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10 Best Pet Hair Removers in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Oliver Jones

By Oliver Jones

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We love our pets, but we don’t like some things about them, such as shedding. It’s even worse and more noticeable if the contrast between their hair and your furniture or clothes is sharp. No matter how much you vacuum, there always seems to be a never-ending supply, too. And we haven’t even talked about allergies yet. About 30 percent of inflicted Americans are allergic to cats or dogs—or both!

Need we mention hair in your food? Yuck!

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a hypoallergenic pet, although some may shed less than others. It’s not the hair that causes the problem. It’s your pet’s saliva, dander, and urine that cause the problems. Every time you pet your pup, it releases allergens, along with gobs of hair. The latter is why we stress feeding your pet a high-quality diet that will support his skin and immune system health.

Our round-up includes everything you need to know about choosing the best pet hair remover. We’ve done the deep dive to give you the facts. We’ve also done the research with detailed reviews on the products available with information on the pros and cons of each one. Let’s stop with the chatter and get down to business!

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
FURemover Extendable Pet Hair Removal Broom FURemover Extendable Pet Hair Removal Broom
  • Eco-friendly
  • Wide coverage area
  • Easy storage with a telescoping pole
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Removal Tool Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Removal Tool
  • Odor-free
  • USA-made
  • Affordably priced
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Remover ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Remover
  • No refills needed
  • Hair-collecting chamber
  • 1-year warranty
  • Evercare Pet Plus Ergo Grip Pet Lint Roller Evercare Pet Plus Ergo Grip Pet Lint Roller
  • Reusable
  • Ergonomic grip handle
  • Convenient hanging loop
  • FURemover Duo Dual-Sided Grooming & Hair Removal FURemover Duo Dual-Sided Grooming & Hair Removal
  • Dual-purpose
  • Decent grooming tool
  • Reasonably priced
  • The 10 Best Pet Hair Removers

    1. FURemover Extendable Pet Hair Removal Broom – Best Overall

    FURemover Extendable Pet Hair Removal Broom

    The FURemover Extendable Pet Hair Removal Broom is an excellent household tool to use on smooth surfaces. It works like a squeegee that you’d use on windows or in your shower. It has a decent range between 36 and 60 inches. It is a telescoping pole that makes it easy to store when not in use. If you have an issue with collecting excess hair, this product will allow you to keep your distance.

    The hair remover gets a hold of fur well. It is eco-friendly without the use of adhesive sheets. You do have to manually remove the hair. The overriding advantage of this hair remover is that you won’t realize how much you needed it until you put it on the job. It will likely surprise you with the amount of hair it collects.

    • Eco-friendly
    • Wide coverage area
    • Easy storage with a telescoping pole
    • Awkward to use on clothes

    2. Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Removal Tool – Best Value

    Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Removal Tool

    The Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Removal Tool takes top honors as our pick for the best pet hair removers for the money. It’s affordable on more than one score since you don’t have to replace adhesive sheets. The product itself collects the excess hairs. That fact alone makes it a worthwhile purchase. You collect the fur on it and pull it off if it’s not an issue.

    The tool resembles a loofah and kind of acts the same way. It doesn’t have the best hand feel, but it’s practical.  We can’t ignore the value of the purchase. We also liked the fact that it doesn’t retain odors, which is a boon for owners of Labradors and similar pets.

    • Affordably priced
    • USA-made
    • Odor-free
    • Awkward use

    3. ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Remover – Premium Choice

    ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Remover

    The ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Remover is another eco-friendly solution that gathers hair without using adhesive sheets that you have to remove. This one relies on an electrostatic charge to attract the fur to the device. We like the concept because it undoubtedly is effective. However, the design leaves something to be desired. It collects hair into a small box, which works. However, the button to empty it is misplaced.

    The product works best on furniture instead of clothes. We’d prefer a pet hair remover that handles all jobs effectively. However, it works well when used as directed. It has a decent hand feel. It also comes with a 1-year warranty.

    • Eco-friendly
    • 1-year warranty
    • Hair-collecting chamber
    • Expensive
    • Not usable on loose fabrics

    4. Evercare Pet Plus Ergo Grip Pet Lint Roller

    Evercare Pet Plus Ergo Grip Pet Lint Roller

    The Evercare Pet Plus Ergo Grip Pet Lint Roller uses adhesive sheets to collect hair and lint. The concept is excellent since you don’t have to handle the debris. Simply tear off the sheet and throw it away. That is effective in theory, but it does make it less environmentally friendly. However, the price is right, and you can get replacement rolls in 60, 70, or 100 sheets.

    We liked the size of the roller. It also does a decent job of getting all the hair off in one pass. It is USA-made, which is another plus in its favor. Unfortunately, the product doesn’t feel as if it’ll last for the long haul, which is too bad given its effectiveness.

    • Affordably priced
    • Reusable
    • USA-made
    • Not eco-friendly
    • Cheap feel to handle

    5. FURemover Duo Dual-Sided Grooming & Hair Removal

    FURemover Duo Dual-Sided Grooming & Hair Removal

    The FURemover Duo Dual-Sided Grooming & Hair Removal is a dual-purpose tool to get rid of hair on you or your furniture and take care of its source, namely, your dog or cat. The concept is spot-on. However, it doesn’t fulfill both tasks equally. It works well to groom your pet, depending on the length and coarseness of their coat. It won’t work well on long-haired pups.

    The hair removal part is okay. The surface area is small, so you have to clean it off often. That makes it more work than you may want. That said, it does pick up lint and hair well. It’s a cost-effective solution that deals with both ends of the shedding issue. However, we see it more as an add-on tool as opposed to the brush you’d use to take care of your pet on a daily basis.

    • Dual-purpose
    • Decent grooming tool
    • Reasonably priced
    • Small surface area
    • Not effective for all pets

    6. Lilly Brush Be Forever Furless Hair Remover

    Lilly Brush Be Forever Furless Hair Remover

    The Lilly Brush Be Forever Furless Hair Remover uses nylon bristles to gather up hair and lint. It does it surprisingly well, too. It is another environmentally friendly option that doesn’t use adhesive sheets. You have to clean and rinse off the brush. The length of the remover’s head is a decent size. It picks up the debris with one pass.

    We didn’t like the hand feel as much. The price is on the high side for a product of its type. However, it works well and seems well-made. You can use it on any fabric, even the more delicate ones, without fear that it will damage them.

    • Eco-friendly
    • Larger surface area
    • Spendy
    • Awkward design

    7. Gonzo Natural Magic Pet Hair Lifter

    Gonzo Natural Magic Pet Hair Lifter

    The Gonzo Natural Magic Pet Hair Lifter is a sponge instead of a product with a handle. You can use it on any surface or fabric. The idea is excellent, but the execution isn’t perfect. The softness of the tool gets in the way of it picking up all the lint and hair in one pass. It’s also made of latex, which makes it a dealbreaker for individuals with allergies to this material.

    However, it is eco-friendly. You can wash it in-between uses. Unfortunately, the product has a slight odor, which we smelled on our hands after handling it. On the positive side, you can use it on anything without worrying about it scratching or damaging it. Clean-up is easy, too. Rinse it with soapy water, and let it dry before using it.

    • Comfortable hand feel
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Safe for all surfaces
    • Latex material
    • Spotty effectiveness

    8. Evercare Pet Plus Stick Pet Lint Roller

    Evercare Pet Plus Stick Pet Lint Roller

    The Evercare Pet Plus Stick Pet Lint Roller tackles the big jobs of getting rid of lint and hair on floors and furniture. It uses adhesive sheets to capture debris for easy, hands-off removal. The product works as described and does it effectively, albeit not in an eco-friendly way. However, it is well-made and is long enough to get under couches without a lot of effort.

    The hair remover isn’t expensive for what it is. Unfortunately, it only comes with 25 sheets, which you’ll likely blow through quickly. That makes it less environmentally friendly and costly to use. We did like the fact that it is USA-made.

    • Long handle
    • Large surface area
    • USA-made
    • Expensive to use

    9. Necoichi Purrfection Hair Remover

    Necoichi Purrfection Hair Remover

    The Necoichi Purrfection Hair Remover is another riff on an environmentally friendly lint remover that uses microfibers for the heavy lifting. It does a decent job of collecting even the fine hairs, too. It collects the debris in a storage container that you have to empty. While we don’t like having to handle the hair, it does keep it contained.

    The hair remover has a lever to switch the direction of the microfibers to match the job. It works well, without requiring a lot of passes over the fabric surface to clean it. It’s made of plastic and easy to clean, too. On the downside, it is spendy, even if you’re not buying refills for it.

    • Storage container for waste
    • Eco-friendly
    • Decent performance
    • Pricey

    10. Petmate Pet Hair Magnet

    Petmate Pet Hair Magnet

    The Petmate Pet Hair Magnet looks like a squeegee that you use on furniture to collect hair. Unfortunately, the surface area is so small that it makes it more of a job than we’d like. It has a rubber blade, which acts as the hair attractant. It does a decent job of collecting hair and lint. However, it’s messy to use because you have to clean it so often.

    The design of the product means that the surface must be taut. That’s fine for furniture but not for clothes. We’d prefer an all-purpose hair remover that we could use on anything. On the positive side, it is affordably priced and eco-friendly. It’s fine for small jobs that don’t require a lot of cleaning. Unfortunately, it requires several passes to gather up all the hair.

    • Affordably priced
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Small surface area
    • Not appropriate for all fabrics

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    Buyer’s Guide: Selecting the Best Pet Hair Remover

    If you’ve searched for the best pet hair remover, you soon realize that there are a lot of options, as our reviews showed. The ideal product is lightweight and easy to use. It will get the job done on one pass. Otherwise, it isn’t useful. Opt for an item that is durable. Think about it. If your dog sheds a lot, you’re going to use it often. It will need to hold up to this type of usage.

    There are also several variations on this theme. You’ll find one-time use products that you toss in the trash once you’ve gone through the adhesive sheets. Others have replacements available, which will make your initial purchase more expensive because it includes the price of the holder. We suggest that you check the cost of the refills to make sure it is really an economical purchase.

    This product line often crosses into other areas where there is a similar need, such as lint. Therefore, you’ll often find decent products in places other than the pet supply aisle. We suggest that you assess what you need to control if it goes beyond pet hair, especially if you need the best pet hair remover for furniture.

    Some things to consider include:
    • Handle
    • Adhesive performance
    • Usability
    • Size
    • Eco-friendliness
    • Care
    • Cost


    We’re going to assume that this product will get a lot of use. Therefore, it must be durable and able to handle the occasional fall to the floor. We prefer a pet hair remover with an ergonomic handle, even if we don’t use it a lot. It’s all part of making it easy to use. It helps if it’s lightweight, too.

    Products with a hole for a hook or some kind of holder for storage are a bonus feature. After all, the last thing you want is a remover with dog hair on it lying around the house.

    Adhesive Performance

    The adhesive performance toes a fine line between effectiveness and residue. You need one that will pick up as much hair as possible in one pass without leaving your clothes or furniture feeling sticky. It’s essential that it works on a variety of surfaces, too. The chances are you’ll probably use a pet hair remover more on yourself than other objects.

    If the product uses adhesive sheets, they must be easy to remove and tear to get to the next one. We don’t want it to be like the scotch tape dispenser where the tape splits, making it impossible to get a piece with the full width. Don’t get us started!

    Many manufacturers take a cue from the home improvement industry and make products similar to blue masking tape. In a pinch, that works too, by the way. Some pet hair removers don’t use sheets at all. Instead, you have to remove the hair manually. While it makes the product more user-friendly, it’s not a smart option if you or anyone in your household has allergies because it will release more allergens.

    an adhesive pet hair removal tool


    This feature is probably the tipping point for the dealbreaker and dealmaker categories. It covers a lot of territories, from how well the remover rolls to how easy it is to clean afterward. We’re not talking rocket science. Its usage should be a no-brainer. We also have included little things, such as how easy it is to tear off sheets or replace them, if applicable.

    Pet hair is one thing, but if a product can take on other tasks such as lint and pilling on sweaters, so much the better. After all, the concept is a simple one that should bridge the gap between a lot of different uses. The most significant factor is that it gets it done in one pass. Another selling point is that you can get replacement roles. A one-time use product isn’t in the cards for us.


    The size makes a difference when it comes to how much you have to use a pet hair remover to get the job done. Ideally, it’s wide enough to require just a few rolls. You’ll see products that are compact, which makes them a smart choice as an accessory to toss into your suitcase when you travel. Other items take on the heavy lifting to clean hardwood floors or other smooth surfaces.

    On the surface, they may sound impractical. However, a pet hair remover that can clean the floors is a definite timesaver.  Yes, they are more expensive, but you have to weigh that fact against the time they’ll save you. Sweeping won’t get all the fur. A pet hair remover will do it.


    The concept of pet hair removers invites the subject of its eco-friendliness. They are often one-time use products, if not for the whole thing or just the sheets. You have to consider the design of the item and whether replacement sheets or rolls are available. All of these options increase waste, which is a glaring irony considering that’s the purpose of getting one of these items.

    The other side of the coin is that replacements aren’t always universal, which we get but don’t like as a consumer. However, it reduces waste and makes the product more useful in the long run. Bear in mind that this item is something you will buy as long as you have a pet and probably for a long time afterward if you go petless.

    an extendable pet hair remover tool


    Many products we reviewed collected hair, which you then had to remove manually. They also required cleaning between uses. We suggest investigating what it involves and how effectively you can get it done. Some involve just rinsing them. Others require a bit more work to get them clean. It’s an essential factor to consider since it can affect the longevity and cost-effectiveness of the product.


    The cost of getting a pet hair remover is sometimes a slippery slope. Inevitably, you’ll blow through the initial supply of sheets if the product includes them. We like items that provide you with enough sheets to give you a good idea of how it will work for you. Also, consider the number of sheets that you get with one roll.

    This feature makes sheetless hair removers worth a look, even if you have to handle the debris. If that’s the case, we suggest that you pay more attention to the construction and design of the product to make your purchase more worthwhile. These items are likely more expensive since you’re not buying refills. Therefore, it’s imperative that they will stand the test of time.

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    The FURemover Extendable Pet Hair Removal Broom ticked off all the boxes for a product that will make your life easier and hair-free with an eco-friendly solution. That makes it a better investment from the get-go. Yes, you have to handle the fur, but at least you’re not adding waste with a paperless hair remover. It also did an excellent job of collecting hair and lint, which made it a must-have tool.

    The Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Removal Tool is a compact take on the issue that is also environmentally friendly without the use of replacement sheets. It led the list of our reviews for an economical way to deal with a shedding pet. It has a user-friendly design that can cover a lot of areas quickly, which we appreciated. We’re sure our dog did, too.

    Dealing with excess hair is a given if you have a pet, no matter how much we wish it were otherwise. You can brush your pet more often so that it doesn’t end up on your furniture or clothes. However, a pet hair remover is a godsend that handles the problem effectively without a lot of fuss. They are definitely a must-have for all pet owners.

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