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9 DIY Cat Bandanas You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Cat Bandana

The bandana has been a favorite accessory of dog owners who enjoy dressing their pets up in style, but the trend only recently became common with cats. While cats are pickier about wearing garments than dogs, they’re less likely to reject a bandana than a coat or hat. If your cat uses a collar, you should not have any problems with a bandana. However, bandanas should only be worn when you can supervise your pet. If your feline becomes irritated with the material, remove it immediately to prevent injuries. We examined several homemade bandanas and picked ten excellent plans to make your pet the cutest feline on the block.

The 9 DIY Cat Bandanas

1. Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom DIY Bandana

DIY Cat Outfits- Sew A Patriotic Cat-Kerchief
Image Credit: scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom
Materials 2 pieces of 18” x 11” fabric, pattern, hook and loop fastening tape
Tools Iron, basic sewing supplies

You can use any colors or patterns for your DIY project, but this patriotic cat bandana is ideal for celebrating the Fourth of July, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, or any time your cat wants to express love for its country. You’ll need a sewing machine, fabric (18” L x 11” W), iron, sewing supplies, and Velcro for this project. Before adding the Velcro, tie the bandana around your cat to ensure the fit is not too tight or loose. If you have experience with a sewing machine, you should complete the project in less than an hour.

2. Sparkles of Sunshine DIY Bandana

Image Credit: sparklesofsunshine
Materials Fabric, scissors, straight pins
Tools Sewing machine

A reversible bandana is an excellent choice if you want to double your cat’s wardrobe. This pattern was created in honor of Adopt a Dog Month, but it can also be used for your lovable cat. Unlike some other designs, this project does not include a downloadable pattern. Instead, you measure your cat’s collar to create the pattern. After cutting out the pattern, you’ll use it to trace and cut on the two fabrics you selected. Although the author used a sewing machine for the bandana, you can sew it by hand. However, the project will take a bit longer.

3. Hot Mom in the City DIY Bandana

no-sew bandana
Image Credit: hottmominthecity
Materials ½ yard of fabric, buckle clips, ruler, hem tape
Tools Sewing machines (optional), needle and thread, iron

This bandana design can be constructed using a sewing machine or hem tape for a no-sew option. All you need for this design is fabric (1/2 yard), buckle clips, a ruler, hem tape, thread, a sewing machine (optional), and an iron. When you measure your cat’s neckline, you’ll add 2 inches to the circumference to allow for the buckle clips. The bandana can be worn over your pet’s collar, and the author included a fantastic homemade pet collar design beneath the bandana instructions.

4. Happiest Camper DIY Bandana

How to Sew a Dog Bandana
Image Credit: happiestcamper
Materials Fabric or fabric scraps, sewing pins, rotary cutter, scissors, thread, safety pins
Tools Sewing machine, iron

This bandana from Happiest Camper was initially made for dogs, but the author includes measurements for five patterns depending on your pet’s size. The extra-small pattern is ideal for cats, but it’s best to measure your cat’s collar or neckline to ensure the bandana is not too tight. For this bandana, you’ll need fabric (scraps to save money), sewing pins, a rotary cutter or mat, scissors, thread, safety pins, a sewing machine, and an iron. If you’re experienced with a machine, you can make multiple bandanas in no time.

5. My Golden Thimble DIY Bandana

Image Credit: mygoldenthimble
Materials Fabric, scissors, thread, pins
Tools Sewing machine, iron

If you would rather make a bandana without Velcro or clips, this design is for you. You’ll need pins, fabric, scissors, an iron, thread, and a sewing machine to get started. Unlike the other bandana patterns, this one begins with constructing the straps that you’ll use to fasten the bandana. The author included five sizes in the pattern download, but you’ll probably use the smallest size unless your cat has an incredibly thick neck. This design is perfect for cats who are terrified of the sound of unfastening Velcro.

6. Msjme DIY Bandana

Cat Bandana
Image Credit: msjme
Materials Patterned fabric, needle, thread, scissors
Tools Sewing machine, iron

Msjme’s bandana tutorial includes a cat bandana pattern and one for canines. You can choose whichever fabric complements your cat’s style, but the author suggests using a patterned fabric that hides your stitches. Before cutting out the pattern on your fabric, wash and iron it so it’s easier to sew. This design will fit over your pet’s collar, and like the previous design, it does not use clips or Velcro. After finishing your bandana, you can take some pictures to share on social media to show off your gorgeous kitty and handiwork.

7. Be Brave and Bloom DIY Bandana

Easy DIY Dog Bandana (Free Printable Pattern)
Image Credit: bebraveandbloom
Materials Fabric, Velcro, pins, thread, scissors
Tools Sewing machine, iron

This design from bebraveandbloom includes a pattern for the neckband and bandana. If you want to add style to the kitty’s attire, you can choose different colors for the bandana and neckband. For this project, you’ll need a sewing machine, pins, thread, fabric, Velcro or buckle clips, scissors, and an iron. Before cutting your pattern, wash the fabric to ensure it will not shrink and become too tight later. Cotton fabric works best, but you can choose any material that agrees with your feline. You can leave the neckband as it is or sew on Velcro or buckle clips.

8. See Kate Sew Bandana

Easy Dog Bandana Pattern – Free Sewing Tutorial
Image Credit: seekatesew
Materials Fabric, scissors, thread, pins, lightweight fusible interfacing
Tools Sewing machine, iron

This reversible bandana slides onto your cat’s collar and does not need Velcro or buckle clips. You’ll need a sewing machine, fabric, scissors, thread, pins, lightweight fusible interfacing, and an iron to complete the project. The lightweight fusible interfacing stiffens and stabilizes the material, but you can omit it if you prefer the look of a looser bandana. The author includes multiple patterns for pets of all sizes but recommends using the extra-small design for cats. She also lists the names of the fabric worn by her dog in case you’re interested in using the same material for your pet.

9. Diana Rambles Bandana

DIY Dog Bandana Pattern
Image By: dianarambles
Materials Fabric, stabilizers, scissors
Tools Sewing machine, embroidery machine (optional), iron

Unlike most other designs, this personalized bandana does not require you to download a pattern. The author includes three patterns with her tutorial, so you do not need to join an email list to get the design. The reversible design has instructions for embroidering on both sides of the fabric so you can display your cat’s name or family’s last name. If you’re accustomed to using a sewing machine or an embroidery machine, you can finish the bandana in 30 minutes.

Final Thoughts

Sewing a DIY bandana for your cat is more rewarding than purchasing a low-quality commercial product, and you have more freedom to control the design. Since most projects take less than an hour to make, you can create several bandanas to celebrate the holidays or special occasions. Whether you make a personalized bandana emblazoned with “Cuttles” in gold or choose a more conservative design, your cat is sure to look incredible with its new attire.

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