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How Much Does a Dalmatian Cost? 2024 Price Guide

Kristin Hitchcock

By Kristin Hitchcock

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Dalmatians are one of the most instantly recognizable dogs around. Despite their reputation, these dogs aren’t that popular. They aren’t difficult to find, but the demand for them is not high. This leads to a lower price tag. You can purchase these dogs from a high-quality breeder for around $500 to $1,200. This is much less than most other big dogs.

However, you also have to consider the monthly cost of owning a Dalmatian. As larger dogs, they aren’t cheap to take care of. Your monthly costs will likely be somewhere around $135 a month for an adult dog. Puppies will cost more, about $300 a month. This includes the cost for supplies that must come with a new dog, though, like a dog bed.

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How Much Do Dalmatians Cost: One-Time Costs

Bringing a dog home doesn’t just involve purchasing the dog. You also have to consider all the supplies that your puppy will need when they come into your house. Costs for supplies like a dog bed and dog crate can add up quickly.

It is easy to splurge on dog supplies. Without a proper budget, you can easily spend more than you need to. There are many ways to shop on a budget for the supplies that your dog needs, but planning before you arrive at the store is essential.

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Image Credit: Rebecca Scholz, Pixabay

Free Dalmatians

Dalmatians are sometimes available for free. Typically, these dogs are the result of an accidental litter or an owner who can no longer care for their dogs. Occasionally, you can find Dalmatians free from rescues, but these are usually older dogs with health problems.

The problem with free puppies is that you don’t always know where they come from. Most have not received proper vet care. If they did, they would cost at least a bit of money. For this reason, you’ll often end up spending more in the long run because you’ll need to pay for extra vet care upon adopting your canine.

Dalmatian Adoption

  • $50-$300

You won’t usually find many Dalmatians at local animal shelters. You typically have to search out breed-specific organizations. Most of these dogs are older. Puppies are rare. Usually, dogs are turned over to rescues after they have grown a bit.

Dogs at rescues often have unknown histories. You can never tell exactly where one of these dogs came from. You won’t know if their parents were health-tested or if the dog’s vet needs were taken care of. But they do typically receive proper care from the rescue. If they have an underlying health problem, you should know about it before you adopt them.

Dalmatian Breeders

  • $500-$1,200

Purchasing from a breeder is usually the most expensive option. However, you get more when you purchase a dog from a breeder. The puppy usually has had their beginning vaccinations and some vet care, which reduces your overall costs. Most breeders also socialize their puppies extensively and may even provide them with a bit of training. This extra care helps your dog adapt better to your home.

Many breeders also get their breeding dogs health tested, which prevents problems from being passed onto the puppies. This testing covers common genetic conditions that affect this breed. Only the healthiest dogs should be used for breeding, preventing unhealthy puppies from being produced.

Dalmatians Prices: Initial Setup and Supplies

  • $335-$570

No matter where you purchase your puppy from, you will need to also buy an array of supplies. Many of these supplies need to be purchased before you even bring your puppy home.

If you already own another dog, you may be able to skip a few purchases. For instance, you may not need two different brushes. But for most items, you will need to purchase a brand-new set for your new puppy. Your dogs can’t share a food bowl or a leash.

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Image Credit: Joseph Thomas Photography, Shutterstock

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List of Dalmatian Care Supplies and Costs

Food and Water Bowls $20
Dog Collars $20
Leash $15
ID Tag $5-$15
Dog Bed $50-$85
Dog Crate $55-$120
Urine Odor Removal Spray $10
Toys $90-$155
Brush $5-$15
Shampoo $10-$20
Toothbrushing supplies $10-$15
Toenail Clippers $15-$30
First-Aid Supplies $30-$50

How Much Does a Dalmatian Cost Per Month?

  • $125-$675 per month

When you first bring a new dog home, you can expect to pay quite a bit up front. However, you also have to consider the monthly cost of owning a dog. Usually, these tend to be highest for puppies. Younger dogs will need more vet care and training. You will also likely need to enroll your puppy in a training course, but you probably won’t need to do this every year as your dog get older. You should budget for these higher costs appropriately.

Image Credit: Freepics4you, Pixabay

Dalmatian Health Care Costs

  • $75-$185 per month

Most of your costs are going to be concentrated on your dog’s health care. This category includes everything that has to do with your dog’s health and care, such as vet visits, grooming, and food costs. As larger dogs, Dalmatians tend to cost more to take care of than other canines. They eat more food, and their vet bills also tend to be higher. If they need surgery, you can expect that cost to be higher. All medication dosages will be more expensive due to their higher body weight.

That said, most people won’t spend tons of money on their Dalmatians. They may be bigger dogs, but that doesn’t necessarily make them unaffordable.

Dalmatian Food Costs

  • $25-$40 per month

Your Dalmatian’s food costs will go up as they get older. Puppies don’t eat as much as adults due to their smaller size. As your dog grows, you’ll need to give them more food.

These prices are based on high-quality dog foods. You can save money by purchasing lower-quality dog foods, but this is not recommended. There are many ways to budget for dog food and save money besides just purchasing a lower-quality option.

Dalmatians Grooming Costs

  • $0-$30 per month

Dalmatians are easy to maintain. They don’t require much grooming. Owners can often skip professional grooming altogether if they can groom their dogs regularly at home. Dalmatians do shed and get dirty just like any other dog. However, a regular brushing session at least once a week can take care of both of these problems.

If you decide to take care of your dog’s needs at home, you should plan on spending practically nothing every month. You will need a brush, however, and you may need to replace this brush a few times throughout your dog’s life.

Dalmatian Medications and Vet Visits

  • $35-$70 per month

Your vet costs will depend on many factors. The vaccinations that your dog requires, their health, and their overall size all affect vet costs. These expenses can also vary widely between locations. Some people may pay $100 for medication in one area, while others will pay $400 in another.

Puppies usually have higher vet costs. They need to take more trips to the vet and need vaccinations. You can expect to take your puppy to the vet three different times in the first year unless you adopt from a breeder who already took care of some of the puppy’s vet needs.

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Image Credit: David Mark, Pixabay

Dalmatian Pet Insurance Costs

  • $15-$50 per month

Pet insurance is highly recommended for Dalmatians. This insurance will help cover any sudden vet costs. Dalmatians are prone to quite a few conditions that are extremely expensive. For instance, allergies can cost up to $2,000 a year if your dog needs medication and regular treatment. Bladder stones can cost up to $1,500 if your dog needs surgery.

Pet insurance varies depending on what you purchase. Some are extremely inexpensive but only cover accidents. Those with more coverage and lower deductibles will have higher costs. In the end, it mostly depends on what you want to be covered. We do recommend choosing something that includes coverage for at least these common health conditions.

Dalmatian Environment Maintenance Costs

  • $0-$400 per month

Dalmatians are working dogs, which means they are quite active. This breed will need walks multiple times a day, which can be a bit much for some dog owners to handle.

If you find yourself unable to walk your dog regularly, you will need to hire a dog walker. Many people hire this service while they are at work and are otherwise unable to take care of their dog’s needs. If you work long hours and your dog doesn’t have outside access while you are gone, a dog walker may be practically essential.

Dog walkers are quite expensive, though. This service can easily cost you $400 a month if you need a dog walker five days a week.

Dog Walker $0-$400/month

Dalmatian Entertainment Costs

  • $50-$90 per month

Dalmatians are extremely active and playful. This breed will require regular exercise, which often includes plenty of playtime. Like most working dogs, the Dalmatians will love toys and can go through them quickly. They don’t have quite as strong of a bite as some other canines, but they can still destroy toys if left to their own devices.

You should plan on replacing Dalmatian’s toys regularly. Puppies will often play with their toys more than adults, but they will often need smaller (and cheaper) toys. Due to their larger size, adults will need more expensive toys. No matter how old your Dalmatian is, you should expect to buy durable toys. These are often more expensive, and you can expect to pay about $65 a month. This is assuming that you’re purchasing toys that are big enough for your Dalmatian and strong enough to last through tough play.

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Image Credit: Aneta Jungerova, Shutterstock

Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Dalmatian

  • $125-$675 per month

Owning a Dalmatian is often more expensive than owning other types of dogs. This is due to their larger size and more extensive activity level. You can expect to spend more on food and vet bills and quite a bit on toys. If you need a dog walker, your costs will likely be on the higher end of this range. Most people will spend about $135 a month, assuming that their dog is healthy.

If you include the initial costs and setup into your puppy’s upkeep price, it can raise your monthly costs substantially. Puppies will be a bit more expensive because they require more vet care. You may also have to consider some other expenses that aren’t included in this budget.

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Additional Costs to Factor In

Dalmatians benefit heavily from group classes, and these aren’t included in this budget. Typically, you can expect to spend about $100 to $300 on a training series.

You also need to consider emergency treatments, which are often needed for illness and accidents. This can potentially cost thousands of dollars. Pet insurance can help, but it often won’t cover all your costs. We highly recommend having an emergency fund of some sort.

Dalmatians are big, active dogs. For this reason, they tend to mess up furniture, especially as puppies. You may need to pay for extra puppy-proofing supplies or repairs on your furniture.

Owning a Dalmatian on a Budget

There are a few ways that you can lower the cost of owning a Dalmatian. We don’t recommend searching for a budget puppy. Typically, if a puppy is cheap, there is a reason for it. Budget appropriately for the full price from a breeder, and then look for other ways to save.

One of the easiest ways to save money is to make a budget for your dog. You probably don’t need to spend an extra $10 just to get a pink collar, for example. It may seem like a small cost, but all the extra spending can add up quickly. Use this guide to figure out the average cost and budget for that. Don’t splurge if you can avoid it.

Dalmatian Dog Breed Info
Photo credit: Freepics4you, Pixabay

Saving Money on Dalmatian Care

You can save quite a bit of money if you reduce the number of services that you use for your dog. For instance, don’t plan on utilizing a dog walker or a groomer. This can save you hundreds each month.

You can also buy in bulk. Food is an easy thing to buy in bulk, but you can often do this with toys and treats as well. Check for sales, especially with dog food. You should switch your dog’s food often, so you don’t necessarily always have to purchase the same food. We recommend choosing foods that are on sale and high-quality. The savings can add up.

Toys are other items that you can save on when they are on sale. Many toys are “themed” around a season. Dogs aren’t going to care about playing with a Santa hat toy in April, so use those sales to your advantage.

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Conclusion: How Much Are Dalmatians

Dalmatians are one of the cheaper large breeds to purchase. A Dalmatian puppy usually costs about $500 to $1,200 from a qualified breeder. Other places may be cheaper, but choosing a high-quality puppy is essential to avoid unnecessary vet and training expenses.

You also need to budget for the equipment that your puppy will need when you bring them home. In most cases, you can expect to spend around $335 to $570.

After that, your dog will likely cost you around $135 a month, though puppies are often more expensive, around $300 a month. There are many ways to save money on owning a Dalmatian, such as doing most of the grooming yourself. If you’re looking to own a dog on a budget, this is an easy breed to do it with, especially if you can take care of all their exercise needs yourself.

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