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How to Hide a Litter Box: 20 Clever Ways (With Pictures)

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By Kerry-Ann Kerr

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Litter boxes can be smelly and sometimes unsightly, and as much as we love our cats, we don’t love cleaning up the mess or trying to hide the litter box from guests. However, there are plenty of options for hiding your cat’s litter box while keeping it accessible for your cat. We’ve found several options, from the stylish to the subtle, and even if you don’t find your perfect fit in our list, hopefully, it will inspire you!

The 20 Best Ways to Hide a Litter Box

1. Top Entry Litter Box

Not only does this top-entry litter box idea hide the litter box, but it also keeps curious dog noses out of your cat’s business! The small hole makes accessing their litter box tricky for any pet except your cat. The enclosed space will prevent odors from escaping into the rest of your house.

2. Scratching Post

There are many options for this scratching post design, and many have hideaways built into them. If your cat isn’t utilizing this hideaway space, it might be the perfect place for the litter box!

3. Cabinet Litter Box

If you like the elegant look, this might be the option for you. This stylish cabinet has easy access for your cat and keeps the litter box out of sight, so it blends right into the furniture.

4. Litter Box Seating Area

If you’re considering disguising your litter box, how about making it functional? If you’re tight for space, this handy design gives you somewhere to sit and put on your shoes. So, while it does take up some space, it offers a perfect addition to smaller homes.

5. Under Plants

This litter box will not only hide your cat’s toilet but also add a little joy to the room. This pot plant design allows you to add a fake plant to a room, which will add color to any room, and you don’t have to water it!

6. Double Litter Seat

We love a functional design, and this double litter seat serves two purposes. It can be used as a seat to hide the litter box and has plenty of room for storage, even if you need it for more than just a litter box.

7. The Kitty Corner

Sometimes, hiding in plain sight is the best option. Create the perfect kitty corner with a cabinet for their litter box with storage and places to relax and play! If you have the space, this is undoubtedly an excellent design.

8. Bathroom Cabinet

Creating a space for your cat to use the bathroom where you go makes sense! If you have space in your bathroom, you can cut a simple cat head out of a door, giving your cat the perfect, cute space to get in and out of the cabinet easily.

9. Box Cabinet

This stylish wood cabinet will look like any other one, but your guests will never know what hides behind its door. Well, until your cat sneaks through the door, that is.

10. Cat Flap

If you aren’t keen on cutting a gaping hole in your furniture, you could always add a cat flap to allow your cat easy access to their litter box.

11. Luna Box

This cute table gives your cat a moment of privacy without being totally enclosed. Luckily, the design will fit in any room!

12. Cat Litter Cuboid

If you want something that looks like storage but is hiding your cat’s toilet, this is the design for you. With this cuboid, there’s no DIY work involved.

13. Recyclable Box

If you’re looking for something short-term, this box is perfect. It’s made of 100% recycled material and is sturdy enough to keep up with your cat’s toilet habits. After you’ve finished with it, just recycle the box.

14. Litter and Scratch Basin

This litter box and scratch basin allow your cat to use the bathroom and relax on top when they’re finished. The modern design is much sleeker than the others we’ve discussed, and your cat won’t be embarrassed to have a toilet that doubles as a seat!

15. Curtain

This simple DIY project can be made from various fabrics as long as they’re easy to clean. A curtain can hide a litter box inside tables, under sinks, or in cabinets.

16. Cat Closet

You can install a cat door wherever you want; if cutting into your wall doesn’t seem appealing, you could always install a cat flap into the door of a closet, garage, or mud room so your cat can access their cat litter without bothering you.

17. Glow House Litter Box

The Glow House litter box is stylish and cute, and at first glance, it doesn’t even look like it’s for cat litter. It’s easy to put together and will blend into your home decor.

18. Small Litter Cube

This cute little cube is small enough that you can pretty much hide it anywhere. And if anyone even notices it, they won’t immediately recognize it for what it is.

19. Litter Box With Walls

Sometimes, all you need to hide a litter box is to make it look slightly less like a litter box. Adding walls will create a stylish box that will also give your kitty privacy.

20. Litter Cabinet With Drawers

A repurposed cabinet will give you enough room for your kitty litter and storage for anything else you need to keep out of sight. So, before you get rid of old furniture, try to find a new job for it! Just make sure you add a cat flap or hole at the side for your cat to get in and out of easily.


We hope you’ve found something you love from our list, and if it isn’t available to buy, it can be your next DIY project if you’re crafty. Many of the designs use repurposed furniture. If you don’t have something lying about the house, check your local upcycling groups on social media before going for something new. It will save you a little time and money!

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