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10 Cool & Classy Cockapoo Haircuts You Can Try Today (With Pictures)

Lorre Luther

By Lorre Luther

Cute Cockapoo dog sit on table

Cockapoos are gorgeous Cocker Spaniel-Poodle mixes. They’re incredibly popular companion animals and are quite good with children and other pets, even cats! Cockapoos are energetic and incredibly smart. They’re easy to train and usually do well in apartments and smaller homes.

A cockapoo’s size depends largely on how big their Poodle parent is. Dogs with toy Poodle parents often weigh under 12 pounds, while those with standard Poodle heritage can tip the scales at over 20 pounds. Cockapoos come in various colors, including black, chocolate, cream, and red, and there are dogs with all sorts of coat patterns, including tricolor and parti.

Their coats range from straight or wavy to curly, and they’re often one of Cockapoos’ most stunning features. Below, you’ll find 10 fun Cockapoo haircuts you can try today.


The 10 Cool and Classy Cockapoo

1. Short and Sweet


This adorable haircut is short, sweet, and cute. You really can’t go wrong with this classic yet playful look. When you cut their fur about the same length all over, it looks great on most dogs and is easy to maintain.

2. Total Fluff

black cockapoo lying on the ground
Photo Credit: Chris JG White, Shutterstock

Dogs with wavy hair look great with this haircut that leaves the hair long, including around the ears. The snout features an elegant flourish, which provides a put-together, dignified, and playful look.

3. Cuddly and Cute

Cockapoos often look like little teddy bears with their big eyes and sweet expressions, and this cut brings out their cuteness. Short hair on the body makes the trim easy to maintain. An extra length around the ears and face gives dogs a sweet and cuddly look.

4. Highlights Galore

chocolate cockapoo dog lying on the ground
Image Credit: aeonWAVE, Shutterstock

Cuts that are short around the body while leaving extra hair around the face and ears highlight dark and tan Cockapoo’s gorgeous facial markings. Leaving things a bit long around the ears adds to the haircut’s innocent charm.

5. Shaved and Summer Ready

Shave cuts are exactly what they sound like; the dog’s entire coat is cut short, leaving almost no fur behind. Some pet parents opt for these cuts when it’s incredibly hot outside.

6. Top Knots Plus

Dogs with straight, silky fur close to that of Cocker Spaniels and those with pretty curls look great with top knots and a bit of facial hair to fill things out. Cute bows add a touch of elegance and fun to the overall look.

7. Smooth and Sophisticated

Letting dogs’ fur or hair grow long around the face brings out Cockapoos’ beautiful eyes and draws attention to their sweet little noses. Extra fur around the muzzle gives the haircut a fun, playful sort of energy.

8. Cute as a Lamb

Image Credit: 7722424, Pixabay

Short around the body and featuring lots of volume everywhere else, this haircut leaves Cockapoos looking like gorgeous lambs. The cut looks amazing on dogs with curly hair. The mix of lengths keeps dogs cool during the summer and warm during the winter.

9. Long and Free

Cockapoos with mixed coats look adorable with cuts that are just long enough to let the world enjoy those gorgeous waves and curls. A bit of volume around the ears while keeping the hair relatively short around the muzzle elevates the cuteness of this haircut to a new level.

10. Turn Up the Volume

Lots of fur around the ears while keeping the fur nicely trimmed on top creates an elegant, put-together look that’s set off by shorter body hair. The trim is sophisticated, fun, and full of fluff all at once!



Now that you have inspiration, you can decide if there’s a style that may suit your dog. Cockapoos generally need to head to the grooming salon around every 4 to 6 weeks, so there are plenty of opportunities to try out different looks.

Keep in mind that even low-maintenance cuts still require regular attention. Consistent brushing helps distribute dogs’ natural oils that help keep their skin supple and coats shiny. It also removes dead skin and is a great way to eliminate dirt and debris between baths!

Featured Image Credit: MT.PHOTOSTOCK, Shutterstock

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