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Can Dogs Eat French Toast? Vet Reviewed Facts & FAQ

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Like most dog parents, you’re probably tempted to give your pup a bite or two of your meal every once in a while. And while most of the time, doing this is fine and won’t harm your pup, there are cases where people food can be extremely dangerous for canines. That’s why you should always check and see if something is safe before handing it over to your dog to gobble down.

When considering feeding your pet from your plate, you might think more about proteins, such as bacon or sandwich meat (after all, dogs love meat!). But there might arise an occasion when you want to give your pet something other than meat. One food your dog may decide it absolutely needs to have is French toast. But is that safe for dogs to eat, and is it healthy?

While some French toast recipes are safe for dogs to eat—in extreme moderation—some are not, and in general, French toast isn’t the healthiest of treats for pups. Why is that?

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Is French Toast Safe for Dogs to Eat?

The classic French toast recipe calls for ingredients like milk, eggs, toast, and cinnamon, all of which are non-toxic to canines. However, other versions of French toast may include ingredients that are unsafe for pups.

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Toxic Ingredients

One such ingredient is nutmeg, which contains myristicin. This component can cause vomiting, abdominal pain, constipation and seizures in canines. Even small amounts of myristicin are not safe.

Then there are French toast recipes that include chocolate in some form. You already know that chocolate is a big no-no when it comes to dogs, but do you know why? It’s because cacao seeds contain methylxanthine, which can cause vomiting and tremors if your dog consumes it.

And if your French toast recipe calls for raisin bread, your dog needs to stay far away. Grapes are toxic to our canine friends, and that includes grapes in any form, even raisins.

If you’re someone who tends to go sugar-free in your diet, you might include sugar-free syrup on your French toast. If that’s the case, you also don’t want to feed any to your pet. This is because sugar-free products often include xylitol, which is incredibly harmful to pups, causing their blood sugar levels to drop dangerously low very quickly.


Even if you use the safer version of French toast, there’s a chance you could still run into problems, as some dogs have food allergies or intolerances. That means your pet might end up with stomach issues due to the bread or because of the milk used (many dogs are lactose intolerant!). These food allergies and sensitivities aren’t toxic to them, but it won’t be fun for either of you if your pet gets an upset stomach.

Is French Toast Healthy for Dogs?

While dogs can technically eat French toast, it’s really not the healthiest treat to give them for a variety of reasons. Besides the possible food allergy reactions, French toast contains loads of fat, sugar, and carbs. Too much of those can lead to obesity and even diabetes in your pet.

So long as you’re only giving your pup French toast in moderation, though, it should be fine as an occasional treat.

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Final Thoughts

It’s tempting to feed our pets from our plates sometimes, but be careful with what you’re giving them. While French toast is generally safe for dogs to consume, it isn’t very healthy for them due to the amount of sugar, carbs, and fat the food contains. Plus, some French toast recipes could call for ingredients that are toxic to your dog. And even if the recipe uses typical French toast ingredients, there’s always a chance some component of it could disagree with your pet’s stomach, as many canines are lactose intolerant, and some may have food allergies.

So, it’s fine to give your favorite four-legged friend a bite of your French toast now and again—just keep it in extreme moderation!

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