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5 DIY Dog Bows You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Cassidy Sutton

By Cassidy Sutton

white and brown dog with a white dotted red bowtie

We didn’t think dogs could get any cuter, but we were wrong. There’s something about a dog in a bow tie that melts your heart.

The nice thing about bow ties is they’re simple to create. Once you’ve made a few designs, you can make any bow tie.

In this post, we’ve listed our favorite DIY dog bows to try on your pup. The creators of these projects added their personal touches for an exceptional DIY outcome. Most designs are easy, but we’ve thrown in some challenges if you’re looking for one.

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Top 5 DIY Dog Bows

1. The Canine Story Dog Bow Tie (No Machine) by The Canine Story

DIY dog bow
Image Credit: Thecaninestory
Materials: Fabric, fusing, elastic
Tools: Thread and needle, scissors, iron
Difficulty Level: Easy

This is another easy DIY design that yields a medium-sized bow. This simple design requires fabric, elastic, fusing, needle, and thread. You don’t need a sewing machine, and the creator offers an elementary pattern to follow.

This project would take 30 minutes to an hour for your first try since you’re working with a pattern, needles, and thread. After that, you could do this in under 20 minutes. Don’t worry about following the pattern if it’s your first time. It’s so simple, the project is practically child’s play.

2. Elastic Dog Bow Tie by Creating Purple Joy

DIY dog bow
Image Credit: Creatingpurplejoy
Materials: Fabric, elastic
Tools: Scissors, sewing machine, pattern, iron (optional)
Difficulty Level: Easy

Who wants to constantly fluff a dog’s bow tie? This design is a slightly thicker bow tie to prevent it from lying flat on your dog’s neck. Instead of using more fabric, it appears the creator folds the bow tie to add more volume to the overall look.

The creator calls for a sewing machine in this project, but you could easily use some needles and thread to achieve the same look. There’s a pattern to follow with precise instructions that newbie sewers will find easy to understand.

3. Dog Bow Tie + Collar Duo

DIY dog bow
Image Credit; Lessthanperfectlifeofbliss
Materials: Men’s tie, cheap dog collar
Tools: Scissors, Iron, hemp tape, sewing machine, needles, thread
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Do you want your dog’s collar to match the bow tie? Then this design is for you. The creator of this design uses an old tie and a cheap dog collar to create an adorable dog collar with a matching bow.

The nice thing about this design is that you don’t need to purchase the fabric. Recycle a men’s tie instead or use leftover fabric if you have any from previous projects. Keep in mind that the collar isn’t sturdy, so we wouldn’t recommend this design for an everyday collar.

4. Doggone Cute Cotton Bow Tie

DIY dog bow
Image Credit: Spoonflower
Materials: 1 quarter cotton sateen
Tools: Pins, Scissors, ruler, seam gauge, sewing machine, pattern
Difficulty Level: Moderate

The creator of this DIY bow tie uses a thicker middle loop than the other designs (you can make adjustments if you prefer the thin loop). Each step is beautifully captured with photos and video for an easy-to-make tutorial.

There are also designs for collars and leashes if you want your dog’s accessories to match. Your dog will look cute in no time!

For this project, you’ll need essential sewing tools like scissors, a ruler, a seam gauge, and a sewing machine. You could also use some needles and thread if you wanted. You can pick any cotton sateen fabric or another quilt-weight cotton.

We love this project. However, the bow is small, so it may look a little funny if your dog is a meathead.

5. Recycled French Cuff Dress Shirt Dog Bow Tie by Dalmatian DIY

DIY dog bow
Image Credit; Dalmatiandiy
Materials: Salvaged French cuffs, salvaged shirt button plackets, complimentary colored thread
Tools: Sewing needles, sewing machine, scissors, iron & ironing board (optional)
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Dress shirts are great for crafting preppy projects because they look sharp. If you have any old dress shirts, you can turn them into an adorable dog bow tie. With this DIY project, your dog will go from shabby to snazzy in no time!

You’ll need some basic sewing supplies and a sewing machine, although you could get away with using some basic thread and needles. To make your dog’s bow tie look extra crisp, the creator recommends ironing the dress shirt.

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As you can see, creating a bow tie for your dog is one of the simplest designs you can do. All you need are some basic sewing tools and, generally, some weighted cotton fabric. Your dog will rock the new look, and you’ll enjoy showing off your new homemade project to family and friends.

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Featured Image Credit: Michael G, Unsplash

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