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DIY Cat Diapers: 3 Plans You Can Make Today (with Pictures)

Patricia Dickson

By Patricia Dickson

cat with diaper

Whether it’s because your cat is getting older or because you have a cat that sprays, cat diapers, as with any other type of diaper, can become quite expensive to buy. There are disposable and washable diapers for cats, but many pet parents don’t realize you can easily make your cat’s diapers DIY style with the right plans.

In this article, we’ll give you a few simple DIY cat diaper plans that you can make today.

3 DIY Cat Diaper Plans –

1. Dog Diaper Pattern

DIY dog diaper pattern
Image Credit: Mimi and Tara
Materials Pattern, Velcro
Tools Stickpins
Difficulty Level Medium

If you’re looking for a super cute cat diaper, then this dog diaper pattern will certainly fit the bill. Not only does this cat diaper serve a practical use, which is keeping your cat from spraying or having an accident, it’s also super cute, something you and your cat will love!

2. Cheap Dog Diapers

DIY Cheap Dog Diapers
Image Credit: Doggie Diapers
Materials Baby diapers or pull-ups
Tools Scissors, measuring tape
Difficulty Level Easy

Cheap cat diapers are impossible to find, but you can pick up a pack of Little Swimmer’s Diapers and make inexpensive cat diapers yourself. This cheap dog diaper plan works especially well for larger cats. But even if you have a little feline this plan can be adjusted to fit them with a little bit of work. Just make sure to purchase the smallest diaper size possible.

3. DIY Sock Diapers

DIY Sock Diapers
Image Credit: Imgur
Materials Clean old sock
Tools Scissors
Difficulty Level Easy

This is one of the easiest DIY cat diaper plans on our list. This DIY sock diaper is perfect for small or large cats and is cute too! Choose any sock that you don’t use anymore, make sure it’s clean, grab your scissors, and follow the plan. This should be an easy task that can be completed in minutes.

Reasons Your Cat Might Need a Diaper

Now that you’ve seen a few of the best DIY diaper plans you can get to make a diaper for your cat today, let’s look at a few reasons why cats may need diapers in the first place.


If your cat has recently had surgery they may need a diaper until they recover sufficiently to be able to go to the litter box on their own. The last thing you want is your feline friend to pull out staples or stitches trying to jump in and out of his litter box!

black cat wearing diaper
Image By: Linn Currie. Shutterstock


If your cat no longer has control of its bladder, it may be time to consider cat diapers instead of a traditional litter box. This is the most common reason pet owners end up using diapers on their pets.

While there’s often a medical reason behind the incontinence, usually it’s attributed to the cat getting older.

Marking and Spraying

Many cat owners choose diapers for their cats when they’re marking or spraying, as cats can be territorial. You can have your cat spayed or neutered to stop this, but it doesn’t always work, so diapers are the only option left for many cat parents.

If you feel that there may be a medical problem behind your cat not making it to the litter box, contact your vet for an appointment for the best treatment options.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the DIY cat diaper plans we feel are simple to make and much cheaper than purchasing diapers for your cat. Whether you decide to go DIY style or purchase washable or disposable diapers, make sure you treat your cat with love and patience, as it’s usually not their fault that they can’t make it to the litter box in time. Patience, love, and dedication will go a long way towards helping your feline in their time of need.

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Featured Image Credit: Yaroslau Mikheyeu, Shutterstock

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