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Does Uber Allow Cats? 2023 Policy Update

Adam Mann

By Adam Mann

cat inside car

Uber is one of the most convenient ways for people without vehicles to travel, but what can you do if you and your cat need to go somewhere? The good news is that if you book an Uber properly, there’s no reason you can’t bring your cat along for the ride.

However, if you don’t book it right, they can, and probably will, turn you away when they go to pick you up. So, how can you travel with your cat and Uber? We’ll break down everything you need to know here.

Does Uber Allow Cats?

If you book through Uber Pet, you can bring up to one cat per ride. This program is specifically for if you want to travel with your pet, so as long as you follow the rules that Uber put in place, you shouldn’t run into any problems.

However, remember that Uber has specific rules you need to follow, including booking through the Uber Pet program, which costs more than a traditional Uber ride.

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How Many Pets Can You Bring in an Uber?

When you book through Uber Pets, you can bring one dog or cat. Uber Pet does not allow people to bring more than one pet along on each trip, although individual drivers may allow you to do so.

However, drivers do not need to allow you to bring more than one pet along, and we highly recommend reaching out to them before they arrive to avoid any confusion or mistakes. Also, Uber Pets is only for dogs and cats.

Once again, you might be able to bring another type of pet along, but it’s entirely up to the driver, so you should reach out to them before they arrive.

Service Animals & Uber

While the above information is great for pets, if you have a service animal, the rules are a bit different for you. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Uber and its drivers must make accommodations for service animals and cannot charge you more for having a service animal.

You don’t need to book through Uber Pets if you’re traveling with a service animal, and the Uber driver cannot legally turn you away. If they do, you can report them to Uber and Uber can ban them from the platform.

The 5 Tips for Taking Your Pet in an Uber

Just because you’re allowed to take your pet on an Uber Pet doesn’t mean there aren’t a few things you should do before your first trip. We’ve highlighted five different things you should do before taking your pet on your next Uber trip.

1. You’re Responsible for Your Pet

Just because you’re using a pet-friendly service doesn’t mean that Uber is taking responsibility for your pet. If your pet damages the inside of their vehicle or hurts someone else, you’re still liable. You’re also liable for excessive cleaning fees that might result from urine, feces, or excessive shedding.

corgi dog puppy and a cute tabby cat leaned out of a car window
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2. Train Your Pet

If you’re taking your pet into an Uber, it’s fair to assume that they can control themselves while they’re in the vehicle. If they can’t, consider putting your cat inside a carrier so they can’t interfere with the driver or damage the interior of the vehicle.

3. Bring a Towel or Sheet

Pets shed, and while that’s okay, you don’t want to leave a ton of hair behind in the Uber. Do yourself a favor and bring a towel or sheet you can put over the seat and have your pet sit on. This way, you won’t need to worry about how much they’re shedding and incurring a cleaning fee for the vehicle.

Scottish fold cat inside pet carrier in car
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4. Book With Uber Pet

This is by far the most important thing you need to do when you’re traveling with your cat. You can’t just assume the Uber will take you and your cat if you book a regular Uber. You need to book through Uber Pet so they know they’re picking up your furry friend too. Just keep in mind that Uber Pet does cost a bit more than a regular Uber.

5. Know and Follow the Rules

Don’t just assume that you know what Uber will and won’t allow for your cat. Take the time to read the rules that Uber has pushed out for consumers and their drivers. Finally, keep in mind that you are entering someone else’s vehicle, so remain respectful throughout the entire trip.

cat inside carrier
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Final Thoughts

Before you bring your cat into an Uber, ensure you have everything you need in place for a successful trip. From there, only book through Uber Pets unless your cat is a service animal. If you do all these things, you and your cat shouldn’t have any problem during your next trip!

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