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100+ Dog Walking Business Names: Creative, Innovative & Clever Ideas

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Walking doggies

Are you passionate about man’s best friend, and thinking of opening your very own business in the doggie realm? We couldn’t think of a better industry to dive into even if we tried!  Dogs are incredibly beautiful and loving creatures, so who wouldn’t want to spend every single day ensuring they have the happiest and most full filling of lives?!  Earning a living doing what you love is truly the key to happiness! 

One of the most important decisions when thinking of starting a business is coming up with an appropriate and accurate business name. What you need to remember is that this will be your calling card until you are established with a long list of doggo clientele.  Something catchy that not only tells your story but gives your potential clients a quick peek into your business model is ideal. 

Before we dive into names, consider the purpose and tone of your business. We have gathered and created a few of the greatest names and filtered them into categories. We have formal, catchy, and cute suggestions for dog walking businesses, ideas for grooming services, and names suitable for those looking for a career in dog sitting. 

We are paws-itive if you don’t love one of the names we have, we will spark your creativity and inspire you to design your own. Get ready for some good dog-walking business names!

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Formal Dog Walking Business Names

If you want a neat and orderly business – one that is by the books and strictly professional – this first list of business names would be great ideas for your walking biz:

  • Dog Outing 
  • Travel Circuits 
  • Paws Express
  • Helping Hand 
  • Prestige Pet Patrolling
  • Lucky Leashes 
  • The Dog Walkers 
  • Walks and Wags 
  • Dogs in Motion
  • Leash & Lead Dog Walking 
  • Regular Rounds 
  • Follow the Leader 
  • Petwalk Co. 
  • Out of the Kennel 
  • Paws to Pavement 
  • Walking Without Worries 
  • Just Bow
  • To and From Dog Walkers 
  • Pet Patrol 
  • Paws in Motion
  • Walk My Dog
Dogs Walking
Image Credit: a katz, Shutterstock

Catchy Dog Walking Business Names

These names are sure to stick in your head. They are catchy, fun, and most importantly, memorable! Cn you imagine having one of these on your calling card? 

  • Wagging Walkers 
  • Take a Hike – Dog Walkers 
  • Ruff Routes 
  • Mutt Marchers 
  • The Woof Pack 
  • Potty Time Pets 
  • Fetch Pets
  • Pup Strutters 
  • Adventure Trails for Wagging Tails 
  • The Mutt Strut 
  • Canine to Five Walks
  • Hound Hikes – Dog Walking Services 
  • Canine Convoy Dog Walking 
  • Dogs Unleashed 
  • Let’s Walk About it 
  • Fetchmates
  • The Mutt Movement 
  • Gimme a Bone 
  • The Crate Escape 

Cute Dog Walking Business Names

We’re sure that you come across adorable dogs on the regular, so naturally, a cute business name would be an obvious choice. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Darting Dog Walking 
  • Pass on the Pound Dog Walking 
  • The Play Pen 
  • Walking Whiskers
  • Moochy Poochy 
  • Im-Paw-Sters
  • Paw-Sitive Strides 
  • Barking Bone Brigade 
  • Doggie Styles
  • Puppy Paraders 
  • Muddy Paws
  • Bone Adventures
  • Pup Culture
  • Fetching Fido
  • Tail Travels 
  • The Escape Route 
  • Playful Paws
  • For Pets Sake
  • Metro-Paw-lis Walks 

Dog Grooming Business Names 

yorkshire terrier grooming
Image credit: Freepik.com

If you have a passion for dog spas, trimming hair and nails, and preparing pups so they look the best they can, well you might benefit from having your own grooming business. Below have noted a few of our favorite names. Feel free to give one of them a personal makeover so your business name is uniquely yours! 

  • Pawber Shop 
  • Canine Cuts 
  • Pampered Paws
  • Groom Room 
  • Good Boy Grooming 
  • Puptopia
  • The Pawfessionals 
  • The Groomery 
  • Shedding Shack 
  • Brush & Bark 
  • Comb My Canine 
  • Deja Spaw 
  • Hair of the Dog 
  • Dapper Dogs 
  • The LaundroMutt 
  • Well Groomed
  • Scruff to Fluff
  • Dirty Dogs 
  • Flying Fur 
  • Pet Paradise 
  • Pampered Pooch 
  • Diva Dogs 
  • Common Scents 
  • Nada Paw
  • Fetching Furs 
  • Animal House 
  • Canine Casa 
  • Whiskered Wonders 

Dog Sitting Business Names 

Trusting someone with your pup for the day, overnight, or in some cases even longer, is likely stressful for pup owners. Choose a name that assures them their dog is in great hands and will be well taken care of.

  • Watch My Wags 
  • Bark Bureau 
  • Mongrel Motel 
  • Pooch Patroller 
  • Canine Companion Care 
  • Dog Sitting Society 
  • House of Paws
  • Sidekick Sitting
  • Cuddles for your Canine 
  • Mutt Motels 
  • Bark Inn 
  • Wagzone 
  • Canine Cabin 
  • A Bed & Biscuit 
  • Paw Sitter
  • Canine Care 


Tips to the Perfect Business Name

  • Be intentional. If you want to have a wild and fun business, have a wacky name that reflects that. If you would prefer to keep it all business, stick with a formal name. Whatever you choose, be intentional. You want your business model to match your name, so choose wisely! 
  • Keep it short and to the point. Long-winded names are difficult for new clients to remember. 
  • Have fun! You will be the face of your business, so just  know that your personality and passion will be the true star of your business and the key to your success.

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Finding the Right Name for Your Dog Business 

If you’re feeling a bit of pressure when it comes to finding a great name that stands out above the rest, we are here to help and support you along the way. We hope that you were able to find the inspiration you needed to get the ball rolling on the new biz, so those tails can start wagging. Good luck with your new venture! 

If you happen to also be on the hunt for a pup name, read on to find a few of our top posts! 

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