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17 Blonde Dog Breeds: A Complete Overview (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Maltese blonde

Most dogs have a ton of fun and blonde dogs are no exception! Most people are aware of the classic blonde pooches like Labradors and Golden Retrievers, but there are more that you may not know about. Here, we go over a list of blonde dogs and give you a little information about each breed, as well. Enjoy!

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The 17 Most Common Blonde Dog Breeds

1. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever
Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

The Golden Retriever might be the most well-known American dog that comes with a blonde coat. They are wonderful family pets who are full of energy and loyal to the core. They’ve also popped up in popular culture tons of times.

2. American Pitbull Terrier

Blonde American Pit Bull Terriers
Image Credit: PickPik

While the Pitbull comes in many shapes and sizes, they are all lovable and loving, no matter what society tries to say otherwise. Originally bred to be a nanny dog, Pitbulls make wonderful companions and are great with kids, especially when raised together.

3. Bloodhound

german shepherd bloodhound mix up close
Image Credit: Ansleigh Tarrant, Shutterstock

Another recognizable breed, the Bloodhound will steal your heart with its mopey looks and wrinkled head. Even though these dogs can grow to be huge, they think they’re lap dogs!

4. Chesapeake Bay Retriever (Chessie)

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Blonde
Image Credit: PxHere

The Chessie is an American classic, as it was one of the first dogs ever recognized by the American Kennel Club. They are known for the affection they will show you and your family, as well as the affection they show for jumping in a big body of water.

5. Australian Terrier

Image credit: Australian Terrier by Beeki, Pixabay

Don’t let their cuteness fool you—the Australian Terrier is a tough little dog! Known for being wonderful show dogs and their all-around cuteness, the Aussie also likes to hunt rats and snakes.

6. Afghan Hound

Border Terrier and Afghan Hound
Border Terrier and Afghan Hound | Image Credit: Pikrepo

This is a regal breed of dog, highly sought after as show dogs. While they are obedient and smart, they sometimes prefer hanging out alone instead of with their human companions.

7. Chow Chow

chow chow
Image Credit:Tara Robinson, Pexels

Chow Chows are ridiculously cute and often described as bear dogs. This description might be more apt than you think; while some can be good pets, others can be territorial and rather aloof.

8. Chihuahua

Male Chihuahua
Image Credit: Pikrepo

This breed was all the craze in the late ‘90s. Now, they are enjoying life outside of fame, being cute as always.

9. Bull Mastiff

Image Credit: itent, Pixabay

The Bull Mastiff can be quite an intimidating dog to look at. They were brought to America in the 1860s to be guard dogs, but nowadays, they tend to do better as cuddle buddies because they make wonderful pets.

10. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise
Image Credit: Bichon Frise, Pixabay

Known for their wavy golden hair, this is one of the softest and nicest dog breeds that exist. They are perfect for apartments or single people, or just people in general.

11. Maltese

Maltese blonde
Photo by Mpho Mojapelo on Unsplash

Hailing from Italy, this blonde dog has a contemporary flair with a touch of European romanticism. The Maltese is one of the most popular breeds in the world.

 12. Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel
Image credit: Katrina_S, Pixabay

The Cocker Spaniel is a sporting dog who is wonderful with people and easy to have as a pal. As long as they are properly exercised, they can be one of the best pets for the home.

13. Barbet

With a dark blonde coat, the Barbet is similar to a poodle. Used as a hunting dog, this fluffball earned the nickname “Extremely Muddy” by the French for reasons you can probably guess. This breed is smart, so regular playing won’t do—they need something to stimulate their mind.

14. Vizsla

Vizsla dog
Image credit: Chiemsee2016, Pixabay

The Vizsla has been around forever (some say as early as 800 A.D.), and for most of their history, they have been used as hunting dogs. They make good pets, though you have to make sure that they get proper exercise daily.

15. Pharaoh Hound

Pharaoh Hound and other puppies
Image Credit: PxHere

The Pharaoh hound looks exactly like its name suggests—the two high-pointed ears resemble a crown. This is also an extremely fast and athletic dog breed. While these dogs make wonderful pets, they still have a great deal of hunter in them, so you’ll have to make sure they don’t go chasing strange animals!

16. Spitz

Dwarf Spitz Pomeranian
Dwarf Spitz – Pomeranian | Image credit: Alexas_Fotos, Pixabay

This breed looks like a fuzzier fox, but it definitely doesn’t act like one. These make great pets, but they do need to be watched around other dogs, as they can be quite aggressive.

17. Daug

This is a cuteness overload as the Daug is a mix between a Dachshund and a Pug. Taking traits from both parents, Daugs get the best of both worlds. They are super friendly and smart and have plenty of energy.

Feature Image Credit: Mpho Mojapelo, Unsplash

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