ventilation. Also, this muzzle employs straps that are designed to prevent the muzzle from falling off or being pulled off by your dog.

    For the best value, we suggest the Baskerville 61520A Ultra Muzzle. This cage-designed muzzle provides ample airflow and comes in six different size choices. Also, the entire muzzle can be heated and molded for a better fit.

    For our premium choice, we selected the Dogs My Love Metal Wire Basket Dog Muzzle. Its high-quality, light yet durable construction is properly designed to allow for a Boxer’s flat facial features. This muzzle is well-made, with a chromed wire snout area that provides ample airflow and enough of an opening for your dog to drink. The genuine leather straps are adjustable for a snug yet comfortable fit.

    We hope that after reading through our list of helpful reviews, you’ve found a comfortable and well-fitted muzzle that accommodates your Boxer’s distinctive features. With the right muzzle, your Boxer can be protected from dog fights, eating unintended objects, and biting during stressful situations, such as trips to the vet. The right muzzle will give your boxer the extra ventilation that they need.

    Featured image credit: Myriams-Fotos, Pixabay

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