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18 Free Crochet Cat Bed Patterns (With Pictures)

Dean Eby

By Dean Eby

Crochet and cats are an ideal match, so it’s not a surprise that so many cat lovers also like to crochet in their spare time. After all, what’s better than curling up on the couch with a ball of yarn, a pair of crochet needles, and your favorite feline?

People who love to crochet often use this skill to create things for those they love, such as hats, sweaters, and scarves. But what can you make for your cat? Sure, you could crochet your cat a mouse toy to destroy, but do you really want to watch your cat tear apart something you made for it?

Instead, try one of these crochet cat beds! We’ve gathered 18 patterns to get you started. Pick a pattern and get some yarn and you’re ready to make your cat a comfy new bed crocheted with love. And if you want to get creative, you can alter any of these plans however you see fit.

hepper cat paw dividerThe 18 Free Crochet Cat Bed Patterns

1. Red Heart Crochet Kitty Couch

Image Credit: yarnspirations

These plans for a Red Heart Crochet Kitty Couch will help you put together something that’s far more elegant and awesome than a plain cat bed. This one takes the shape of a sofa, giving your cat its own piece of furniture in the living room.

2. Marley’s Cat Cave

Free Crochet Pattern- Marley's Cat Cave (or Bed)
Image Credit: byjennidesigns.blogspot

Cat caves are continually growing in popularity. Many cats prefer caves to standard cat beds as it makes them feel cozy, safe, and comfortable. But cat caves can be quite pricey. So, why not crochet your own? This free pattern will help you do it, and your cat will thank you afterwards! Well, probably not, but at least you’ll get to watch your cat enjoy its new cave that you made by hand.

3. Crochet Cat Bed

Crochet Pet Cat Bed Free Pattern
Image Credit: letscrochet

If you want to give your cat an ultra-soft bed that’s firm enough to provide plenty of support, then check out these plans for a crochet cat bed. They’re made out of thick Bernat yarn, which is incredibly plush, so your cat will love it.

4. Tabby Chic Cat Bed

Cat Bed Free Crochet Pattern
Image Credit: coolcreativity

The Tabby Chic Cat Bed is in the shape of a bowl, which means the walls will support your kitty in its favorite laying position: curled up in a ball. It’s a simple pattern that won’t take excessive skills to reproduce.

5. Easy Crochet Cat Sack Hideaway

Crochet Cat Sack Hideaway
Image Credit: dreamalittlebigger

Similar to a cat cave but more like a stocking, this Easy Crochet Cat Sack Hideaway is simple to make and provides your feline with a cozy, comfortable resting place that they’ll probably retreat to anytime they feel scared or stressed.

6. Easy Crochet Cat Bed Tutorial

easy crochet cat (or dog) bed tutorial & pattern
Image Credit: missmustardseed

Simple and incredibly soft, this crochet cat bed is easy to make. It’s just one color but features elegant stitching that makes it look as luxurious as it is.

7. Crochet Cat Mat

Easy Crochet Cat Mat – Free Crochet Cat Bed Pattern
Image Credit: firstthecoffee

Who says the cat bed you crochet has to be complex? Your cat might love this Crochet Cat Mat as much as any cat cave or bowl-style bed that you make for it. The ideal project for beginners, this cat mat is easy to crochet and utilizes very few stitches.

8. Cat Igloo

Free Crochet Cat Bed Patterns
Image Credit: craftworld

Similar to a cat cave, this cat igloo provides your kitty with a safe hideaway in which it can lie comfortably and feel content. It’s a bit more difficult than some of the other projects and will probably take longer to complete, but it’s perfect for the skilled crochet artist looking to test their skills.

9. A Crochet House for Your Cat

Image Credit: blog.weareknitters

This crochet house is like a soft, collapsing cat cave that helps your cat to feel cozy when it’s snuggled up inside. It’s a project requiring mid-level skills and it will take just a few hours to complete. If your cat decides it doesn’t want to crawl inside, you can still lay it flat and they can lie on it instead!

10. Yarnspirations Bernat Cat Bed

Image Credit: yarnspirations

Crafted from super-soft Bernat yarn, this cat bed from Yarnspirations features easy-to-follow directions that will help you complete this semi-difficult project in great time. It’s all done in a single color so you won’t have to worry about color switching.

11. Crochet House for a Cat

Following this pattern will help you to crochet a house for your cat that’s similar to a domed tent. It’s an easy pattern to follow and complete, so even beginners should have little difficulty completing it.

12. DIY Crochet Cat Bed

Pet Bed Free Crochet Patterns & Paid
Image Credit: fabartdiy.org

This cat bed is more of a cat cave, and it has stiff walls held up by cardboard so it won’t collapse on your cat. It’s a great design that will require intermediate crochet skills to complete.

13. Skein Pet Bed Pattern

Skein Pet Bed [Pattern]
Image Credit: iyarny.wordpress

Here’s a two-for-one pattern. You can either follow the instructions for the simple round pet bed with slightly raised sides. Or if you want something even easier, the second pattern will help you complete a flat cat mat. Either way, it’s a good-looking project that requires only minimal skills and time to complete.

14. Cat Bed Crochet Pattern by Looped and Knotted

Cat Bed Crochet Pattern
Image Credit: loopedandknotted

This cat bed features two buttons on the front that give it a unique and adorable look. It’s a great fit for just about any cat and home and will require you to know only a few stitches to complete it.

15. The Big Little Pet Bed

The Big Little Pet Bed, a Round Cat Bed made with Jumbo Yarn.
Image Credit: tlycblog

Made with jumbo yarn, this Big Little Pet Bed is a great project to build a beginner’s confidence. It looks incredible, though it’s rather easy to stitch together. The pattern is also easy to follow along with, so don’t be intimidated to dive into this one!

16. Chunky Yarn Crochet Cat Bed

Image Credit: craftylittlegnome

Crafted with chunky yarn and a big hook, this crochet cat bed is extremely soft. Best of all, it will take you hardly any time to complete. If you’ve got beginner to intermediate level skills, you can crochet this bed in just an hour or two.

17. Kitten Ears Cat Bed

Helen Cat Bed
Image Credit: shareapattern

This cat bed is all stitched with a single color of yarn, but it’s got a unique appearance nonetheless thanks to the cat ears stitched into the top! It’s complete with whiskers, a nose, and even eyes, giving it more character than any of the other beds on this list.

18. Padded Rim Cat Nap Bed

Crochet Padded Rim Cat Nap Bed
Image Credit: thecrochetcrowd

Ok, this one is pretty impressive, and it will require higher than average crochet skills to complete. You’ll need to know quite a few stitches to put it together. If you’re good though, you can complete this project in about 4-6 hours, and it will offer your cat the most comfortable space in the home.

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Now that you’ve decided your next crochet project will be a cat bed, all you have to do is decide which pattern is best for you. Don’t be afraid to jump into something that looks difficult. The worst that can happen is you have to undo a few stitches a couple of times. Once you manage to work it all out, you’ll have an awesome project that you can be proud of. Best of all, it will actually get used by one of your favorite living things.

Featured Image Credit: Suakabkaew Tiger, Shutterstock

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