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7 DIY Cat Water Fountain Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Patricia Dickson

By Patricia Dickson


If you’ve noticed your cat has stopped drinking from their bowl even though you just put fresh water out a few hours ago, it could be because water loses its freshness after some time out in the open and your cat no longer wants it, and, some cats simply prefer to drink moving water rather than from still bowls. The best way to keep cats like this hydrated is to have a cat water fountain that keeps the water circulating constantly.

Not only does this help you encourage your cat to drink, but the bubbles and moving water will also keep them entertained and active as well. In this list, we’ll give you our top seven picks of the best DIY cat water fountain plans you can build for your furry feline today.

The Top 7 DIY Cat Water Fountain Plans

1. Bamboo Cat Water Fountain

Materials Bamboo accents kit, tumbled gemstones, river stones, T-shaped fountain filter, large ceramic bowl
Tools Handsaw
Difficulty Level Medium

This Bamboo Cat Water Fountain is the perfect addition to any garden or home. The fountain is lightweight and portable, and will look great combined with your patio décor. Not only does it match almost any décor, but it’s also sure to keep your furry friend happy as well and hydrated after those long hours of hunting for bugs in the backyard!

2. DIY Cat Water Fountain

Materials Cheap fountain, popsicle sticks, water bottle
Tools Glue gun, hammer, piece of tubing
Difficulty Level Easy

This DIY Cat Water Fountain is simple to make and inexpensive at the same time. Not only will your cats love the fountain, but it’s also a fun, easy project to make in your spare time. If you have kids, get them involved in making this fountain for some family bonding too.

3. Pet Bubble Fountain

Materials Aquarium air pump, standard air line, bubble stone, plastic colander, mixing bowl
Tools Utility knife
Difficulty Level Easy

Most cats need to be entertained, and what cat doesn’t love chasing bubbles around? This DIY Pet Bubble Fountain is the perfect combination of a drinking fountain and a fun play toy for your feline friend. Easy and inexpensive to make, this fountain will keep your cat happy and hydrated for many years to come.

4. Thirsty Cat Fountain

Materials Ceramic bowl, tubing
Tools N/A
Difficulty Level Easy

Creating your own Thirsty Cat Fountain is simple with a ceramic bowl, some tubing, and a few tools. Not only is the water from a fountain better for your pet than a bowl of still water, but they’ll also have fun playing in the water too!

5. Cat Fountain DIY

Materials Large bowl, aquarium pump filter
Tools  N/A
Difficulty Level Easy

This Cat Fountain DIY is perfect if you’re trying to keep your cats out of your aquarium. With just a large bowl, an aquarium pump filter, and a bit of luck, your fish will be able to rest easy while your cat plays in the cat fountain. Not only does this keep your cats busy, but it also encourages them to drink water while they’re at it.

6. PVC Water Cat Fountain

Materials Water bottle, PVC pipe
Tools N/A
Difficulty Level Moderate

PVC pipes are inexpensive and pretty easy to find, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding the materials to build this PVC Water Cat Fountain for your feline pal. The great thing about this system is that it allows your cat to drink and play comfortably instead of being hunched over. However, it’s best to keep this fountain in your kitchen to avoid a watery mess.

7. Easy DIY Cat Water Fountain

Materials Large bowl, popsicle sticks
Tools Hot glue gun
Difficulty Level Simple

This super-easy DIY Cat Water Fountain can be made with a large bowl, a hot glue gun, and a few popsicle sticks. The project is easy to make and will work great to keep your cat cool on a hot summer’s day as they feel the cool water running down their neck as they hydrate.

Final Thoughts

It’s vital that your cat stays hydrated, and if a water fountain is their preference, you can DIY one at home with a few simple steps. These simple DIY cat water fountain plans can help you keep your cat not only entertained but also hydrated all summer long.

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