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8 Best Undercoat Rakes for Dogs in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

undercoat rake and dog hair

When your dog is shedding so much that you can assemble all their discarded fur into a replica of them, you need the right grooming tools and in particular, a durable undercoat rake. Designed with multiple sharp teeth, an undercoat rake reaches below your dog’s topcoat and removes loose hairs, breaks up matting, and works through tangles on long-hair dogs.

If you’re planning to groom your dog with an undercoat rake, it’s important to choose a high-quality tool that can take on the challenge of your dog’s most abundant shedding. With so many choices available, you may not be sure which brand of undercoat rake is up to the job.

We’re here to help by ranking the top eight best undercoat rakes for dogs and providing you with informational reviews, quick-reference pros and cons lists, and a useful buyer’s guide. The right undercoat rake can help keep your dog’s coat looking its best and your home free of dog hair tumbleweeds.


A Quick Glance at the Winners of 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Oster Oster
  • Effectively shapes, finishes, and thins
  • Efficient amount of cutting
  • Works gently and without discomfort
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Mars Coat King Grooming Mars Coat King Grooming
  • Solid wooden handle
  • 23 stainless-steel teeth
  • Durable
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Pat Your Pet Pat Your Pet
  • Dual head
  • Stainless-steel
  • Rust-proof teeth
  • GoPets Grooming GoPets Grooming
  • Doubled-sided design
  • Detaches mats
  • Removes excess hair
  • FURminator FURminator
  • Inexpensive
  • Ideal for thick, dense undercoats
  • Easy to clean
  • The 8 Best Undercoat Rakes for Dogs

    1. Oster Undercoat Dog Rake – Best Overall

    Oster 078928-300-000

    For the best overall undercoat rake, we recommend the Oster dog rake. The 18 teeth on this tool easily work through most medium-to-thick undercoats on large dogs over 25 pounds. Ideal for shaping, finishing, and thinning your dog’s undercoat, Oster is constructed solidly with high-quality, stainless steel. Its well-made design allows it to remove dead hair in the undercoat with an efficient amount of cutting. You’ll be able to create a hand-stripped finish to your dog’s coat.

    Additionally, for your dog’s safety, the teeth have rounded ends. This undercoat rake works gently to help maintain your dog’s healthy skin and coat. We found that most dogs do not show signs of discomfort during use.

    When you’re finished grooming, this undercoat rake is easy to clean and rust-resistant. However, over many uses, the screw connection between the handle and the head may become loose.

    • Ideal for large dogs with medium-to-thick undercoats
    • Effectively shapes, finishes, and thins
    • Well-made, solid, stainless-steel construction
    • Efficient amount of cutting
    • Rounded ends on teeth for your dog’s safety
    • Works gently and without discomfort
    • Rust-resistant and easy to clean
    • Screw connection may loosen over time
    • Not for smaller dogs

    2. Mars Coat King Undercoat Grooming Rake – Premium Choice

    Mars Coat King

    We selected the Mars Coat King undercoat grooming rake as our premium choice. This well-made grooming tool has a full tang construction in which the double-wide, stainless-steel teeth blade extends into the solid wooden handle for added strength and durability. The Mars Coat King exceptionally performs all grooming tasks expected of an undercoat rake. It easily works through mats, detangles knots, and strips dead hair from your dog’s coat.

    This undercoat rake has your dog’s comfort in mind, as it doesn’t pull or tug at their coat. Although it works on all types of fur, it’s used most effectively on long-hair dog breeds, especially double-coated, wire-haired breeds.

    You will pay more for the higher quality construction, though we found many dog owners felt that the superior performance is worth the higher price. Also, be sure to learn how to properly use this undercoat rake and make sure its function matches your dog’s breed.

    • Well-made and durable with full tang construction
    • 23 stainless-steel teeth
    • Solid wooden handle
    • Exceptional performance for mats, tangles, and stripping
    • Comfortable for dogs
    • Best suited for double-coated, wire-haired dog breeds
    • Expensive
    • Must be knowledgeable with proper dog grooming practices

    3. Pat Your Pet Dog Undercoat Rake

    Pat Your Pet

    With a dual head, the Pat Your Pet undercoat rake is ready to take on different dog grooming tasks. Begin grooming your dog on the one side that has a nine-teeth comb with sharpened blades that works through mats and tangles. Then, flip the tool and use the opposite side, which consists of a blade with 17 teeth for thinning and excess hair removal.

    Ideal for dogs with medium to long straight thick coats, the teeth on this undercoat rake all have rounded ends to protect your dog’s skin from injury. When used properly, this grooming tool massages your dog’s skin to promote circulation for a shiny, healthy coat.

    This undercoat rake comes with a comfortable anti-slip grip handle. The stainless-steel teeth are rust-proof and easy to clean. However, the width of the blade may be too wide if you own a smaller dog. Also, we found it may pull or tug on curly hair breeds.

    • Dual head for multiple dog grooming tasks
    • Ideal for dogs with medium to long straight thick coats
    • Stainless-steel, rust-proof teeth
    • Rounded ends on teeth for comfort and safety
    • Promotes circulation for a healthier coat
    • Comfort, anti-slip grip handle
    • Easy to clean
    • Width of blade may be too wide for smaller dogs
    • Not as effective for curly hair dogs

    4. GoPets Professional Dog Undercoat Grooming Rake

    GoPets FBA_TP111R

    For another double-sided undercoat rake, consider the GoPets Professional grooming rake. Each side has a different number of stainless-steel teeth. You can use the side with 12 teeth to detach mats and undo tangles and the other side with 23 teeth to remove excess hair.

    The tips of each tooth have rounded ends for your dog’s comfort. The teeth are sharpened with a curved shape to better work through mats. However, we found that blades may not be sharp enough to reduce the instances of pulling and tugging. Also, as the blades work through your dog’s coat, they tend to make a metallic sound, which may startle your dog.

    The handle on this undercoat rake has a wide diameter that nestles in your hand with a non-slip texture made of silicone gel. A hole is incorporated at the end of the handle, giving you the option of hanging up this grooming tool to store it.

    • Double-sided design
    • Detaches mats and tangles, and removes excess hair
    • Rounded tips on teeth for your dog’s safety
    • Curved, sharpened teeth
    • Non-slip, comfortable handle
    • Hole incorporated for easy storage
    • Teeth may need to be sharper for improved effectiveness
    • May become stuck, causing pulling or tugging
    • May make a metallic sound while in use

    5. FURminator Dog Grooming Rake

    FURminator P-92930

    If you’re looking for another option at an inexpensive price, you may want to consider the FURminator grooming rake. While it’s ideal for dogs with thick, dense undercoats, we found that it works well on a variety of dog breeds. The wide head on this undercoat rake features a line of pin-shaped teeth. These rotate in place to more easily work through tangles and loosen mats. This grooming tool effectively removes your dog’s excess hair.

    The rounded shape of the teeth makes running this rake through your dog’s coat a comfortable experience. When you’re finished, this undercoat rake’s open design makes cleaning easy.

    The ergonomic non-slip handle helps you better groom your dog. However, we learned of certain durability issues, in particular, the handle falling off.

    • Inexpensive and affordable
    • Works well on all dog breeds
    • Ideal for thick, dense undercoats
    • Teeth rotate and are rounded for comfort and effectiveness
    • Works on mats, tangles, and excess hair removal
    • Easy to clean
    • Comfortable for your dog
    • Non-slip ergonomic handle
    • Lacking durability
    • Handle may fall off

    6. PawsPamper Undercoat Rake


    Designed with your dog’s comfort in mind, the PawsPamper undercoat rake has rounded blade edges that won’t irritate your dog’s skin. Instead, the curved teeth massage your dog’s skin, improving the shine and the health of your dog’s coat.

    Well-built for performance and durability, this undercoat rake has a full tang construction, with the stainless-steel blade head integrated into the biodegradable wooden handle. The style of the teeth makes excess hair removal quick and effective without pulling. It can easily comb through knots and mats in your dog’s coat. When the blade is full, it can be easily cleaned out. However, it may clog.

    We found that this undercoat rake works rather well on most breeds, especially heavy- or double-coated dogs. Keep in mind, however, that PawsPamper clearly states that it’s not to be used on dogs with thin hair. Additionally, the size may be too small for working on extra-large dogs.

    • Designed with rounded blades for your dog’s comfort
    • Curved teeth massage skin for a healthier coat
    • Well-built with a full tang construction
    • Stainless-steel blade
    • Biodegradable wooden handle
    • Easy to clean
    • Effective for heavy- or double-coated dog breeds
    • Blade may clog with hair often
    • Not intended for dogs with thin hair
    • Size may be too small for extra-large dogs

    7. Hertzko Undercoat Dematting Rake

    Hertzko HUR-21

    The extra-long blades on the Hertzko undercoat de-matting rake are designed to reach into your dog’s undercoat with ease.

    Made of rust-resistant stainless steel, the extended teeth feature scalloped ridges with sharpened edges for cutting through mats, taking out tangles, and removing excess hair. The teeth tend to shift in place, allowing for some leeway, which cuts down on pulling and tugging as you work but also reduces the overall effectiveness.

    The tips on the teeth of this undercoat rake are rounded for your dog’s safety and comfort. As you work this rake through your dog’s coat, you’ll also be massaging your dog’s skin which allows for a soft and shiny coat. The anti-slip handle features a comfortable grip to reduce hand strain as you groom your dog.

    This undercoat rake works well for most dog breeds, especially larger dogs with thicker coats. Disappointingly, it may have durability issues, with the teeth bending and the handle breaking.

    • Extra-long blades
    • Rust-resistant stainless-steel blade
    • Sharpened teeth for working through mats and tangles
    • Effectively removes excess hair
    • Rounded tips for your dog’s safety and comfort
    • Massages your dog’s skin for a healthier coat
    • Teeth may rotate in place, causing a loss of effectiveness
    • Lacking durability with teeth and handle

    8. ConairPRO Dog Grooming Rake


    At an affordable price, the ConairPRO dog grooming rake is a simplistic version of the undercoat rakes we’ve reviewed so far. The blade features medium-length teeth with a leveled tapered design.

    Able to reach into your dog’s undercoat, this grooming tool is best used for regular maintenance and keeping up with shedding. It works well to remove excess hair and yard debris, like burrs. The rounded tips on the teeth allow for comfortable grooming for your dog. However, the ConairPRO is not intended for eliminating mats or working through tangles.

    The memory gel grip on the handle provides you with a comfortable grip as you work. However, be warned that if your dog decides to chew on the handle, the memory gel may leak, which is not safe for consumption. Also, the durability at the handle connection is poor, causing it to break easily.

    • Effectively removes excess hair and yard debris
    • Rounded tips on teeth allow for comfort
    • Handle with memory gel grip
    • Not intended for removing tangles or mats
    • Memory gel handle may leak toxic substance
    • Lacking durability
    • Handle may break off


    Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Undercoat Rake for Dogs

    After reading through our reviews, you may still have questions about which undercoat rake will work best for your dog. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll explain the difference between dog grooming rakes and undercoat rakes. We’ll also go over important factors to consider before using an undercoat rake on your dog. Hopefully, we can help you make a more informed buying decision.

    Rakes Versus Undercoat Rakes

    Before you make a purchase, be sure you’re selecting the correct product. Knowing the difference between a basic dog grooming rake and a more refined undercoat rake for dogs can make a significant impact on how well you can keep up with your dog’s shedding and more difficult grooming needs.

    Although similar in appearance, each grooming tool performs at a different level of effectiveness. While they both have a line of teeth that removes excess hair, a rake will only collect a certain amount of dead or loose fur and is best used on dog breeds with short, coarse hair.

    On the other hand, an undercoat rake is ideal for dogs with thick, dense, or long coats. It has curved sharp teeth that penetrate all the way to the surface of your dog’s skin and cuts the undercoat, thinning it. Compared to a simple rake, an undercoat rake for dogs removes more dead hair with greater efficiency. As a result, you’ll see less shedding throughout your home, and your dog will sport a healthy and shiny topcoat.


    Since an undercoat reaches through your dog’s dense coat to your dog’s skin, it’s important to take measures to protect your dog’s skin from injury. Always buy an undercoat rake with teeth that have rounded tips. Be sure to always inspect your undercoat rake for any rough edges before you use it.

    Finally, be mindful of the amount of pressure you’re placing on the head of the tool. The teeth on the undercoat rake have sharp edges to better remove dead hair, but you don’t want those edges rubbing against your dog’s skin.

    Grooming Tasks

    Undercoat rakes can successfully perform many essential grooming tasks. Depending on the quality of the undercoat rake, you can accomplish more than only removing excess hair and controlling shedding. A premium undercoat rake can also eliminate mats and work through tangles.

    The best undercoat rakes for dogs can be used for stripping. On dog breeds with hard, wiry coats, stripping helps their coats look their best and be their healthiest. A high-quality undercoat rake pulls out the dead hair with ease and little to no discomfort for your dog.


    As you shop for an undercoat rake, be sure to check for the tool’s level of durability. When your dog is aggressively shedding or going through a molting phase, you’ll be reaching for your undercoat rake often to keep up with all the excess hair. A durable undercoat rake should be sturdy and ready to take on your dog’s thick coat.

    Look for undercoat rakes that have a solid connection between the handle and the blade to avoid encountering a break. Also, certain undercoat rakes have a bolt that secures the teeth tightly in the blade. If the teeth have too much rotation or wobble, you may want to tighten that bolt.


    The ability to clean off the excess hair from the blade easily and quickly can make the grooming process go more smoothly for you and your dog. Look for an undercoat rake that traps the excess hair yet is easy to clean with a swipe of your fingers.

    You likely can’t go wrong if you choose an undercoat rake with a stainless-steel construction on the blade and teeth. Be sure that the tool is rust-resistant and easy to rinse off.

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    The Oster Dog Rake earns our top place as the best overall undercoat rake. Ideal for large dogs with medium-to-thick undercoats, this handy grooming tool works effectively and gently to shape, finish, and thin fur. It has a well-made, solid, stainless-steel construction that’s rust-resistant and easy to clean.

    Our choice for the best value goes to the Safari Undercoat Dog Rake. It efficiently removes loose hair from your dog’s undercoat and works well on mats and tangles. At a great price, this undercoat rake has rubber pins for your dog’s comfort and an ergonomic handle, and is easy to clean.

    The Mars Coat King Undercoat Grooming Rake is our premium choice. Best suited for double-coated, wire-haired dog breeds, this well-made and durable grooming tool has a sturdy full tang construction, a high-quality stainless-steel teeth blade, and a solid wooden handle. The Mars Coat King offers exceptional performance for mats, tangles, and stripping while maintaining a comfortable experience for your dog.

    We hope that our detailed reviews, handy pros and cons lists, and informative buyer’s guide have helped you find the best undercoat rake for your dog’s abundant coat. This essential grooming tool can make a world of difference when trying to keep up with your dog’s shedding and the maintenance of their coat. The right undercoat rake can help your dog look and feel their best.

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