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Do Parrots Fart? Vet-Approved Health Facts

Elizabeth Gray

By Elizabeth Gray

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If you’re a pet owner who wants to know every detail about your potential new family member, your research may have led you to this article. You’re considering adding a parrot to your household and want to know everything about them, including the most obscure digestive details.

If you’re curious about whether parrots fart, the answer is no they don’t normally fart. Although they do have the ability to do so, flatulence is almost always a sign of an underlying problem that needs addressing. Keep reading to learn the facts about parrots passing gas, including whether you should be worried if your bird farts.

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What Is a Fart and How Does It Form?

In the simplest terms, a fart is the release of excess gas from the colon. The gas generally builds up in one of two ways until it needs to be released.  First, intestinal gas builds up when air is swallowed during eating.

The faster a person or animal eats, the more air they consume with their food, and it has to come out somewhere. The other way that farts form is during normal digestion. Intestinal bacteria assist in fermenting and breaking down food, releasing gas in the process. Farting releases this digestive by-product as needed.

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Why Don’t Parrots Fart? (Even Though They Technically Can)

Based on what we learned about how farts form, you can see why parrots technically should be able to pass gas. They could swallow air as they eat, have a colon, and digest their food.

There are thought to be a few reasons why parrots don’t normally fart. Firstly they do not have ceca, these are blind pouches of the intestine located where the small and large intestines join and most birds have two of them. In birds like poultry that are known to produce high amounts of gasses like methane, the ceca are well developed. Their digestive tract and colon are also relatively short and they evacuate wastes frequently, this may mean that significant amounts of intestinal gas do not build up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If My Parrot Farts, Should I Be Worried?

Anytime your pet does something abnormal, it should concern you at least a little bit. Parrots typically don’t pass gas, so if your parrot farts, it usually indicates an underlying issue. Look for other signs of your parrot being unwell, such as lethargy and a decreased appetite, and contact your avian veterinarian to get them checked over.

Could My Parrot’s Diet Make Them Flatulate?

Yes, your parrot’s diet could contribute to digestive issues and farting. If you feed your parrot a new or unfamiliar food, they may have trouble digesting it, making it more likely that gas builds up. For example, parrots are lactose intolerant and may have trouble digesting dairy products.

Talk to your veterinarian about your parrot’s diet to ensure it is balanced and doesn’t contain troublesome foods.

Are You Sure Parrots Don’t Fart? I’m Sure I Heard My Parrot Do It

If you hear a fart noise coming from your parrot, there’s a better chance it’s coming from their mouth than anywhere else. Most parrots are talented mimics and can quickly learn to imitate a fart or “raspberry” sound. If they receive positive reinforcement in the form of a strong reaction from their human family, parrots may be even more encouraged to continue “farting.”

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Due to the absence of ceca and their short intestines and fast digestion, parrots generally don’t build up excessive gas in their digestive tract and, therefore, usually don’t fart. If you start to notice flatulence from your parrot, then get them checked over by your avian veterinarian as it may indicate an underlying health issue.

To keep your parrot healthy and free from digestive problems make sure you are feeding them an appropriate and balanced diet. The ideal parrot diet varies by species, and your avian vet can help you determine the best one for your bird.

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