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Where Do Cats Sleep? Sleeping Habits Explained

Mark Edwards

By Mark Edwards

Orange Cat sleeping in towels inside the bathroom

Cats sleep a lot—between 12 and 18 hours a day (must be nice!). And our feline friends will conk out almost anywhere when they get the urge to nap. You’ll find them everywhere, from your bed to the bathroom mat to the top of the cat tree. Cats just seem to not be picky when it comes to where they sleep.

But where do they enjoy sleeping the most? What makes a spot the perfect one for the kitty to nap? There actually are some particular factors that make a place suitable for feline nap time, such as warmth and safety. Here’s a closer look at where cats sleep and why they do so, plus how to pick the perfect cat bed for your kitty!


Where Do Cats Sleep?

There have been studies done on where cats sleep the most, and it seems that a good majority of felines are sleeping in their humans’ beds (at least at night). However, those kitties who enjoy snuggling up with their people at night typically do not spend the entire night in bed (which makes sense since felines are crepuscular). Cats that don’t sleep in the bed are resting on either furniture or their kitty bed.

So, chances are good that your feline likes to cuddle up with you for at least part of the night. But that is not always best for your sleep. Since our cats are more active late at night, it’s easy for you to be woken up by the cat running around, jumping on your head, or chasing your feet as you move in your sleep. So, giving your pet their own area to sleep in is ideal. But where should that be?

cat sleeping in the dark
Image Credit: Daronk Hordumrong, Shutterstock

What Do Cats Look for in a Sleeping Spot?

There are a couple of specific things your kitty is looking for in a sleeping spot, so you need to consider these when setting up a sleeping area for your pet.


Cats knock out all over the house when the urge to sleep hits, so you would think the location would not be vital to them. But it is! Felines are looking for quiet, warm, cozy spots to sleep in. That means wherever you put a cat bed needs to be far from drafty spots and out of the way of others.

Cats also don’t want their beds too close to the litter box, so you will need to place cat beds far away from that. Also, felines enjoy varying the location of where they sleep, so setting up a few sleeping spots throughout the home is best. Finally, our kitties adore being up high, so setting up a tall cat tree with a cozy sleeping spot at the very top is sure to please!


Our feline companions know they’re vulnerable while they sleep, and though they aren’t living out in the wild where they need to fear predators, that instinct to stay safe while sleeping is still there. So, your cat is also seeking a safe spot to nap. How do you know whether an area counts as safe for your pet?

One excellent way of determining this is watching your pet and seeing where they go for a nap or when feeling anxious or fearful. Whether your cat runs beneath the bed or into a rarely used room when they need to be alone, this spot has been deemed safe. That makes it an excellent place for a cat bed.

Also, take a few days to watch the cat and see where they enjoy sleeping most because those areas will also be deemed safe. Maybe your cat enjoys sleeping on the back of the sofa or prefers the highest part of the cat tree. Wherever they spend most of their time is a wonderful place to put a cat bed down.

Cat sleeping on a cat bed
Image Credit: Matthew Manuel, Unsplash

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How to Choose a Great Cat Bed

Now you know where to place a bed for your cat, so it’s time to figure out how to pick the perfect cat bed for the kitty. So, what should you look at when getting one for your pet?

Your Cat’s Preferences

Think about the places your pet enjoys sleeping. Does your kitty love to sleep inside boxes or covered areas? Then a tent bed might be a hit. Or does your cat enjoy sleeping in high places? Then maybe a hanging bed would be better. And if your pet has mobility issues, a low-to-the-ground bed that’s easy to get into would be the best fit.

Bed Size

Where is the bed going to be placed? Once you’ve determined where your pet enjoys sleeping the most, take measurements to figure out what size of bed will fit there. And if you have multiple cats that love snuggling up, then a larger bed will be better than a smaller one (although you should still have an individual cat bed for each feline).


Your kitty is looking for a nice cozy spot to sleep, so you want to pick a bed that is made of comfortable materials. Many cat beds will have fleece or something similar inside where your cat will sleep, as fleece is super soft. You also need to factor in a feline’s claws, though, as they will use those on the bed, and you don’t want material that’s easily ripped. So, ensure you’re getting a bed made with something durable. Otherwise, you’ll end up replacing cat beds constantly!

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Final Thoughts

Cats enjoy sleeping in a variety of places, but it seems that, at night at least, they most enjoy sleeping close to their humans (for part of the evening, anyway). However, having the cat sleep in bed with you might not be best for your sleep, so investing in a few good cat beds to place around your home is wise. This way, your pet has multiple places to sleep that are not with you, and everyone is happy and well-rested.

Our kitties seek warm, cozy, safe areas to nap, so look for that when figuring out the best spot to put a cat bed. And consider your cat’s preferences when choosing a cat bed for them. Utilizing the knowledge of where the cat enjoys sleeping will aid in helping your pet get the best sleep ever!

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