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Dachshund Vs. Doxin Vs. Dotson: Key Differences & Facts

Patricia Dickson

By Patricia Dickson

dachshund nesting

There are numerous dog breeds, and some of their names can be pretty confusing. Take the Dachshund, for instance; the dog has many nicknames. In fact, some pet owners think that Dachshund, Dotson, and Doxin are different breeds.

These are the same breed and the same dogs. Are there any differences between the Dachshund, Doxin, and Dotson dog breeds? No, there aren’t any differences at all.

How can that be, you might ask? Keep reading, and we’ll tell you all we know about the Dachshund dog breed and its many nicknames.

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The History of the Dachshund Breed

Dachshunds were originally bred in Germany as hunting dogs. They were then trained to flush badgers out of their habitats. It’s thought that they were first bred around the 15th century, though that’s not confirmed. It was in the 17th century that Dachshunds started being bred as hunting dogs in Germany.

shiny black dachshund
Image Credit: NORRIE3699, Shutterstock

How Has the Dachshund Breed Evolved?

Just as with most dog breeds, the Dachshund breed has evolved. Dachshunds today are slightly smaller than they were in the past, and you’ll sometimes discover hints of their hunting heritage.

Personality-wise, they are pretty much the same as their ancestors: lovable, funny, and affectionate. The independent, energetic, feisty side of your Dachshund also goes back to its hunting days.

What Cross Breed Is the Dachshund?

Dachshunds were created by breeding the dwarf gene into larger hunting dogs. This selective breeding is thought to have included Bloodhounds, Terriers, Pinchers, Hanover Hounds, and the German Bibarhund breed.

However, it’s not known precisely which breeds were used to create the Dachshunds, though there has been speculation.

The Many Nicknames of the Dachshund!

It’s safe to say that we couldn’t list all the nicknames for the Dachshund dog breed in this article. However, there are a few common ones that you might want to know about.

  • Doxin
  • Dotson
  • Dachs
  • Dashie
  • Teckel
  • Dachel
  • Doxen
  • Daxen
  • Doxy
  • Doxie
  • Doxhund
  • Hot Dog
  • Weiner Dog
  • Sausage Dog
  • Wiener Dog (yes, both spellings)
  • And many more

What Is a Doxin?

A Doxin is a Dachshund, just by a different name. The name change is because some pet owners struggle with the pronunciation of Dachshund, so it was shortened to Doxin instead so that people could say the name easily.

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Fun Facts about the Dachshund You Might Not Have Known

Here are a few fun facts you might not know about this little sausage dog breed.

1. The First-Ever Olympic Mascot Was a Dachshund

Most pet owners don’t realize that the first-ever Olympic mascot was a Dachshund. It occurred in Munich at the 1972 Olympics. Organizers even designed a route leading the marathon that resembled the Dachshund Waldi, which was multicolored.

Smooth-haired dachshund standard, color red, female
Image By: Popova Tetiana, Shutterstock

2. There’s a Dachshund Sub Breed Smaller than the Mini

You wouldn’t think you could get any smaller than the mini Dachshund, but you can. The standard version can weigh up to 32 pounds, and the mini version can weigh as little as 10 pounds. A Kaninchen Dachshund breed can be as small as 8 pounds. This breed isn’t recognized in the United States or the United Kingdom, though it is in over 80 other countries.

3. Dachshunds have Been Successfully Cloned

Many people don’t know that a Dachshund named Winnie was successfully cloned. Winnie was a British 12-year-old Dachshund. The clone’s name was Minnie Winnie, and she had two healthy puppies of her own.

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Wrap Up

While there’s no difference between a Dachshund, Doxin, and Dotson, they are adorable dogs that, though bred to hunt, tend to make excellent pets. If you decide to adopt one of these lovely creatures, ensure you have the time to take care of it because any animal you adopt deserves to be given a forever home.

Featured Image Credit: Masarik, Shutterstock

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