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Can Bearded Dragons Live Together? The Facts & FAQ

Rachel Giordano

By Rachel Giordano

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Bearded Dragons are incredible reptiles to own. They are cute, affectionate, curious, friendly, and not too difficult to care for. Given their positive characteristics, one may want to add another Bearded Dragon to the tank for even more fun, but is this a good idea? Can Bearded Dragons live together?

The answer is that it depends on the gender of the Bearded Dragons, as not all will get along.

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Can Bearded Dragons Live Together?

As much as we want it to be so, not all pets live in harmony, and Bearded Dragons are no different. When it comes to providing housing for beardies, you must understand a few things. For one, beardies can be territorial and aggressive, especially two males or two females housed together. You may be able to house a female and male together, but the tank or terrarium must be of adequate size to accommodate the beardies. If the tank is too confined, it will cause stress and a battle for dominance, territory, food, and more.

If you want to house a male and female, ensure you have at least a 120-gallon tank, and ensure the female is at least 2 years old (old enough to breed). However, this is a gamble and no guarantee they will get along—you’ll have the burden of mating efforts once the beardies have reached sexual maturity, which can make the environment stressful for the female. Males can become rather rough with the female during mating, so never house two males and a female together, as this will almost certainly cause aggressive behavior and bodily harm.

In the wild, beardies are solitary, and they live and hunt alone—they also prefer to live alone in their enclosure while in captivity, so adding more than one beardie is typically not recommended, regardless of gender. You may be able to house two females, but again, there’s no guarantee they will get along, and females can be aggressive and territorial too.

male and female bearded dragons inside terrarium
Image Credit: Zh.anna, Shutterstock

Can You Introduce Two Male Bearded Dragons?

It’s possible to house two males together, but it’s a slow process that requires intense monitoring on your part and is generally not recommended. Males can become extremely territorial, causing stress and aggressive behavior between the two. If you want to have two males as pets, it’s best to house them separately for the safety of the beardies.

Can You House Two Female Bearded Dragons Together?

If you want two beardies, your best bet is to have two females. While females can also be aggressive toward one another, they typically can get along and live in peace without too much trouble. However, it’s still recommended to house them separately.

male and female bearded dragons looking at each other
Image Credit: C. Nass, Shutterstock

Can You House Two Baby Bearded Dragons Together?

Initially, babies can get along well, but keep in mind that they will grow into adults, at which time their behaviors toward one another will likely change. Babies that are nurtured together have more of a chance of getting along, but with adulthood comes territorial issues, which can lead to aggression

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How to Tell if Bullying Is Occurring in the Tank

Your main priority as a Bearded Dragon owner is to keep them safe. If you choose to house more than one together in the same enclosure, you’re putting their health at risk. It’s vital to know the signs that one beardie is being bullied and tormented.

Signs of a bullied beardie include:
  • Loss of appetite
  • Stress
  • Slow head bobbing
  • Arm waving

If you notice these signs, it’s imperative that you acquire a separate tank for the bullied beardie for its safety and well-being. Also, if you notice the bullied beardie is injured, consult your veterinarian right away. You may even need to remove the bullied beardie and attend to any minor wounds.

Signs of the beardie doing the bullying include:
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Final Thoughts

So, can Bearded Dragons live together? Sadly, it’s best to house them separately to ensure their safety. If you must have more than one, be prepared to house them in separate tanks for their well-being—there’s simply too much risk involved in housing more than one beardie together in an enclosure.

When owning a beardie, you’ll need to duplicate its normal living environment as much as possible, which means providing an arid or semi-arid environment and a healthy balanced diet.

Featured Image Credit: Worraket, Shutterstock

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