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5 DIY No-Sew Cat Hammock Patterns and Plans You Can Make Today (with Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

cat resting on a basket hammock

Cat owners understand the importance of providing their kitty with a space of their own where they can lounge and escape the noise of an active house. Whether your kitty loves chilling in front of a window or has a favorite table they hide under, you can choose a DIY no-sew cat hammock pattern or plan to create the perfect hideaway for your pet.

Below, we have five ideas to help you avoid unwanted sewing while letting your creative juices flow. Take a look at each one and choose the plan that is best suited for your home and your cat.

The Top 5 No-Sew Cat Hammock Patterns and Plans

1. Wicker Kitty Hammock

Materials: Bedding, twine (strong enough to hold cat and basket), wicker basket, ceiling screw hooks
Tools: Wall plugs and drill
Difficulty Level: Beginner

The Wicker Kitty Hammock works great both inside the home and out. If you have an outside catio, you can use this hammock to give your cats a comfy place to relax. In the home, this wicker hammock is perfect in front of your cat’s favorite window or hang-out area. Use materials sturdy enough for your kitty, especially the ceiling screw hooks. This will keep your cat safe and loving their new lounging spot.

2. Magic Carpet Hammock

Materials: Old towel, yarn strong enough to hold up your cat and the hammock, elastic bands, table
Tools: Scissors, crochet hook
Difficulty Level: Beginner

This magic carpet hammock is a creative way to allow your cat its own space to lounge throughout the day. Using an old towel and crochet yarn you can easily make this hammock under your cat’s favorite table. If the table is too large to tie the hammock up you can always improvise and use screw hooks on the underneath of the table to keep the hammock in place.

3. Scrap Cat Hammock

Materials: PVC pipes in preferred size, 4 90º PVC elbow connectors, 4 T connectors, an old pillowcase
Tools: Electric hand saw, scissors, sharpie
Difficulty Level: Medium

If you’re good with your hands and have extra PVC laying around the workshop you can easily throw this scrap cat hammock together for your spoiled kitty. If you’d prefer to avoid PVC it can easily be substituted with scrap wood you may have lying around. Either way, you’ll save money making this lounger for your cat while also using up the scraps you have lying around.

4. Macrame Cord Hammock

Materials: Macrame cord, 2 18-inch metal hoops, 18-inch pillow (round), plant hook, measuring tape, small clamps (optional)
Tools: Scissors
Difficulty Level: Advanced

For those who love macrame, this macrame cord hammock is the perfect addition to the home. Your cat will lay on their pillow comfortably while you take pride in the work you’ve done. This project may look a bit complicated, but once you start you’ll realize it can be done in only a few hours. Luckily, if you’re already a fan of macrame, you’ll have most of the required items lying around the house.

5. Simple Under the Table Hammock

Materials: Old table, choice of paint, soft blanket (a rug can be used if preferred), soft hand towel, 4 large eyelets, 4 cup hooks
Tools: Grommet punch
Difficulty Level: Beginner

This simple under-the-table hammock can be up and ready for your kitty to use in no time. If you love crafts, most likely you have most of the materials and tools already in your home. The cute design will look great in any room of your home while your cat enjoys the comfort you’ve provided. You can easily choose a blanket or rug with designs you and visitors to your home will enjoy when they stop by.


We hope these visual inspirations have motivated you to set up a safe haven for the ultimate feline relaxation experience in your home. Whether you are an avid DIYer or just starting out, there’s a plan for each level of expertise. Remember to let go of doing things perfectly and focus on providing your cat with some R&R, they’ll be happy with just about anything you put love into—or, if not, they’ll certainly let you know.

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Featured Image Credit: Eric Han, Unsplash

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