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5 Cool and Classy Cockapoo Haircuts You Can Try Today

Kristin Hitchcock

By Kristin Hitchcock

Cockapoo pose

Cockapoos can have a range of different fur types. As a mixed-breed dog, you don’t know exactly what you’re getting. While many Cockapoos are advertised as having poodle-like fur, this isn’t always the case. Plus, a dog’s fur can change as they get older.

Ultimately, this can make choosing a hairstyle for your dog a bit complicated. After all, you’ll typically want to choose a cut that works with your dog’s fur. However, because your dog’s fur can vary, what works for one cockapoo won’t necessarily work for another.

Below, we’ve listed several haircuts that may work for your cockapoo.

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The 5 Most Popular Cockapoo Haircuts

1. Puppy Cut

The puppy cut is typically recommended for most companion dogs. This haircut is low-maintenance and easy to do so that you won’t spend tons on grooming. Plus, it may cost less than other cuts since it takes less time.

The end result is great. Many dogs look cute in a puppy cut and work well with most fur types.

The specifics of a puppy cut can change a bit. Usually, the dog’s whole body is cut to about 1 inch throughout your dog’s whole body. The dog’s face is also clipped short to ensure easy maintenance.

2. Cocker Spaniel Cut

For dogs with cocker spaniel fur, a cocker spaniel cut is probably a great option. This type of cut involves most of the dog’s fur being cut short. However, there is a fringe of longer hair left on. In the end, your dog will look like a stereotypical cocker spaniel.

While this cut is beautiful, it can require quite a bit of brushing. Therefore, it isn’t for those looking for a low-maintenance cut.

3. Teddy Bear Cut

The teddy bear cut is used for many dog breeds as it is low-maintenance and cute. This cut is very similar to a puppy cut, though the fur length may be shorter throughout much of the body. The facial hair is cut into a fluffy ball, though. This makes the dog resemble a toy teddy bear, hence the cut’s name.

4. Summer Cut

As the name suggests, this cut was developed for the summer months. It is extremely short, which can help dogs stay cooler. If you are in a particularly warm area, you may consider getting your dog a summer cut as the weather starts to heat up.

This short coat is also extremely low maintenance. Therefore, great for those that don’t want to do much brushing or grooming. But because this cut is so short, it typically requires regular haircuts to keep it that way.

As it begins to grow out, you will have to resume maintenance if you don’t get it re-cut.

5. Lamb Cut

The lamb cut isn’t popular. It needs to be done by a professional groomer and works better for curly coats, as it resembles a traditional Poodle haircut. This cut also doesn’t have the fur as short as other cuts. Therefore, it works better in cooler places where your dog may need a bit of extra fur left on.

The fur will remain at about medium-length for this cut. The facial hair is trimmed well and blended, though the ears are allowed to grow longer. The feet are rounded similarly to a Poodle’s.

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Should You Cut a Cockapoo’s Hair?

All cockapoos need their fur groomed regularly after they reach 6 months of age. At this point, their fur will be mature and resemble an adult. Therefore, it needs to be trimmed.

After that, you’ll have to keep getting your dog’s fur trimmed to make it easier to maintain. Otherwise, their fur will require a lot of brushing and would eventually be impossible to handle. Which haircut you choose will dictate how often your dog needs to be trimmed.

Some dogs need to be trimmed every other month, while some can go as long as 3 months between trimmings. You can speak to your groomer about how often your dog will need to be groomed.

Image Credit: 7722424, Pixabay

At What Age Should a Cockapoo Be Trimmed?

You’ll need to start getting your dog professionally groomed at around 6 months. At this age, your dog has received all of its shots and likely has plenty of fur. To ensure that their coat remains healthy now is a good time to get them into a professional.

Choose a professional that has experience with poodles and poodle-like dogs. Your dog’s fur won’t be like other dogs out there, so they must know how to handle it. You’ll likely want to choose a puppy cut as your dog’s first haircut, though you can speak to the groomer if you’d like something else.

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Cockapoos are not purebred dogs, so there are some differences between their different haircuts. Some dogs have straight hair, while others may have more poodle-like fur. What fur your dog has will determine what cuts will work best for them. If you don’t know what type of fur your dog has, you can speak with a groomer.

What cut you give your dog may change as they get older. Puppies usually need a puppy cut, hence the name of the style. However, when your dog is an adult, you may shift the cut they have between seasons. Warmer months will call for a different cut than in the summer.

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