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Doggy Date Night 2023: When Is It? Here’s How It’s Celebrated

Jordyn Alger

By Jordyn Alger

young dog owner hugging her pet collie in the woods

If you’re looking for an opportunity to celebrate your dog, there is no better day than Doggy Date Night. The purpose of this holiday is to slow down and take time out of your busy schedule to pay extra attention to your dog. All day, our dogs wait patiently for us to return home while we work.

Consider recognizing Doggy Date Night this year to show appreciation for your steadfast furry friend. Doggy Date Night is on the 3rd of February, so mark your calendars and plan to celebrate with any of the suggestions in this article.

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Why Is Doggy Date Night Celebrated?

Dogs have been humanity’s greatest companions for centuries, aiding us in our work, protecting us and our property, and helping us hunt for food. These days, dogs are most often our companions, but they can still perform noteworthy tasks as service animals, emotional support animals, and more.

A dog’s lifespan can easily surpass a decade, making any dog a considerable part of its owner’s life. Any individual who is such a staple in your life deserves to be celebrated, human or not. Doggy Date Night is the perfect opportunity to show your love for your dog.

How Is Doggy Date Night Celebrated?

Dog on a Couch with owner Jumpstory
Image Credit: Jumpstory

Now that you know what Doggy Date Night is and why it should be celebrated, how can you celebrate it? Thankfully, it doesn’t require anything special. As long as you spend extra time with your dog, you’re sharing in the spirit of the holiday. But if you’d like some unique ideas, we have a few for you to choose from.

Visit a Dog Park

What better way to celebrate your dog than to let it stretch its legs? If a great dog park is in your area, grab a leash and take your dog out for Doggy Date Night.

Participate in Your Dog’s Favorite Activity

Does your dog love to go for walks, or is he more interested in games like fetch, frisbee, or tug-of-war? Whatever your dog likes best, spend a little extra time on that activity to celebrate.

owner using dog toy to play with his pet
Image Credit: Alena Veasey, Shutterstock

Give Your Dog a Gift

Gifts are the perfect way to celebrate any holiday. Whether you buy special treats or a new toy, don’t be afraid to buy something new to show your dog how special he is.

Find a Dog-Friendly Restaurant

If there are dog-friendly restaurants in your area, you and your dog could go out to eat to celebrate Doggy Date Night.

Watch a Doggy Movie

If your dog is more interested in relaxing than running, celebrate the day by curling up on the couch and watching a dog-related movie. There are plenty of great options to choose from, so be sure to find one with a happy ending!

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Recognizing the Importance of Our Dogs

Doggy Date Night is about more than just spending time with our dogs; it’s about recognizing their importance in our lives. There are scientifically proven benefits to our connections with dogs, and learning more about them can help us to gain a new appreciation for our canine companions.

1. Dogs Reduce Loneliness

welsh corgi cardigan dog and his owner
Image Credit: Krichevtseva, Shutterstock

According to an Australian study, dogs help owners feel less alone. Even without reading the study, most dog owners will probably agree. After all, dogs shower their loved ones with affection and cuddles at any given opportunity.

2. Dogs Cut Down on Our Stress

If being near your dog has ever relaxed you, you know how dogs can affect our stress levels. A study at Washington State University determined that a mere 10 minutes of petting your dog can significantly lower your cortisol, a stress hormone. Dogs can help reduce your blood pressure and heart rate, slow your breathing, and relax the tension in your muscles.

3. Dogs Promote Heart Health

dog walkig with the owner
Image Credit: Piqsels

A review of studies published from 1950–2019 revealed that dogs positively impact our health. The bond between humans and dogs reduces stress in humans, which reduces the risks of cardiac issues.

4. Dogs Keep Us Active

In 2019, a British study discovered that dog owners are much more likely to meet the guidelines for physical activity. Compared to non-dog owners, dog owners are four times more likely to get the exercise that they need.

5. Dogs Help Us Socialize

dogs with owners in the field
Image Credit: Piqsels

A study found that 40% of dog owners have little difficulty making friends. Whether on a walk or at the dog park, your dog encourages you to visit new places and meet new people.

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Celebrating Doggy Date Night is one of the many ways to show appreciation for your dog. Dogs have been our faithful companions for generations, supporting us in all areas of life and even improving our health and social lives. On February 3rd, try to plan a special day for your dog and recognize the special furry friend in your life!


Featured Image Credit: Selenit, Shutterstock

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