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Do Shih Tzus Sleep a Lot? The Surprising Answer!

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shih tzu sleeping

Do Shih Tzus sleep a lot? This is a question that many potential owners of this adorable little dog ask. The answer can be complicated depending on the individual Shih Tzu and its environment, but in general, these dogs do enjoy plenty of rest throughout the day.

To gain an understanding of how much sleep your pet may require, it is important to understand their natural behavior and the lifestyle of the breed. With the right environment and routine, a Shih Tzu can thrive and live a healthy life full of energy and cuddles.Divider 5

How Long Does a Shih Tzu Sleep For?

Shih Tzus, like all dogs, require a good amount of sleep to remain healthy and happy. A Shih Tzu typically sleeps anywhere from 12 to 14 hours a day. This includes both daytime naps and overnight rest. The exact time may vary depending on the dog’s age and activity level.

It is also important to note that Shih Tzus tend to have short bursts of energy during the day, sometimes referred to as “zoomies.” This usually occurs after a long nap and is often accompanied by running around and barking. As such, it’s best to plan some extra playtime in addition to rest periods. 

shih tzus sleeping
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Do Shih Tzus Like to Be Cuddled?

Absolutely! Shih Tzus love to cuddle with their owners and other family members. They are known for their affectionate personalities and will often snuggle up close when given the chance. Cuddling is an important part of bonding with your pet and can help alleviate stress and anxiety in both you and your pup.

If you are looking for a companion who loves cuddles and plenty of sleep, then a Shih Tzu may be the perfect fit! With their loveable personalities and affectionate nature, these dogs can make wonderful additions to any family. 

Can Shih Tzu Sleep Alone at Night?

Shih Tzus are naturally social creatures and thrive when in the company of their owners. As such, it is not recommended to leave them alone for long periods of time. If you must be away from home overnight, a dog sitter or pet daycare may be necessary to ensure that your pup has enough companionship throughout the day.

As for your Shih Tzu’s bedtime arrangement, they will naturally want to be close to you or another family member. Having a bed near your own can help keep your pup feeling safe and secure throughout the night. Additionally, keeping toys and a few treats nearby will make them feel even more comfortable in their own space.

But for best results, it’s recommended that you start crate training your Shih Tzu early on. This will help them learn to feel comfortable sleeping in their own space and prevent any unwanted behavioral issues from occurring while you are away.

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Practical Care Tips for Shih Tzu Owners

To ensure that your Shih Tzu gets the proper amount of rest, it is important to set up a consistent routine for them. This should include regular meal times, playtime, and designated sleep times throughout the day. 

Additionally, keeping your pup in a quiet and comfortable environment can help reduce stress levels and encourage more restful sleep. If they feel relaxed and secure, they will sleep more deeply and for longer periods of time. 

Finally, it is important to monitor their physical activity. While these dogs may need plenty of rest, it’s important that they have ample exercise, as well. Taking them out for regular walks or playtime in the yard can also help lower their stress and keep them feeling happy and healthy

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By following these tips and understanding the natural behavior of your Shih Tzu, you can help ensure that they get a good night’s sleep every day. With enough rest and love, your pup will stay happy and full of energy!

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