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8 DIY Litter Box Enclosure Plans You Can Build Today (with Pictures)

Sarah Psaradelis

By Sarah Psaradelis

a red tabby cat uses a DIY litter box

Making your cat their very own litter box enclosure at home can be a fun experience. Most commercial litter boxes are expensive and not always appealing to the eye, so why not make something that you can tailor to meet both you and your cat’s needs?

Creating a DIY litter box enclosure is convenient and simple once you have all the right tools and materials. You can convert old furniture into an enclosed litter box or buy the materials separately. You have the option of creating a DIY litter box enclosure for your cat that can be painted to any color and shape you want so that it can blend into your household.

Let’s look at some handy and simple yet creative DIY litter box enclosures:

The Top 8 DIY Litter Box Enclosure Plans

1. Pot Plant Litter Box

Materials: Fake plants, large plastic planter with base
Tools: Soldering iron, hot glue gun
Difficulty Level: Easy

This litter box is fully enclosed which offers your cat privacy. The natural vibes and look of this enclosed litter box make it easy to blend into any environment while still looking stylish. You may have difficulty finding the right-sized plastic planter pot, but fake plants are easy to come by, and most home-customization stores will sell them.

The soldering iron is the main tool you will need to create an opening in the planter pot so that your cat can get in and out. The planter’s base should be glued to the top where the fake plants can then be glued to the top and out of your cat’s reach.

2. Cabinet Litter Box (Hidden Litter Box)

Materials: Empty bottom cabinet, wooden sheet, handlebar
Tools: Carving tool, hot glue gun
Difficulty Level: Moderately difficult

 This type of litter box can only be created if you have an empty cabinet in your kitchen or perhaps bathroom. You will need to turn the bottom half into a drawer so that you can place a litter tray there. A sharp tool will be needed to carve an entrance hole into the front of the cabinet.

The cabinet litter box is simple and fully enclosed and can be a great way to hide a litter box from cluttering up small apartments and houses.

3. Bedroom Litter Box

Materials: IKEA furniture, cat door flap, open litter tray
Tools: Drill, screws, bolts
Difficulty Level: Easy

This is a simple enclosed DIY cat litter box. You can convert bedroom drawer furniture into a fully enclosed and hidden cat litter box using a wide set of drawers and a cat flap that your cat uses to enter and exit the litter box.

All you will need to do is carve a hole on the side of the furniture that fits the dimensions of the cat flap. Then you screw and bolt the cat flap to the wood and place an open-top litter tray on the side of the drawer where your cat can do their business.

4. Cat Condo Litter Box

Materials: Short curtains, cushion, condo furniture, open litter tray
Tools: Curtain rod and connecter
Difficulty Level: Easy

This is an easily enclosed litter box design for your cat. You will need a short shelving unit to get started, along with a cushion and matching curtains that can be tailored to the size of the shelving unit.

The bottom half of the shelving unit will be converted into the litter box area with curtains attached to a rod to give your cat privacy and make it enclosed.

You have the option of using the second shelf as a place for your cat to rest by placing a cushion there. Not only does this design look stylish, but it works well for most cats as it is easy for them to use.

5. Chest Of Drawers Litter Box

Materials: Chest of drawer furniture, litter tray
Tools: Wood carving tool
Difficulty Level: Easy

Any chest of drawers will work for this enclosed cat litter box design. All you will need to do is carve a large opening on the side of the chest of drawers so that your cat can climb inside to a litter tray placed at the bottom. You can also section off the chest of drawers and use the remaining space for storage.

A bonus to this design is that it is discrete, and the top can be decorated to blend into your household.

6. Woven Litter Box

Materials: Small woven chest (top opening)
Tools: Wood carving or cutting tool, waterproof material, hot glue gun
Difficulty Level: Easy

Not only does a woven litter box look attractive to the human eye, but it also has air holes so that your cat’s litter box smell does not build-up to the point that they will not use it. Some cats are fussy when it comes to the smell of their litter box, which makes this design plan suitable for them. The opening should be covered with a soft material that can be glued to the edges to prevent your cat from hurting itself.

A suitable-sized square opening should be made at the top of a small woven chest with a latch where the top opens. Then place either a side-opening litter box or a litter tray inside where your cat can do their business.

This also helps to hide the litter box from plain sight and can be placed anywhere in the house depending on the size of the woven chest.

7. Container Litter Box

Materials: Large plastic tub, litter tray
Tools: Carving tool
Difficulty Level: Easy

This is a fairly inexpensive and simple litter box enclosure design you can try. All you need to get started is a large storage tub with a tight-fitting lid. The color option is up to you, and it may be better to choose a color that matches the rest of your furniture.

You will need to carve out a hole or square to make an opening for your cat. This is where they will be entering and exiting from, so the entrance hole should not be too high.

You can then place your cat’s litter tray at the bottom. The top can be decorated, or you can place a cushion on top for your cat to lie on, giving it two uses.

8. Wine Crate Litter Box

Materials: Two wine crates, lining sheets, litter tray, hinges
Tools: Carving tool
Difficulty Level: Moderate

The wine crate litter box design is simple, but you will need to do a lot more DIY than some of the other litter boxes in this article. First, you will need to carve to smooth semi-circles on the front of each wine crate. Then you can connect the two pieces with hinges so that they can be opened and closed.

You can either line the bottom of the crate with a waterproof sheet, or you can find a plastic litter tray to line the bottom with.


With so many different DIY enclosure litter box cat ideas available, you may be wondering which one is right for you and your cat. The best way to figure out which DIY litter box plan you should try is to consider what furniture and tools you have lying around. Most furniture and plastic tubs can easily be converted into a litter box for your feline friend. Ensure that your choice is inexpensive, suits your cat’s needs, and fits into your household.

Featured Image Credit: RJ22, Shutterstock

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