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Do Cane Corsos Have Webbed Feet? The Surprising Answer!

Melissa Gunter

By Melissa Gunter

cane corso chewing its toy

With more people finding themselves outside, enjoying the great outdoors, being in the water on a warm day isn’t uncommon. Water sports and even taking a dip while on a hike are great pastimes and ways to get exercise. For outdoor enthusiasts, there’s nothing like spending time around the water with their canine best friends. There are many dog breeds out there that love playing in the water and many that have webbed feet, making them amazing swimmers.

If you own a Cane Corso, you may find yourself wondering if they are one of these breeds. Do Cane Corsos have webbed feet? Do they enjoy the water? While Cane Corsos do enjoy a bit of splashing around in the water, they are not one of the dog breeds that have webbed feet. They aren’t the greatest swimmers. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a bit of fun in the water with your pal, though. Let’s learn a bit more about Cane Corsos and whether they are a good breed to take on a water-filled play date.

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The Cane Corso

Owners of Cane Corsos rave about how amazing this breed is. If you’re a dog lover, every breed is amazing, but that’s beside the point. These large dogs may look intimidating, but when they are with their owners or families, you’ll find that they are just as affectionate and loving as any breed out there. The history of the Cane Corso is what leaves some people weary of bringing this breed into their homes. The Cane Corso began as dogs of war, fighting alongside Roman warriors. As a descendant of the extinct Greek Molossus dog, they were born with brawn and a fierce desire to protect. They also made great hunters. For years, this breed has been used to take down big game like bear and wild boar.

With such a volatile history, the Cane Corso has also met with lots of turmoil. Over the years, there have been reports of these large, prey-driven dogs attacking smaller animals like house cats and dogs. There have also been instances where Cane Corsos have attacked or bitten humans. While the majority of these instances stem from owners with a lack of understanding on how to properly train and raise such a massive dog, the reputation has followed these beautiful dogs. Today, there are several states in the US, and even multiple countries, that have bans on owning the Cane Corso.

Brindle Cane Corso lying on the grass
Image by: Eudyptula, Shutterstock

Cane Corsos and the Water

When it comes to the Cane Corso, the lack of webbing on their feet doesn’t stop them from enjoying a bit of fun in the water. They need to stick to the shallow end, however. Cane Corsos are large dogs with deep chests. Deep-chested dogs are notoriously bad swimmers. Often, you’ll find that these types of dogs are more prone to sinking than they are floating. They are out of balance when in the water. They are also large, muscular dogs. If we know anything about floating, muscle tends to struggle with it. You’ll also notice that swimming, due to their size, is a difficult task for the Cane Corso which is why you may find your pal is slightly afraid to give it a try. This is why most dogs of this breed prefer to play in shallow water or pools when they want to cool off.

Can I Teach My Cane Corso to Swim?

Yes, Cane Corsos can be taught to swim. It takes a lot of effort and should be done slowly. If your dog has never been introduced to the water, a kiddie pool is the perfect starting point. Let your Cane Corso splash around in the backyard until they are comfortable in the water. Once the fear is gone, you can begin working on their confidence by introducing them to shallow water. Lakes and creeks are good ways to do this or a regular-sized swimming pool. Playing fetch or other games with your pet can help build their confidence and show them the fun involved. However, use a life jacket for your Cane Corso. Deep-chested dogs do struggle to stay afloat, and they are large dogs to pull from the water if there are issues.

Cane Corso
Image by: agutti, Pixabay

Is Swimming Good for My Cane Corso?

While it may not be the most natural thing for these large dogs, swimming is great for your Cane Corso. It promotes exercise, which this dog breed needs a lot of. It’s also a fun activity where you and your best friend can bond. Water is an excellent way for large dogs to cool down when the summer months are getting too hot and, in many ways, it can be therapeutic for large dog breeds that often suffer from joint pain and discomfort due to their size.

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Final Thoughts

No, Cane Corsos don’t have webbed feet, but that shouldn’t stop you from introducing your pal to the water. Cane Corsos love being with their owners. If you’re a fan of spending time in the water, you should let your dog go along for the fun. Always remember, however, that since they aren’t great swimmers, Cane Corsos will need a life jacket and close monitoring when they are in the water. Other than that, have fun, webbed feet or not.

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