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6 Cool DIY Rabbit Run Plans You Can Make Today (with Pictures)

Rachel Giordano

By Rachel Giordano

baby rabbit inside a cage on a farm

Rabbits make fun pets and are excellent companions. They need exercise for their mental and physical health, but they should be in a safe environment where they can jump and hop freely. If you’re a DIYer, you can make that happen for your bunny friend. You can buy runs for rabbits, but if you’re handy, why not build one yourself? Building a rabbit run is a more affordable option, and they are not complicated to make.

While it seems straightforward, you can make a rabbit run in a few ways, with some plans suitable for the beginner and some more suitable for the advanced DIYer. Stick around and check out the six rabbit run plans we found so you can be on your way to building one for your beloved bunny.


The 6 DIY Rabbit Run Plans

1. DIY Rabbit Run by The Rabbit House

Rabbit Run Plans (Part 1)
Image Credit: therabbithouse

Materials: Preservative-free wood 2 x 1 inch, 2 X 2 corner posts, planking for bottom, 2 brass hinges, 2 hook and eye screws, mesh, staples (U-shaped), animal-safe paint, wood glue
Tools: Jigsaw, drill, screwdrivers, hammer, wire snipers, tape measure, safety goggles, power breaker, pen/pencil, paint brushes
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This rabbit run doesn’t take too much material to make, and when it’s finished, your rabbit will have ample space to romp and roam. The instructions are laid out nicely with pictures to help you build the enclosure, along with tips for success. If you’re a beginner, you may want to enlist the help of a friend to help you, as this will make the process smoother. You can build this over a weekend, and you can select what color paint you want to use. When purchasing paint for this project, ensure it is animal-friendly and safe for your bunny.

2. Easy-to-Build DIY Rabbit Run by Raising Rabbits

Rabbit Run
Image Credit: raising-rabbits

Materials: PVC, Y-connectors, PVC glue, galvanized wire, J-clips, wood dowel rod, metal washers, wood screws
Tools: Drill and bit, J-clip pliers, wire cutters, PVC pipe cutter
Difficulty Level: Beginner

This easy-to-build rabbit run is the perfect weekend project for the beginner DIYer. You only need a few materials and tools to make it, and the website does a nice job explaining the process, along with pictures to help you even further. You should be able to finish the project in a matter of a few hours as long as you have all the necessary tools and materials available before you start. The website also gives you tips and tricks to make the process even easier. Follow the instructions, and before you know it, you’ll have a wonderful run for your rabbit.

3. DIY Rabbit Hutch by Rogue Engineer

Rabbit Hutch
Image Credit: rogueengineer

Materials: 4’ x 8’ textured wood composite panel, (4) 2 x 4 x 8’ premium studs, (12) 2 x 2 x 8’, pocket screws, exterior wood screws, wood glue
Tools: Pocket hole jig, drill, miter saw, circular/table saw, jig saw, tape measure, pencil, safety glasses, hearing protection
Difficulty Level: Beginner

This rabbit hutch is excellent for your rabbit to play outside in style. You can complete this hutch in 2 days, and the end result is a classy-style rabbit hutch that will not cause an eyesore in your yard. Your rabbit will enjoy two levels of its own space while being secured in the hutch. A hutch such as this one would be expensive to buy, but with a few materials and tools, you can make it yourself with no problem.

4. Three-Part DIY Rabbit Hutch/Run by Self-Reliance

Build A Rabbit Hutch And Tractor
Image Credit: self-reliance

Materials: 2 x 4’s, (2) 4 x 8’ posts, corrugated roofing, fencing boards, hinges, latches, plywood, metal hardware cloth, screws, metal mesh
Tools: Screwdriver, drill, hammer, measuring tape, miter saw, screws
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This three-part rabbit hutch/run measures 10 x 2.5 feet (measurements for each hutch), which gives your bunny plenty of space to roam. This run has a covered roof to protect against rain, and it’s inexpensive to make. This plan instructs you to buy a corrugated roof, but the roof provides shade when needed. When it rains, the taller posts in front allow for rain to runoff to keep your bunnies dry. We’ve listed this project as moderate, but it is doable for a beginner with a little help.

5. Portable DIY Rabbit Run by Eleven Gables

Image Credit: elevengables

Materials: 3 rolls of hardware cloth (2’ x 10’), cable ties, PVC pipe, (8) 3-way elbow PVC, PVC pipe tee, primer/cement
Tools: Wire cutter, hacksaw or pipe cutter
Difficulty Level: Beginner

This portable rabbit run is also suitable for chickens if you want to make two. You don’t need a vast amount of material and tools to make this run and the items you’ll need to make it are inexpensive. No measuring lumber is required for this project, which makes building this run even easier. It’s lightweight and easy to move around, and you should be able to make this run in a day.

6. Cozy DIY Bunny Bungalow by Love to Know Pets

DIY Rabbit Hutch Plan for a Cozy Bunny Bungalow
Image Credit: lovetoknowpets

Materials: Nails, door hinges, plywood, 1 x 2 common boards, 2 x 4” boards (8), staples, hook and eye latch, galvanized cage wire
Tools: Hammer, wire cutters, pliers, screwdrivers, straight edge, measuring tape
Difficulty Level: Beginner

This cozy bunny bungalow is relatively easy to make, and the website gives you the option to build a multi-level bungalow should you feel like taking on the challenge. Not much material is needed to make this rabbit retreat, and the website even consists of videos to make building this run even easier. This run is built off the ground, which will keep your bunnies dry in case it rains. Follow the instructions, and you’ll have a cozy bunny bungalow within a weekend.



So, there you have it. We hope these DIY rabbit runs help you make the perfect run for your bunny or bunnies. DIY projects allow you to save money, and if you’re on a budget, you can make your own and save. If you’re new to DIY projects, enlist the help of friends and make it a fun weekend project; your rabbits will love you for it!

Featured Image Credit: l i g h t p o e t, Shutterstock

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