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Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Like to Cuddle? What to Know!

Ashley Bates

By Ashley Bates

bernese mountain dog puppy with owner outdoor

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a pretty recognizable face. You’ve likely seen these dogs in commercials, movies, and even on the street. If you’re unfamiliar with the breed, you should know just how much they like snuggling up. If you’re a person who enjoys a big-time cuddler, it’s probably on your list of criteria.

We would like to explain that Bernese Mountain Dogs are extremely affectionate but also obedient and trainable! If you’re a person who really enjoys having their own personal space, there might be better options than a super invasive dog. So, it’s fantastic that you’re checking personality traits. Let’s learn more about these dogs and whether they like to cuddle.

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Bernese Mountain Dog Personality

The Bernese Mountain Dog is renowned for its outstanding personality. Where it lacks in other areas, such as lifespan, they make up for with their warm, affectionate nature. Once you love her Bernese Mountain Dog, you will probably fall head over heels for that breed forever.

They are incredibly charming, eager to please, loyal, and patient creatures. They tend to mesh well with people and pets of all ages and sizes. This breed is terrific for single owners, older adults, and growing families.

Remember that the puppies are quite large, and their personalities can be very overzealous. So in younger years, you should always warrant caution around anyone with a physical disability or tiny children. Otherwise, these kind-hearted cuties are all about their family companions.

bernese mountain dog sitting on carpet in living room
Image Credit: New Africa, Shutterstock

Affection Fosters Bonding

When you hang out with your pup, you can tell how much they are absolutely reveling in the moment. They love nothing more than hanging out with their human pals and will eat up every ounce of attention. The more time you spend with them, the more love that develops.

Not only does cuddling, petting, and snoozing create a strong love between you and your Bernie, but it also creates an element of safety. Your dog builds trust, knowing you will protect and love them no matter what.

So, the more time you carve out to be physically affectionate toward your Bernie—the better!

Bernese Mountain Dog Physical Makeup

Bernese Mountain Dogs are substantial creatures, weighing up to 100 pounds or more. While females stay relatively smaller, their male counterparts easily outweigh them, but not by a landslide. Their bodies will mature much quicker than their minds, no matter how you look at it.

The specific breed also stays in the puppy stage longer than most others. Unfortunately, due to their large size and poor breeding, the Bernese Mountain Dog has a shorter lifespan than any other dog on the AKC list.

This Is Not a Lapdog Breed

Do Bernies think they are lap dogs? Some of them—absolutely. But contrary to their belief, they don’t fit in your lap—despite their best efforts. Again, as adults, they weigh in the ballpark of 100 pounds. So, if you’re looking for a dog that does fit in your lap, this isn’t the breed for you.

Bernese mountain dog
Image Credit: david muscroft, Shutterstock

Bernese Mountain Dog Grooming

When you’re cuddling with your Bernese Mountain Dog, you know (especially during peak shedding season) that sheets and furniture will look like Sasquatch slept over after they get up. To combat a lot of that shed that winds up sticking to fabrics and furniture, daily brushing is a wonderful routine.

Since Bernies have a heavy double coat, they shed continually throughout the year. However, during bulk shed times (when seasons change) they require a lot more attention.

It’s a great idea to reduce shed by using a de-shedding tool roughly once a month on top of traditional brushing. Deshedding tools penetrate the coat to remove debris, dander, and dead hair follicles. While it’s fabulous for its intended purpose, it could be better for frequent use.

If you make this a habit, you can alleviate many problems with long-haired dogs. That way, the two of you can enjoy your evenings watching Disney+, and you don’t have to worry as much about the mess.

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While there is a rare exception here and there, Bernese Mountain Dogs absolutely love to cuddle for the most part. They very much thrive on human connection and companionship, so it’s no wonder they love head rubs and cat naps.

So, if you were considering adopting a Bernie or purchasing a puppy, this is an excellent choice for cuddle bugs. Make sure to buy responsibly and ensure your lifestyle matches the breed’s overall needs.

Featured Image Credit: Oleg Mitkevych, Shutterstock

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