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10 Dog Breeds Similar to Weimaraners (with Pictures)

Grant Piper

By Grant Piper


Weimaraners are fantastic dogs that are very popular, especially with the outdoorsy crowd. They are fun, energetic, and have a telling look. Despite the unique traits of the Weimaraner, there are many dogs that are similar in a lot of ways. Whether you are looking for a different breed that reminds you of a past Weimaraner or are looking to get a companion dog for your current Weimaraner, there are plenty of options to choose from. There are dogs that look extremely close to Weimaraners, and there are dogs that have personalities that are very much alike. Here are ten dog breeds similar to Weimaraners worth looking into today.

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Weimaraner Overview

Weimaraner dog running in a lake
Image Credit: Christian Mueller, Shutterstock

Height: 23-26 inches
Weight: 55-90 pounds
Lifespan: 11-14 years
Colors: Grey or silver with a white spot
Suitable for: Active families with a lot of time, those looking for a hunter or companion
Temperament: Loyal, Loving, Intelligent, Sociable, Energetic

The 5 Dog Breeds That Look Like Weimaraners

1. Vizsla

close up of Vizsla puppy dog
Image Credit: Tamas Pap, Unsplash
Weight: 45–60 pounds
Lifespan: 12–14 years

Vizslas are medium dogs that are very similar to Weimaraners in both their appearance and their behavior. Like Weimaraners, Vizslas are energetic, friendly, and fun. These dogs are roughly the same size and have many of the same personality characteristics. Vizslas are usually brown in color compared to a Weimaraner’s gray. If you are looking for a dog that is similar to a Weimaraner, Vizslas are one of the closest matches in every respect.

2. Braque Du Bourbonnais

Braque Du Bourbonnais
Image Credit: PRESSLAB, Shutterstock
Weight: 35–50 pounds
Lifespan: 10–12 years

Braque Du Bourbonnais are pointers that are smaller than Weimaraners but have a similar body shape and face. These dogs have the classic hunting dog appearance. Braque Du Bourbonnais would be a great option for people who want a dog that looks like a Weimaraner but in a smaller, more compact frame. Braque Du Bourbonnais come in two colors: fawn and chestnut. But they don’t have that gray color that is so iconic in Weimaraners.

3. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian ridgeback dog in a field
Image Credit: Nina Quka, Pexels
Weight: 70–85 pounds
Lifespan: 10–13 years

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are hunting hounds that are named for the former African territory of Rhodesia. These are all around great hunting dogs that can get very large. Rhodesian Ridgebacks can be larger than Weimaraners while keeping that classic hunting dog look. Rhodesian Ridgebacks come in nine different colors, but none of them are gray. These dogs would be perfect for active hunters or people who enjoy large dogs.

4. German Shorthaired Pointer

Black and white German Shorthaired Pointer puppy
Image Credit: Flopaganifoto, Shutterstock
Weight: 50–70 pounds
Lifespan: 10–12 years

German Shorthaired Pointers are hunting dogs that can also be trained as guard dogs. They have a face that is similar to that of a Weimaraner. The males can get up to 70 pounds, but the females are often smaller. They come in a variety of colors, including black and black and white. If you get a black German Shorthaired Pointer, it will look very similar to a gray Weimaraner. German Shorthaired Pointers are versatile and popular for their appearance and their trainability.

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5. Foxhound

american foxhound
Image Credit: Olga Aniven, Shutterstock
Weight: 60–70 pounds
Lifespan: 11–13 years

There are two varieties of Foxhounds, an American Foxhound and an English Foxhound. Both are large dogs with a similar shape, build, and face to that of a Weimaraner. These dogs have a stately pedigree going back centuries. They were very popular in colonial England and in Revolutionary America. They were primarily bred as hunting dogs, but these dogs today can make for great family dogs, just like a Weimaraner. Some Foxhounds can be very protective of their owners. They are usually light in color and can be found in a variety of different shades.

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The 5 Dogs That Act Like Weimaraners

1. Brittany Spaniel

Brittany Spaniel_cynoclub_shutterstock
Image Credit By: cynoclub, shutterstock
Weight: 30–40 pounds
Lifespan: 12–14 years

Brittany Spaniels were bred as gun dogs. They are much smaller than a typical Weimaraner, but they have very similar personalities. The American Kennel Club describes these dogs as bright, fun loving, and upbeat. These dogs are excellent hunting companions and have been prized by bird hunters in both North America and Europe for many years. They are named for the French region of Brittany, but they have spread from their home region due to their friendly nature and versatile jobs. They might not look exactly like Weimaraners, but they act in many of the same ways.

2. Border Collie

Tri-Color Border Collie
Image Credit: Lichtflut, Shutterstock
Weight: 30–55 pounds
Lifespan: 12–15 years

Border Collies are smaller than Weimaraners and have a different shape, but they have a similar temperament. Border Collies are very smart, trainable, and energetic, just like a Weimaraner. Border Collies also tend to live longer than Weimaraners. They are also fantastic family dogs prized for their intelligence and attitude. Border Collies come in a plethora of colors, including black and white, brindle, and blue. Border Collies have longer and thicker coats than Weimaraners, which is something to consider if you are coming from a Weimaraner. But if you are looking for a dog with a similar personality to a Weimaraner that is smaller, you should definitely consider the Border Collie.

3. Dalmatian

dalmatian dog playing on the beach
Image Credit: Iren Key, Shutterstock
Weight: 45–70 pounds
Lifespan: 11–13 years

Dalmatians are similar to Weimaraners in many ways. They are slim, energetic, and like having a job to do. Dalmatians might not look like Weimaraners, but they have a very similar mental makeup. They are intelligent and will be more than happy to accompany you on your adventures. Dalmatians are also a similar size to Weimaraners, so they will not overpower you or leave you wanting a larger dog. If you are looking for another fun and driven dog to replace or complement the Weimaraner in your life, you should consider getting a Dalmatian.

4. Golden Retriever

Golden retriever and egg
Image Credit: Chendongshan, Shutterstock
Weight: 60–75 pounds
Lifespan: 10–12 years

No dog list is complete without mentioning the Golden Retriever. The Golden Retriever has long been lauded as the perfect family dog. They are sweet, kind, loving, happy, and energetic. These are all traits that they share with Weimaraners. If you have a family-oriented Weimaraner and are looking for another family dog that has many of the same characteristics, then you should definitely consider the Golden Retriever. There is a reason these dogs routinely top the list for family friendly and popular dog breeds.

5. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher
Image Credit: patstatic, Pixabay
Weight: 60–100 pounds
Lifespan: 10–12 years

Weimaraners can be excellent guard dogs. They are very vocal and alert when strangers are nearby. This makes many people feel safe at home. If you are looking for another dog to fill that guard dog role in your life, you should consider the Doberman Pinscher. These dogs can be easily trained to be the perfect guard dog. They are sleeker and larger than a Weimaraner, but they can protect you and your house just as well, if not better. When off duty, Dobermans are sweet and loving and create a strong bond with their owner and family.

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There are many dogs similar to Weimaraners. Whether you want a dog that looks very similar to a Weimaraner or a dog that acts in ways that remind you of a previous dog, there are breeds out there that could be a great fit for you. Weimaraners have a very distinctive look, color, and personality, and if you are looking for something similar but different, one of these dogs might be a perfect choice.

Featured Image Credit: RitaE, Pixabay

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