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Cream French Bulldog: Facts, Pictures, Origin & History

Cassidy Sutton

By Cassidy Sutton

french bulldog

When you see a French Bulldog, you probably see a dog whose personality is too big for its body. Its weird, quirky personality makes you shake your head and wonder what in the world is going on in its brain. There’s never a dull moment with a Frenchie. Their personalities are lively, their ears are large, and they produce beautiful short fur coat colors.

The creamed-colored Frenchie is an example. It may not have intricate coat patterns, but the cream coloring differs from the typical fawn color we often see in French Bulldogs. Who wouldn’t stop and stare?

Obviously, the Cream French Bulldog has caught your interest, and you want the facts. In this post, we’re going on a little journey through history about the Frenchie and giving fun facts about this interestingly colored French Bulldog.


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The Earliest Records of the Cream French Bulldog in History

The earliest record of the Cream French Bulldog dates back to the late 1940s. During this time in America, French Bulldogs weren’t as famous as they are today. French Bulldog breeders Ralph and Amanda West of Michigan were passionate about the breed. They worked hard to set the breed’s personality, shape, and coat coloring standard.

Several of their Frenchies were cream-colored and top-winning dogs. One dog, in particular, was a Cream French Bulldog named Ralanda Ami Francine, who quickly became one of the best-winning French Bulldogs of all time.

Ralanda Ami Francine’s success and the success of the other Frenchies are what fueled the breed’s growing popularity in America.

a cream french bulldog resting on a couch
Image By: VDB Photos, Shutterstock

How the Cream French Bulldog Gained Popularity

French Bulldogs originated in England about 200 years ago. At this time, bulldogs were strong, athletic, and taller than they are today. Bulldog enthusiasts started tinkering with bulldog genetics to create different breed variations.

One of these variations was a miniature toy bulldog with upright ears, a round forehead, and short lower jaws.

English artisans in the lace-making industry mainly took notice of this breed. When the industrial revolution closed down many crafting shops, many English artisans migrated to France, taking their miniature bulldogs with them.

It was at this time the Frenchie skyrocketed in popularity. Frenchies were seen in hotels, cafes, stores, and even brothels! Soon, wealthy American travelers started taking their new bulldogs home, where the Frenchie found its place in the states.

It wasn’t until the late 1940s when Cream French Bulldogs appeared and stole everyone’s hearts, thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph and Amanda West. Together, their Cream Frenchies pooled 500 wins and 111 Best in Show awards. Since then, cream and fawn Frenchies have soared in popularity.

Formal Recognition of the Cream French Bulldog

The French Bulldog Club of America was formed in 1897 and set the standard for the bat ears, the most defining part of the French Bulldog. Since then, the FBCA has picked and chosen what is acceptable for the breed.

Typically, cream-colored dogs are considered non-standard, so people avoid them because of potential health concerns. Competitors also avoid cream-colored dogs because they’re not usually recognized to compete.

Thankfully, the AKC has to list the cream-colored variation in the breed to compete.

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Top 3 Unique Facts About the Cream French Bulldog

The Cream French Bulldog is unique simply because its coloring differs from the standard fawn coloring. But the breed has some interesting facts- let’s take a look!

1. Some Cream Frenchies have blue eyes.

All puppies have blue eyes when they first open after birth. But as the puppies age, the eyes morph into their permanent color. Some Cream Frenchies retain their natural blue eye color, which looks striking with their cream coat.

2. French Bulldogs were used as icebreakers in brothels.

During their rise in popularity in France, French Bulldogs were commonly seen in brothels and roaming the streets with nightwalkers. Men seeking companionship often found the first encounter awkward, and French Bulldogs helped break the ice for conversation.

3. Cream French Bulldogs are rare.

Although the French Bulldog is a popular breed, a Cream French Bulldog is among the rarest variations. It takes selective breeding, time, and an act of nature for a French Bulldog queen to birth a cream Frenchie.

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Does the Cream French Bulldog Make a Good Pet?

Yes! Cream French Bulldogs make excellent pets. They’re intelligent, playful, and hilarious. You will always be entertained with a Frenchie, so it shouldn’t surprise you that they’re great with children.

In general, French Bulldogs love companionship. They practically demand attention and are considered the clown of the bulldog breed. But you can still enjoy personal space with a Frenchie.

French Bulldogs also adapt to their surroundings and enjoy playing with other dogs. They’re especially great for apartment dwellers because they hardly ever bark and only have a moderate amount of energy to burn. If you live in an urban setting, a French Bulldog is an excellent option.

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French Bulldogs have an interesting past full of travel, performing stages, and bustling brothels. Is it any wonder why they have such boisterous spirits? Thanks to Ralph and Amanda West, we can now enjoy the French Bulldog’s clownish personality in a cream-colored coat.

As much fun as it is to joke about Frenchie’s personalities, this breed is an excellent competition competitor. Add a cream-colored coat, and you have a dog that’s sure to take center stage.

Featured Image Credit: KPV89, Shutterstock

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