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19 DIY Cat Furniture Plans You Can Build Today (with Pictures)

Elizabeth Gray

By Elizabeth Gray

cat sleeping in a sofa

Gone are the days when a house cat had to make do with an old cardboard box to play in and their owner’s bed to sleep in. Nowadays, you may be pushing your own furniture aside to make room for your cat’s!

Whether it’s a place to play, a nook to sleep, or a way to hide an unsightly litter box, cat furniture comes in many forms and functions. If you’re looking to add some cat furniture to your home but your budget is limited, DIY is the way to go, especially if you love a good project.

Check out these 19 DIY cat furniture plans and get those creative juices flowing!

The 19 DIY Cat Furniture Plans

1. Cat Hammock Bunk Beds by Makezine

Build Bunk Bed Hammocks for Your Cats
Image Credit: makezine

These hammock bunk beds are perfect if you have two cats who love to snooze together. Made from inexpensive pine wood, rope, and blankets, this piece of cat furniture would fit right into modern home decor, thanks to its Ikea-like design elements.

To mimic the clean look of the original, you’ll need to drill pocket holes when building the frame, making this project best suited for the slightly more experienced DIY-er.

2. Cat Tree From A Real Tree from By Brittany Goldwyn

How to Make a DIY Cat Tree From a Real Tree
Image Credit: bybrittanygoldwyn

This cat tree upcycles real fallen tree branches into an inexpensive and truly fabulous piece of cat furniture. Depending on where you live, finding real tree branches for your base might be the hardest part of this project. You’ll also need to let the branches dry so this isn’t a project you can complete in one day.

Once you have the branches, the other materials are easily purchased at home improvement stores and these plans go into good detail about exactly what types and sizes of everything you need. The instructions are extremely detailed with plenty of pictures.

3. Cat Tree Condo by Ana White

Cat Tree_Condo
Image Credit: ana-white

This gorgeous elevated cat condo would fit right into a home with rustic design elements. With multiple levels and an added sisal scratching post, your cat will never have a dull moment on this cat tree condo. This project is best for an intermediate-level DIY-er because there’s a lot of specific woodcuts involved.

The materials list is very specific and the plans include exact measurements of each section of the cat tree condo and pictures to see how everything fits together.

4. Pet Station From Vintage Secretary Desk by Addicted2Decorating

Pet Station Created From Vintage Secretary Desk
Image Credit: addicted2decorating

This versatile pet station combines storage with a feeding and sleeping space for your cat. While this design was created using an antique secretary’s desk, the plans also work for more easily accessible pieces of furniture like a small dresser.

Besides the secretary desk or dresser, you’ll also need a few other items like MDF board, wood glue, and beadboard. The instructions are easy to follow with plenty of pictures.

5. DIY Cat Suitcase Bunk Beds from Hallmark Channel

DIY Cat Suitcase Bunk Bed 1
Image Credit: hallmarkchannel

Another piece of furniture ideal for multi-cat households, these adorable vintage suitcase bunk beds are simple to make. Besides the suitcases (modern work if you can’t find vintage!), you’ll need some table legs, stair spindles, dowel screws, nuts, washers, and a drill.

This project is excellent for the beginner DIY-er with easy-to-follow instructions and an uncomplicated design.

6. DIY Cat Tree House by Instructables

DIY Cat Tree House 1
Image Credit: instructables

This huge cat tree house is modeled after one with a high price tag but can be DIY-ed at a fraction of the cost. Built primarily with recycled and upcycled materials, this project does require some basic woodworking skills, like making jigsaw cuts.

The instructions are extremely detailed and easy to follow, including measurements and diagrams for each part of the cat tree. To follow the plans exactly, you’ll also need to do some crafting and sewing.

7. DIY Litter Box Cabinet by Domestically Creative

DIY Litter Box Cabinet
Image Credit: domesticallycreative

For the design-conscious cat lover, what to do with the unsightly but very necessary litter box is quite the puzzle. This cute litter box cabinet solves the dilemma, offering your cat a discreet place to do their business that won’t stand out among your furniture.

This project is easy to adapt to any type of thrift store cabinet you can find. It does require more advanced tools like a jigsaw and a miter saw but the cuts involved aren’t complicated. Painting seems to be the most time-consuming part of this project.

8. Cat House Side Table from By Brittany Goldwyn

Indoor Cat House Plans1
Image Credit: bybrittanygoldwyn

Cat furniture that looks so much like your furniture you can’t tell the difference? Sign us up! This side table is so beautiful you’re bound to miss the fact that it doubles as a cozy cat cave. These plans include a video tutorial so they’re easy to follow.

This project requires a lot of attention to detail and more advanced power tools like a table saw, an orbital sander, and a Kreg jig. Best for the patient and skilled DIY-er but no one will believe this cat furniture was built at home if you do your job right.

9. Cat Play Gym by Charleston Crafted

DIY Cat Play Gym
Image Credit: charlestoncrafted

This cat gym is quick and simple to make and will provide your indoor cat with hours of self-directed playtime. Stylish enough not to stick out like a sore thumb, this play gym also conveniently folds up for easy storage.

Made from wood, dowels, ribbons, and rope, these plans are easy and simple to follow. They do call for a miter saw to make a few cuts, however. The beginner DIY-er could easily tackle this project in an afternoon or less with the right tools.

10. Wicker Cat Bed by  A Butterfly House

Modeled after a much more expensive purchased version, this wicker cat bed was created in a truly unique fashion. With a step-by-step video tutorial, the instructions for this project are easy to follow and use simple materials.

This project is time-consuming and tedious but doesn’t require much advanced skill. The finished product is a one-of-a-kind cat bed that will look great no matter what corner of the house you put it in.

11. Hanging Macrame Cat Bed by Cuckoo4Design

purrfectly cute DIY cat bed using macrame cord
Image Credit: cuckoo4design

If your cats love to look out the window but you don’t have space for a cat tree, this hanging cat bed is the perfect solution. This project uses a macrame cord, brass hoops, beads, and a plant hanger. It does require some level of crafting skill, as you will have to tie macrame knots.

However, the plans include a video tutorial, detailed instructions, as well as pictures to help you get the hang of it. Once completed, this bed can hang with your (cat-safe) plants in front of your sunniest window, giving your cat a place to contemplate the world outside.

12. Cat House From a TV Tray by DIYLilyArdor

This upcycled cat house is made using a thrifted TV tray, inexpensive fabric, dowels, screws, a drill, and a hot glue gun. If you already have the tools, this project is estimated to cost $25-$30.

You also have the option to add a scratcher to one side of the house, making this a versatile, space-saving, easy-to-make piece of DIY cat furniture.

13. Cat Ladder Fort from Buzzfeed

DIY Cat Ladder Fort
Image Credit: buzzfeed

This ladder fort works best for kittens and small cats because of its size. Incredibly simple to make, this project is for DIY-ers of any skill level. Using basic materials easily acquired at a pet and home improvement store, the plans include step-by-step directions and a video guide.

You’ll be waiting for the glue to dry for longer than it takes to build this ladder fort!

14. Framed Carpet Cat Scratchers by Experimental Craft

Framed Carpet Cat Scratchers
Image Credit: experimentalcraft.wordpress

A clever, stylish way to save your walls from cat claws but make it (home) fashion. These framed cat scratchers require only three materials and a minimal time commitment, perfect for beginners or busy DIY folks.

These can be made as big or as little as the available picture frames. Just make sure whatever hanging strips you use are sturdy enough to handle the weight of your cat pulling and scratching at them.

15. Hanging Basket Cat Perch by Hymns and Verses

DIY Cat Perch – Hanging Window Basket1
Image Credit: hymnsandverses

If you’re not feeling up to macrame but still love the idea of a hanging basket cat perch, this is the project for you. Easily accomplished by all skill levels, this project requires only a flat basket, a small piece of plywood, shelf brackets, and rope.

Choose a basket that matches your home decor and this cat furniture will stand out by fitting right in.

16. Cactus Cat Scratcher by Miss Molly Says

DIY Cactus Cat Scratching Post
Image Credit: missmollysays

If your design aesthetic is southwestern or just plain quirky, this cactus cat scratcher is the one for you. The “cactus” is made from pipes covered in dyed sisal rope. The instructions are detailed and include pictures.

This project is fairly straightforward but does require you to cut and connect plumbing pipes. It can also be a bit messy because of the amount of green dye and hot glue involved. But the result is an adorable and functional piece of cat furniture.

17. Cat Wall Perch by Aaron Fixes Stuff

Cats love to climb and love to look down on everyone around them. Literally, if not figuratively. This cat wall perch and hammock combination allows them just that opportunity. Made from PVC pipe and sisal rope, this project is easy to follow thanks to the video tutorial.

The materials required are simple, although you do need a drill to attach the shelves to the wall. Be extra careful to attach them to studs as well, to avoid any cats coming tumbling down.

18. Bookcase Cat Tower by Instructables

Bookcase Cat Tower
Image By: instructables

Made from an upcycled bookcase, this cat tower is simple and inexpensive but will provide multiple levels of fun for your cat. A good beginner DIY project, this cat tower can be customized to whatever your cat prefers to do.

Have an active cat? Add more toys! Have a cat who prefers to snooze the day away? Add in the optional hammock, made from an old T-shirt. The possibilities are endless.

19. Outdoor Cat House by Shara Woodshop Diaries

Whether you’re keeping stray cats warm in winter or giving your own cat a cool spot to hang outside with you, this outdoor cat house is stylish and simple to make. The project does require some basic power tools like a circular saw and jigsaw.

This design can be built larger or smaller, so if your cat has a dog friend who also needs an outdoor shelter, these plans work for that too. The video tutorial is detailed and easy to follow.

Final Thoughts

No matter your level of DIY experience, we hope you found our list of cat furniture plans inspiring and motivating as you plan new projects.  Remember to put safety first, wear protective equipment as needed, and don’t operate power tools without learning how they work.

Featured Image Credit: photosforyou, Pixabay

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