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National Yorkie Day 2023: When It Is & How Its Celebrated

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Every dog lover knows that our four-legged companions deserve more than just a day; they deserve a celebration that captures their unique charm and personality!

This is precisely what National Yorkie Day, also known as National Yorkshire Terrier Day, aims to achieve, and on August 1st, enthusiasts and admirers from around the world come together to pay tribute to the delightful Yorkshire Terrier, or “Yorkie” for short.

We celebrate the adorable and spunky Yorkshire Terrier’s long, silky hair, small size, and big personalities along with Yorkie owners around the world!


What Is National Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier) Day?

National Yorkie Day is a special occasion that honors one of the most beloved small dog breeds. National Yorkie Day was founded in 2009 by TheWoofBookGroup.com and is celebrated on the same day as Yorkshire Day, which is an observance celebrating the English county of Yorkshire.

On National Yorkie Day, you can show your love for your Yorkie by giving them extra treats, toys, and belly rubs. You can also learn more about the breed and its history. And, of course, you can share your love of Yorkies on social media with the hashtag #NationalYorkie Day or #NationalYorkshireTerrierDay! It’s a day dedicated to celebrating the Yorkshire Terrier’s endearing qualities, its historical significance, and the joy these dogs bring to our lives.

Whether you’re a proud Yorkie parent or simply an admirer of their undeniable charm, this day is an opportunity to share stories, photos, and experiences that highlight the unique bond between humans and these spirited canines.

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Image Credit: Pezibear, Pixabay

What Is National Yorkshire Day?

While “National Yorkshire Terrier Day” may sound like a celebration limited to Yorkshire, England, it’s important to clarify that this day is an international affair.

National Yorkshire Day, on the other hand, is an observance that celebrates the English county of Yorkshire and is also celebrated on August 1, the same day as National Yorkshire Terrier Day.

Yorkshire is a historic county in northern England. It is known for its beautiful countryside, its industrial heritage, and its proud people. Yorkshire Terriers are also a symbol of Yorkshire, and they are often called “Yorkshireies” or “Yorkies” for short.

Yorkshire Terriers, known for their distinctive blue and tan coats, dainty stature, and lively personalities, have won hearts across the globe. National Yorkshire Terrier Day transcends borders, uniting Yorkie enthusiasts regardless of their location, making it a truly inclusive celebration of canine companionship.


The History of Yorkshire Terriers

To fully appreciate National Yorkshire Terrier Day, it’s essential to delve into the breed’s rich history. In the 19th century, these charming dogs emerged in the county of Yorkshire, England, where they were originally bred to catch rats in clothing mills.

Over time, their size was reduced, and their appearance evolved into the elegant and refined Yorkies we adore today. Yorkshire Terriers quickly became one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They are known for their long, silky hair, their small size, and their big personalities.

Their journey from working dogs to beloved companions is a testament to their adaptability and endearing nature. Today, Yorkshire Terriers are considered loyal, loving, and make great companions all around the world.

Yorkshire Terrier
Image Credit: Nel Botha, Pixabay

Fun Facts About the Yorkshire Terrier

To further celebrate the Yorkshire Terrier, here are a few fun and interesting facts about this adorable and wonderful dog!

Fun Facts:
  • The Yorkshire Terrier was officially recognized as a breed by the American Kennel Club in 1885.
  • Despite their small size, Yorkshire Terriers have big personalities. They’re often described as confident, feisty, and fiercely loyal to their families.
  • The smallest Yorkshire Terrier ever recorded was only 2.5 inches tall and weighed 4 ounces.
  • Yorkies are known for their luxurious, fine-textured coats, which require regular grooming. Their beautiful coats have made them a favorite in dog shows and among those who love to pamper their pets.
  • Queen Victoria of England played a significant role in popularizing the breed. She fell in love with the Yorkshire Terrier during her visits to Scotland and brought these dogs into the spotlight.
  • Despite their sometimes sassy demeanor, Yorkies thrive on companionship. They love being in the company of their human families and are known to form strong bonds.
  • The most famous Yorkshire Terrier is Smoky, who served as a war dog in World War II. She saved the lives of many soldiers by alerting them to incoming attacks.
yorkshire terrier dog standing on a wooden table
Image Credit: Mr. SUTTIPON YAKHAM, Shutterstock

How Can We Participate on National Yorkie Day?

Whether you’re a Yorkie parent or a simple Yorkie enthusiast, there are many ways you can participate in National Yorkie Day. Here are a few ideas!

  • Give your Yorkie extra treats, toys, and even belly rubs.
  • Take your Yorkie out for a walk in the park.
  • Use the power of social media to share your favorite Yorkie photos, stories, and memories. Use hashtags like #NationalYorkshireTerrierDay to connect with fellow enthusiasts.
  • Coordinate with local dog parks or pet-friendly venues to organize Yorkie meetups. This is a fantastic way to let your pups interact while you bond with other Yorkie lovers.
  • Consider making a donation to or volunteering with Yorkshire Terrier rescue organizations. This is a meaningful way to give back to the breed and help those in need.
  • Learn more about the history of Yorkshire Terriers.


Can I Participate in National Yorkie Day Even Without a Yorkie?

Absolutely! While National Yorkie Day is dedicated to celebrating these wonderful dogs, everyone is welcome to join in the festivities. If you don’t have a Yorkie of your own, you can still participate by learning about the breed, engaging in online discussions, and appreciating the heartwarming stories shared by others.

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Image Credit: Pexels, Pixabay


Final Thoughts

National Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier) Day, celebrated on August 1, is more than just an event for dog owners; it’s a testament to the impact these little dogs have made on our lives!

From their historical journey to their endearing quirks, Yorkshire Terriers hold a special place in our hearts. So, whether you’re a proud Yorkie parent or an admirer from afar, take this day to celebrate the charm, loyalty, and companionship that these delightful dogs bring into our lives. Happy National Yorkie Day!

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