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Cat Person Cat Food Review 2022: Pros, Cons & Recalls

Chris Dinesen Rogers

By Chris Dinesen Rogers

cat person food review

Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give Cat Person Cat Food a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Cat Person Cat Food rides on the wave of meal delivery services that soared in popularity during the pandemic. This one caters to felines, with products appropriate for all life stages. The company’s main themes are transparency, high-protein diets, and user-friendly products. It succeeds on these scores, with a few caveats.

The company follows the same game plan you’ll see with similar services. You can customize a meal plan with monthly deliveries. Cat Person goes the extra mile to ensure its products are catered to felines and their specific needs. They also consider the human side of things, with eco-friendly packaging, excellent sourcing, and a line of complementary products.

At a Glance: The Best Cat Person Cat Food Recipes:

Rating Image Product Details
Our Favorite
Chicken & Turkey Kibble Chicken & Turkey Kibble
  • High protein content
  • Chicken and turkey first
  • Excellent nutritional value
  • Second place
    Chicken Shreds in Broth Chicken Shreds in Broth
  • High chicken content
  • Fish and sunflower oils
  • Highly palatable
  • Third place
    Salmon & Tuna Paté Salmon & Tuna Paté
  • High protein
  • Taurine content
  • 55% salmon and tuna
  • Tuna Shreds in Broth Tuna Shreds in Broth
  • Excellent ingredient sourcing
  • Involvement with cat rescues
  • Transparent company practices
  • Chicken Paté Chicken Paté
  • Involvement with cat rescues
  • Marine Stewardship Council-certified
  • Excellent ingredient sourcing
  • Cat Person Cat Food Reviewed

    Cat Person Cat Food will appeal to pet owners who want the convenience of a delivery service with a company that obviously cares about cats. Its mission is clear just browsing on its website. Transparency is the name of the game, with a minimalistic design that puts everything you need to know within a few clicks. The business also offers treats, bowls, treats, and other accessories to meet all your pet’s needs.

    Who Makes Cat Person Cat Food, and Where Is It Produced?

    Cat Person Cat Food has an unlikely producer in fashion designer Jason Wu. The fledgling company got its start in March 2020. Its mission was to create a product with quality ingredients and no fillers. It produces its dry foods in the United States, exceeding the nutritional profiles of the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), stating that they contain 50% more protein.

    The wet foods are sourced from Thailand. According to the company’s website, the manufacturer produces human foods. However, it fails to name it. However, the ingredients are Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified.

    Which Types of Cats Is Cat Person Cat Food Best Suited For?

    Cat Person Cat Food says that its food is appropriate for all life stages. However, they don’t have specific formulas. Instead, the company recommends just feeding your pet more food if it’s a kitten or pregnant female. We were a little uncomfortable with this recommendation because of the high caloric content of some of its products.

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    Which Types of Cats Might Do Better with a Different Brand?

    We’d feel better about a cat food that is formulated specifically for each life stage. We also prefer products that are fine-tuned for specific health issues, such as hairballs or urinary tract disorders. That’s one reason why we recommend Royal Canin Cat Foods. Cat Person Cat Food focuses more on taste and not the special needs that pet owners have with their feline companions.

    Discussion of the Primary Ingredients (Good and Bad)

    Cat Person Cat Food is a designer food. It’s unfortunate that many of these manufacturers have their hearts in the right place. Yet, some miss the mark.

    Grain-Free Formulas

    Cat Person Cat Food is another grain-free offering. That raises the first red flag. Deservedly or not, many commercial manufacturers have a reputation for cutting corners for using these ingredients. While cats are indeed obligate carnivores, there is a place for grains and the fiber they provide in their diet. These ingredients are essential for eliminating hairballs that substituted ones don’t offer.

    The other concern rests with a recent spike in cases of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs and cats associated with grain-free diets. The ingredients of the Cat Person Cat Foods have other things, such as pea, pea protein, tomato pomace, and flaxseed in their products. It’s worth noting that the FDA is investigating pet foods that contain these ingredients for another possible links to DCM.

    Nutrient Supplements

    Cat Person Cat Food prides itself on its transparency with its ingredients. Indeed, looking at the list, you see animal-based proteins, broths, and fats at the top. They are also prominently displayed on the pet food labels. You’ll also notice a litany of nutritional supplements, notably taurine, a deficiency also associated with DCM.

    The vitamins and minerals in the foods aren’t a bad thing whatsoever. We applaud the health value that they offer. We mention it because of the company’s stance on making things simple and straightforward. It struck us as a bit deceptive in light of the big, bold labeling with the primary ingredients. We noted this fact on all of the products.

    Caloric Counts

    Cat Person Cat Foods are jam-packed with nutrients, including protein. That makes them appropriate for cats. It also means that you can feed your pet less because it’ll stay full longer. We suggest that you take the feeding guidelines seriously to avoid overfeeding your pet. For example, you should only give your 5–9-pound cat only 1/3–2/3 cups of kibble a day. The same caution applies to canned diets.

    A Quick Look at Cat Person Cat Food

    • Transparent company practices
    • Excellent ingredient sourcing
    • Involvement with cat rescues
    • Marine Stewardship Council-certified seafood
    • USA-made dry food
    • Free shipping
    • Expensive
    • Some customer service issues
    • Health concerns over grain-free diet

    Recall History

    There have been no mandated or voluntary recalls of any Cat Person Cat Food products.

    Reviews of the 3 Best Cat Person Cat Food Recipes

    Now, let’s get down to brass tacks and do a deep dive into the company’s product line. We’ve chosen one diet from each of the formulas they offer to give you an idea of what you can expect.

    1. Chicken & Turkey Kibble

    chicken and turkey recipe

    Cat Person’s Chicken & Turkey Kibble delivers on the promise of its name. Chicken and turkey top the list of ingredients. That’s not too much more than these things in the diet. Added vitamins and minerals round out the food and boost its nutritional value. The calorie count is a bit high, at 469 kCal per cup. Therefore, it’s essential to feed only that amount to your pet and not let your kitty free-feed.

    • High protein content
    • Chicken and turkey first
    • Excellent nutritional value
    • High calories
    • Peas and pea protein
    • Spendy

    2. Chicken Shreds in Broth

    chicken recipe shreds in broth

    The name Chicken Shreds in Broth accurately reflects what’s in the can, with these ingredients making up 95% of the diet. This protein is low in fat, which makes the addition of fish and sunflower oils a welcome part of the food. As we’ve noted with other products in the company’s line, it’s not cheap. However, the cans are easy to open, and there’s also that 30-day guarantee, which we appreciated.

    • High chicken content
    • Fish and sunflower oils
    • Highly palatable
    • Soupy consistency
    • Expensive

    3.  Salmon & Tuna Paté

    salmon and tuna pat'e

    The Salmon & Tuna Paté delivers high protein from three sources, sustainably sourced salmon, tuna, and egg. That brings the total to 12%, which is in line with canned foods. Taurine is high on the list of ingredients, which we always like to see in these products. It’s also worth mentioning that the seafood is MSC-certified. However, the product is expensive, compared to comparable ones at $1.45 a can.

    • High protein
    • Taurine content
    • 55% salmon and tuna
    • Pricey
    • Stinky

    What Other Users Are Saying

    Of course, we wouldn’t want you just to take our word for Cat Person Cat Food. We scoured the internet to see what other pet owners and experts think about these products.

    • Gear Patrol – “The brand has an impressive assortment of wet & dry foods made from a variety of proteins from chicken & duck to tuna & mackerel.”
    • Consumer Ratings – “Cat Person puts cats first.”
    • Trust Pilot – As pet owners, we always double-check with Trust Pilot reviews from buyers before we buy something. You can read these by clicking here.

    We can see where self-described pet parents would seek out a service like Cat Person Cat Food. Its transparency and eco-friendly product line are admirable. Their adherence to AAFCO guidelines assures you that you’re getting quality items. We also liked its eco-friendly ingredients and packaging.

    However, we have concerns about its grain-free formulas and their possible health risks. We also thought they were expensive without offering anything very different other than the convenience of regular deliveries. If you have a finicky cat, you may find this food worth a try.

    Featured Image Credit: Cat Person Cat Food

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