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90 Dog Names Starting With Z for Your Pup

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Picking out a name for your dog is an important and personal decision. You may want to choose a name that reflects the dog’s look or personality, or you could choose a name that holds special meaning to you.

Either way, we’re here to provide some inspiration. Whether they are a new puppy or an adopted senior, here are 90 dog names that start with a Z to give you some ideas for them.

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The 90 Dog Names Starting With Z

Fictional Characters That Start With Z

If you’re looking to share your favorite fandom with your dog’s name, here are some fictional characters with names that start with Z.

  • Z.W.E.I.: Character in the Soulcalibur games
  • Zabuza: Demon in Naruto
  • Zack Addy: Prodigy scientist from the TV series Bones
  • Zack Martin: A main character from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
  • Zack Morris: Iconic character from Saved by the Bell
  • Zaheer: Leader of Red Lotus in The Legend of Korra
  • Zane Flynt: Operative character in Borderlands 3
  • Zangief: Character in Street Fighter
  • Zarya: Character in Overwatch
  • Zasalamel: Character in the Soulcalibur games
  • Zatanna: Mage in the DC universe
  • Zazu: Advisor to the king in The Lion King
  • Zed: Antagonist in the animated film Planes
  • Zed: Master of Shadows from League of Legends
  • Zemo (Baron): German Baron from Marvel comics
  • Zenon: Main protagonist from the Zenon movie series
  • Zer0: Assassin from Borderlands 2
  • Zeri: Champion in the League of Legends
  • Zero: Protagonist from the Mega Man X series
  • Zetsu: Antagonist in Naruto
  • Zeus Panhellenios: Member of the Olympians in the Marvel series
  • Zeus: DC’s version of Zeus and the father of Wonder Woman.
  • Zhao: Leader of the Fire Nation Navy in Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Ziggs: Yordle and Hexplosives expert in League of Legends
  • Zilean: Icathian mage from League of Legends
  • Zirconia: Ringmaster in Sailor Moon
  • Zod (General): Supervillain in DC’s Superman
  • Zoe: Embodiment of mischief, imagination, and change in League of Legends
  • Zoey Brooks: Main protagonist in Zoey 101
  • Zoisite: King in Sailor Moon
  • Zoom: Supervillain in the DC universe
  • Zoro: Combatant from the anime series One Piece
  • Zorro: Sword-wielding vigilante from the Zorro stories and films
  • Zuko: Firebender from Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra
  • Zuri: Advisor to the king in Black Panther
  • Zyra: Ancient wrath of nature in League of Legends
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Male Dog Names that Start With Z

Are you looking for cool Z names for your male dog? Here are some names with their meaning.

  • Zac: Hebrew word for “God remembers”
  • Zafar: Arabic word for “winner”
  • Zahir: Arabic word for “understanding”
  • Zahur: Swahili word for “flower”
  • Zaim: Arabic word for “general”
  • Zaki: Arabic word for “smart”
  • Zaki: Turkish word for “clever”
  • Zale: Greek word for “power of the sea”
  • Zales: English word for “salt”
  • Zalman: Hebrew form of Solomon meaning “peace”
  • Zalmir: Hebrew word for “songbird”
  • Zander: Greek word for “defender of humankind”
  • Zane: Greek form of Shane meaning “God is gracious”
  • Zanthus: Greek word meaning “blond” or “guardian”
  • Zared: Hebrew word for “trap”
  • Zarek: Slavic word for “God will protect”
  • Zayn: Arabic word for “beautiful”
  • Zeal: Latin word for “energy”
  • Zebb: Hebrew word for “habitation”
  • Zebulon: Hebrew word for “dwelling place”
  • Zeeman: Dutch word meaning “of the sea”
  • Zeev: Hebrew word for “wolf”
  • Zeheb: Turkish word for “gold”
  • Zeira: Aramaic word for “small”
  • Zenas: Greek form of Zeno meaning “living”
  • Zenda: Czech word for “well born”
  • Zenith: Latin word for “highest point”
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Female Dog Names That Start With Z

If you want a unique and feminine name starting with Z for your female dog, here are some ideas.

  • Zabrina: English and Hebrew word meaning “boundary, seventh daughter, promise”
  • Zada: Arabic word for “good fortune”
  • Zahar: Hebrew word for “dawn”
  • Zahara: African word for “flower”
  • Zahlee: Australian word meaning “princess”
  • Zaidee: Arabic word for “wealthy”
  • Zainab: Arabic word meaning “mother of the poor”
  • Zakah: Hebrew word for “purity”
  • Zakelina: Russian word for “God remembers” and the feminine form of Zack
  • Zakia: Swahili for “intelligent”
  • Zamira: Arabic word for “conscientious”
  • Zan: Chinese word for “praised”
  • Zandra: Greek word meaning “defend of humankind”
  • Zehira: Hebrew word meaning “protected or guarded”
  • Zeita: Portuguese word for “rose”
  • Zella: Hebrew word for “shelter”
  • Zena: Greek and Persian word for “hospitable, guest, or woman”
  • Zenanda: Persian word meaning “queen”
  • Zenia: Greek word for “enthusiastic guest”
  • Zeta: Hebrew and Greek word meaning “olive, living life”
  • Zeva: Greek and Hebrew word meaning “sword, wolf”
  • Zillah: Hebrew word for “shadow”
  • Zima: Czech word meaning “winter”
  • Zinvera: Italian word for “fair-haired”
  • Zippora: Hebrew word for “beautiful little bird”
  • Zoe: Greek word for “life”
  • Zora: Slavic word for “beautiful aurora”


Final Thoughts

From character names that showcase different personality traits to beautiful names that harken to nature, spirituality, and special qualities, there are plenty of choices for unique and meaningful names that begin with the letter Z for your dog. We hope this list inspired you!

Featured Image Credit: Chutima Chaochaiya, Shutterstock

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