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Does Nordstrom Allow Dogs? 2024 Store Policy and Tips

Jana Blagojevic

By Jana Blagojevic


As with most other chain stores in the United States, it is easy to assume that no pets are allowed in Nordstrom. However, Nordstrom allows all dogs to enter the store as long as they are leashed by the owner. Your dog must always be well-behaved and under your control. While Nordstrom wants to provide a satisfactory experience for you, it must consider other customers as well, and some other customers might have a fear of animals. That is why only a well-behaved dog will be a welcomed guest at Nordstrom.

Read more in the article below to learn other rules and some exceptions for bringing dogs into Nordstrom.

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Is Nordstrom Pet-Friendly?

Unlike many other luxury department store chains, Nordstrom is entirely pet-friendly for service and non-service dogs. While Nordstrom is very welcoming with dogs, their official policy is that dogs must always be leashed. Your dog must be well-behaved not to cause too much disturbance or potential damage to the merchandise. This ensures other customers feel safe too, and their shopping experience is not disturbed. While most Nordstrom stores are pet-friendly, we advise you to ask your local store whether it is alright to bring a pet. Rules may vary for different locations.

Before bringing your dog into Nordstrom, you must ensure it is well-behaved. The dog has to be leashed at all times not to cause any damage to company property or endanger other customers. It is advisable only to bring smaller dogs that you can handle while shopping simultaneously.

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Rules for Service Dogs in Nordstrom

While the rules for all dogs are pretty much similar, there are some exceptions when it comes to service dogs. Service dogs are all dogs that assist people with visual, hearing, or mobility impairments. Service dogs may even help someone with seizures, as they can sense them before they occur. People who require a service animal can take this animal anywhere open to the public.

If the handler doesn’t have control over the service dog, the establishment, including Nordstrom, can ask the handler to remove their dog from the premises. Service animals also must be leashed at all times and harnessed unless the person’s disability prevents them from controlling their dogs or a dog is unable to provide its assistance when leashed.

blind man with service dog near escalator
Image Credit: Africa Studio, Shutterstock

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Final Thoughts

After learning about Nordstrom being pet-friendly, you’ll probably have a new perception of the store and might even want to bring your canine companion the next time you visit. Make sure to keep your dog controlled at all times to ensure this experience is pleasant for everyone, including your dog.

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