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Do Pugs Like to Cuddle? How They Show Affection

Ashley Bates

By Ashley Bates

cropped old man holding an old pug

When it comes to affection, breed type can say a lot about what to expect from a particular pup. Some dogs love running circles around you, jumping on you—and away from you if they can. Others like to attach themselves to your body as much as possible, making ideal companions for some.

So, just how affectionate are Pugs? And do they like to cuddle? The adorable, wrinkly, smashed face of a Pug loves to cuddle and will warm your heart. These distinct Chinese pups are popular for several reasons—one of which is their affinity for owners.

Divider 7Pugs Personality: What to Expect

Pugs are well-known for their exuberant, cheerful personalities. They might be small, but they have keen senses, making them wonderful alert dogs. Even though they may bark at a newcomer, they will meet them with tails a waggin’.

According to an article from Cosmopolitan,1 Pugs are some of the most affectionate dogs of all time. If you’ve met a pug, you’ve likely had the typical curly tail wiggle and goofy smile.

fat woman carrying pug dog
Image Credit: NICKY1841, Shutterstock

Pugs Affection Level

With owners, Pugs will shower you with endless love. These pups are classic Velcro dogs—accompanying you to the toilet, the store, and the cozy bed after the day is through. They can’t get enough time with their families.

Pugs are willing to give love to just about anyone, too. If a new face comes to play, they will take all the free head scratches they can get. Your Pug will thrive on being the center of attention, although they aren’t snobby about it.

Pugs Were Bred to Be Lap Dogs

Pugs, by their very design, were meant to be lap dogs. These little royal pooches always stayed by their owner’s side. So, if you want a shadow dog that will follow you wherever you go, the Pug will certainly oblige.

These dogs will be waiting cheerfully for you every time you get home, even if you’ve only been away a few minutes. They will greet you with sloppy kisses and joyful jumping every time you see their faces.

And they will gladly buddy up with you in a cozy spot for some snuggles. It is in their very nature to be affectionate, and they never fall short.

pug dog massage by owner
Image Credit: Chanita Chinnawong, Shutterstock

Pugs Don’t Like Being Left Alone

Pugs love to have a warm, comfy spot to curl up directly next to or on you. These dogs don’t come across as needy, per se, but they thrive on attention from household members.

If you regularly leave a Pug in a crate for long stretches, it will cause some issues. These dogs need to be with you every step of the way and do not fare well in homes where household members are gone a majority of the time.

So, if you have work hours preventing you from being home to socialize with your Pug properly, you might choose a more independent breed.

Pugs Get Along with Other Pets

Your Pug will form strong bonds with other pets in the home. They tend to be agreeable and docile. Many often thrive on having another dog around as a leader since these dogs are usually followers at heart.

They would pair perfectly well with another of their kind, but they work equally well for large and giant breed companions. Since Pugs can get hurt easily, make sure all larger dogs are non-aggressive and understand healthy roughness during play.

If you have cats, your Pug will surely try to become best friends. They are always looking for new playmates and nap buddies.

pug and cat
Image Credit: Africa Studio, Shutterstock


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Final Thoughts

Pugs are a fabulous choice if you’re looking for a good-natured shadow dog that stays faithfully by your side. The Pug has all the qualities that make little breeds so great—loyalty, friendliness, and cuddle mastery.

If you want to add a Pug pup to your household, remember these dogs require a lot of attention. So, make sure you are compatible with their needs before welcoming one home.

Featured Image Credit: winterseitler, Pixabay

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