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How Much Does a Chartreux Cat Cost? 2023 Price Guide

Kristin Hitchcock

By Kristin Hitchcock

chartreux cat_LucasBouillon _Pixabaychartreux cat_LucasBouillon _Pixabay

Like most rare breeds, the Chartreux can be expensive. There aren’t many catteries out there that specialize in this breed, especially outside of France. These cats are so rare that all kittens must follow particular naming guidelines to encode their birth year. It isn’t easy to find basic information about this breed outside of the French language.

Many people who seek out these cats do so due to their tranquil nature. They rarely meow and cry. Some are even considered mute, though not medically speaking. They can make noises; they just don’t. Their short hair is very thick and fluffy, which also makes them quite cuddly.

After adoption, these cats usually don’t cost more than any other breed. They require about the same care and aren’t particularly prone to any health problems. Their vet bills usually aren’t higher, and they can thrive on the same commercial food that most cats eat. A Chartreux cat can cost $50-$300 if you adopt one or $750- $2,000 if you buy one from a reputable breeder. The main problem is simply finding one of these cats to purchase.

Bringing Home a New Chartreux Cat: One-Time Costs

Like all cats, there are a few basic supplies that you should have ready when you finally bring your kitten home. For instance, you’ll need things like a cat bed and litterbox. Luckily, you won’t have to re-purchase these items very often, so you can typically afford to spend more on higher-quality items. Doing so can save you money in the future, as higher-quality items often need to be replaced less often.

The greatest difficulty with this breed is finding a kitten to purchase, though. They are exceedingly rare and not common in the United States at all. You may need to import one from France, which will only add money to the overall cost of the kitten.

chartreux kittens_Gosha Georgiev_Shutterstock
Image Credit: Gosha Georgiev, Shutterstock


These cats are very rarely available for free. While it may be possible to find prevalent breeds for free, this isn’t the case with this rare breed. It can be difficult for those who aren’t experts in the breed to tell it apart from other, similar breeds. Therefore, it may not be uncommon for cats to be labeled as Chartreux when they aren’t. If the cat isn’t pedigreed, we’d be very cautious about preceding.

The main problem with free cats is that you don’t know where they came from. Most have not seen the vet or undergone health testing. If they did, they would certainly not be accessible. Therefore, you may be getting a cat for free, but you’ll likely have to pay a lot in vet bills from the beginning.


  • $50 – $300

Most cats are not very expensive from adoption agencies and animal shelters. These organizations usually do not differentiate on breed, so that all cats will be priced the same. Typically, the price depends on the base price that the shelter policies start with and the amount of medical care the cat has needed to receive. Usually, kittens are the most expensive because they require the most medical care. Most arrive at the shelter without the proper vaccinations and with minor conditions, like parasites.

With that said, this breed is usually much too rare to end up at a shelter. There aren’t enough of them. Furthermore, most breeders have a clause in their contracts that requires the cat to be returned to them if the owner can no longer care for the cat. Therefore, they usually do not end up at shelters or rescues of any sort. There aren’t even any breed-specific rescues that we can find specializing in this breed.

chartreux cat in grass_Piqsels
Image Credit; Piqsels


  • $750 – $2,000

Your best and often the only option for purchasing a Chartreux is to go through a breeder. Surprisingly, these cats don’t often cost as much as you’d expect. Most breeders sell pet-quality Chartreux for a cost of $750. This covers the vet bills and vaccinations that the young kittens need. While these do get wrapped into the cost of the kittens, it also lowers the amount of vet bills you’ll have to pay upfront.

Breeders usually know more about raising these specific kittens than other sources. This makes them more social and adaptable. They often experience more socialization at an early age, making them less scared of regular household activities and sounds. They usually settle into homes easier than other cats.

Initial Setup and Supplies

  • $200 – $600

Though these cats may be a specialty breed, they typically do not require any special equipment or supplies. They usually cost about the same to upkeep like any other cat.

The cost of your initial supplies depends mainly on what you decide to purchase. For instance, you can choose a relatively inexpensive litter box that may cost as little as $25. On the other hand, you may choose an automatic and self-cleaning box, which will cost hundreds of dollars. This can affect your price dramatically.

For these reasons, there is quite a bit of range in these prices. Some people will wait for a budget spay-neuter clinic to open up spots, while others will get their cats done by their usual local vet. All this will affect the final price, which is why you may end up spending up to $600 if you choose the most expensive option in every category.

chartreux cat brown_LucasBouillon_Pixabay
Image credit: LucasBouillon, Pixabay

List of Chartreux Supplies & Costs

ID Tag and Collar $15
Spay/Neuter $50 – $200
Microchip $5 – $50
Litter Box $25 – $200
Crate $30
Bed $20 – $50
Litter Scoop $5 -$25
Toys $20 – $50
Food and Water Bowls $20 – $30
Brush $20 – $30

How Much Does a Chartreux Cost Per Month?

  • $130 – $650

Similar to the one-time setup, the price of these cats can vary widely. Usually, the most expensive thing you may end up paying for is medication and treatments for chronic conditions. These can add hundreds to your pricing depending on the condition you’re treating.

Pet insurance can also be quite expensive, adding as much as $80 a month to your overall cost. This includes preventative care and accident/injury coverage. However, this can limit your vet bills if your cat ends up sickly. This is especially nice for chronic health problems, as these can cost thousands over your dog’s lifespan.

chartreux cat eyes_LucasBouillon_Pixabay
Image Credit: LucasBouillon, Pixabay

Health Care

  • $75 – $535

There aren’t many health conditions that the Chartreux is particularly prone to. However, this doesn’t mean that every cat in this breed is immune from getting sick. While they may be healthier than some other breeds, this doesn’t mean that they’ll completely dodge health problems over their lifespan.

Like all cats, these felines will need preventative care, high-quality food, and occasional grooming. Pet insurance is often recommended, as it provides coverage in case your cat gets injured. If you don’t get pet insurance, we recommend putting back a bit each month to ensure that you have the appropriate amount of money if your cat suddenly becomes sick.


  • $30 – $60

The Chartreux does perfectly fine on most commercial diets. They typically do not require specialty food unless they are affected by a specific health condition that needs to be treated through diet. While these cats do wonderful on just about any diet, that doesn’t mean you should purchase the least expensive food you can find. Instead, we recommend choosing a high-quality food option to ensure that they meet their nutritional needs.

Furthermore, high-quality food may prevent specific health problems from popping up later, which can save you money in vet bills.

These cats aren’t enormous, so they shouldn’t overeat. Their food costs will likely be similar to other felines.

cat food_Pixabay
Image Credit: Pixabay


  • $0 – $50

While these cats do have a short coat, it is thicker and double-layered. For this reason, they do require some grooming. A weekly grooming session is often the best course of action. This is primarily to remove the excess fur they shed, which can get quite heavy due to their thicker undercoat. They may shed particularly bad seasonally, so you may have to increase their grooming sessions.

However, they typically don’t need to visit a groomer or anything of that sort. Some people decide to take them to a groomer, which can cost as much as $50 a month. This is only necessary if you don’t want to do any grooming at home, though. If you skip the groomer, you’ll only need to pay the one-time costs for a brush.

Medication and Vet Visits

  • $20 – $100+

These cats are not particularly unhealthy, according to our current knowledge. However, their rare status does mean that we have less information about them in general. There could very well be health problems that they’re prone to. We just might not have enough statistical information to figure that out just yet.

Generally, these cats will need at least one vet visit a year, which can cause from $120 to $250. It depends on the vaccinations and other preventative care needed. If your cat is healthy, this is all that you’ll need to pay for.

However, if your cat is sick, you may need to pay much more.

Pet Insurance

  • $20 – $90

Emergency care can be expensive. For this reason, we recommend pet insurance. This will provide your feline with injury and accident coverage in the least. Most plans also include illnesses, though some very cheap ones do not.

Preventative care coverage is available in a few cases, but these insurance plans are often the most expensive. However, they help you pay for preventative care, which can be helpful if you don’t want to budget for it yourself.

chartreux cat on the roof
Image Credit: Cleomar Mattos, Pexels

Environmental Maintenance

  • $30 – $70

Like most cats, the Chartreux requires a litter box. They are decently intelligent, so they should learn how to use a litter box quite easily. The highest cost in this category will be the litter itself. You’ll need to change it monthly, as well as add more litter as you scoop. This can cost quite a bit.

Of course, it depends mostly on what litter you choose. Some are incredibly inexpensive, but they can be dusty and not work very well in general. You may choose a more expensive option for this reason, but this will only add to your overall costs.

There are also plenty of extras that you can purchase, such as litter box liners and deodorizers. Depending on what you purchase, this can get expensive. You may choose to purchase many different deodorizers if you’re sensitive to the smell. However, your better choice is usually to purchase a better litter, to begin with.

Cat Litter $30 – $70/month
Litter box liners $5/month


  • $10 – $20

This breed is not very active. They spend most of their time relaxing and cuddling with their people. They will need some toys, of course. However, they won’t need a regular supply. Most will not go through toys very quickly.

Still, we recommend switching up their toys every month. Purchasing a single toy or two is usually enough, considering that they likely won’t pay much attention to them. Subscribing to a cat toy subscription box may be an option, but these may send more toys than you need. Kittens may benefit from these boxes specifically, as they are more playful than an adult.

Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Chartreux

  • $130 – $650 per month

You shouldn’t expect to pay much extra for these felines when compared to other breeds out there. Purchasing and finding a kitten can be pretty expensive, but their average monthly care isn’t much different from any other cat breed. They don’t require any special care and are usually relatively healthy.

Many cats will only cost around $150 to take care of. That’s assuming you’re paying for pet insurance, saving from preventative care, and purchasing new toys. The higher range of around $600 is typically for sick cats or for owners that like to splurge on all their feline’s needs. Most cat owners will not pay more than $200 a month, even with some splurging.

chartreux cat lying_congerdesign_Pixabay
Image Credit: congerdesign, Pixabay

Owning a Chartreux on a Budget

It is not difficult to own these cats on a budget. After purchasing the actual cat, you won’t be paying any more than you would for an average cat.

Your best bet for owning a cat on a budget is to be guarded in your spending. There is plenty of expensive cat supplies out there. Your cat will likely be equally happy with a $5 toy over a $25 toy, especially if they are about equal quality.

You may need to splurge on some things, though. For instance, a more expensive cat bed is often recommended, as it will keep your cat more comfortable. The quality of a cat bed does matter while spending triple the money on a personalized set of cat bowls doesn’t.

chartreux cat lying_Piqsels
Image Credit: Piqsels

Saving Money on Chartreux Care

The best way to save money is to watch sales and buy in bulk when possible. For instance, your cat should not be eating the same food over and over again. They need a varied diet. Whenever you go to the store, check for high-quality cat foods on sale and then purchase them in bulk. This can save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

You should also invest in pet insurance, as this can save you thousands of dollars. Many cat illnesses are pretty expensive to treat. A single injury or disease can cost thousands of dollars. Of course, not just any pet insurance will do. You need the best one available, so be sure to do your research.

Preventative vet care can also save you money in the long run, even if you spend more upfront. Treating diseases after they’ve progressed is almost invariably expensive than spending money on preventative care and treating them earlier. To avoid expensive medical complications, it is essential to be proactive with your cat’s care.

You can also do many things yourself to help save some money. Learn how to trim your cat’s nails and plan on taking care of their grooming needs. This can save you hundreds a year on grooming costs. These cats are not difficult to groom; it just may take a bit of convincing at the beginning.


While these cats are rare, they are likely not as expensive as you think. You can often adopt a kitten for around $750 from a qualified breeder. This is expensive for a cat breed, but it isn’t high when you consider their rarity. There are only a few catteries in the United States, though, so plan on waiting a bit for your kitten.

After adoption, these cats aren’t very expensive to take care of. Most owners will pay around $150 a month. However, you should budget for more if your cat has a chronic health condition or if you like to splurge on cat supplies.

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