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Dutch Online Veterinary Service Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

Rachel Giordano

By Rachel Giordano

Dutch Online Vet Service Review

Our Final Verdict

We give Dutch Online Veterinary Service a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5
Value: 5/5

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What Is Dutch? How Does It Work?

Dutch is an online veterinary service that provides care and implements treatment plans for dogs and cats virtually. It is convenient, easy to use, and affordable. Every pet owner has been in a situation where his or her fur baby needs immediate medical attention. While Dutch is not suitable for a life or death situation, it is suitable for minor conditions, such as skin issues, gastrointestinal issues, flea and tick medications, ear health, and more.

Dutch consists of licensed veterinarians available 24/7 via Zoom—no more waiting weeks to set an appointment. Dutch-affiliated veterinarians will review your pet’s symptoms and devise a treatment plan. If medication is prescribed, Dutch will either ship it right to your door for free or call it into your pharmacy if applicable. You can also purchase non-prescription medications through their online pharmacy.

After the appointment, you can continue to ask your veterinarian questions should they arise via their secure messaging system at any time–you’ll get a quick response with peace of mind knowing your fur baby is being taken care of. The website is also easy to navigate and use.

Signing up for a membership is a simple process, and you can choose either a monthly plan or yearly subscription–this allows you to cater your membership according to your budget needs. At this time, they do not have a mobile app, but hopefully, they will soon.

* This online virtual veterinary service is not meant to replace your in-person veterinarian. Rather, Dutch is intended to complement your regular in-person veterinary care, and not all medical issues are meant for a virtual service. My dog’s particular medical situation is complex; however, our appointment with the veterinarian was informative, and my dog was prescribed medication to help with a cough. I was advised to consult my in-person vet to ensure any treatment plan implemented by Dutch was suitable, which I appreciated.

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Dutch – A Quick Look

  • 24/7 availability via Zoom
  • Ongoing post-visit care via the website messaging system
  • Prescription meds delivered to your home
  • Online pharmacy
  • Choices of subscription plans
  • Easy-to-use website
  • Not suitable for complex medical issues
  • No mobile app

Dutch Pricing

You can sign up for an annual subscription starting at only $12 per month with unlimited access to veterinary care. You can also save 60% by enrolling in an annual plan versus a monthly plan. Here is a breakdown of costs.

Monthly: $30 per month
Annually: $144 per year ($12 per month)
Annual + Insurance: $252/year (dogs), $240/year (cats)

When you purchase the annual plus insurance, you don’t have to pay at once—Dutch gives you financing options through Afterpay, where you can make four payments of $63 for dogs and $60 for cats. Insurance is offered through Pets Best. This accident-only plan is an excellent investment, especially considering you can add up to five pets to your account. You don’t need approval from a Dutch-affiliated veterinarian, and you can see any licensed vet of your choosing.

What to Expect from Dutch

Upon signing up, you’ll immediately receive an email stating they’ve received your information. Once completed, a designated page allows you to set up your pet’s profile. Such information consists of a photo of your pet, your pet’s name, age, breed, weight, gender, date of birth, and if your pet is on any medications.

Once a profile is created, you can schedule a Zoom call (ensure you have Zoom installed and ready to go on your computer before the actual call). When you click on the tab to schedule a Zoom meeting, a menu will pop up allowing you to specify the issue your pet is having, and you can type in a brief description to elaborate and upload photos. A Dutch-affiliated veterinarian will review the issue to determine if a telehealth appointment is suitable. If the issue is more complex, they will defer you to your in-person vet. Otherwise, you will see available dates and times to schedule the call—it’s that simple!

Sophie, my Boston Terrier, has a malignant lung tumor. Needless to say, that particular issue was not suitable for treatment; however, the veterinarian I saw was able to prescribe medication for her cough. I was advised to check with my in-person vet first before using the medication to ensure it was suitable for Sophie’s treatment plan.

appointment confirmation from dutch online vet services

Dutch Contents

Creating an account is super simple, and the website is laid out nicely without confusing or conflicting information. All that was required was filling out basic information about my dog, Sophie, and her general health information, age, breed, and gender. I then selected which plan I wanted and uploaded a picture. Simple.

  • Include up to 5 pets on your account
  • Optional $10,000 pet insurance with an annual plan
  • 24/7 care via Zoom video chat
  • Unlimited follow-up care through a secure messaging portal
  • Prescriptions and over-the-counter medications shipped for free


After utilizing Dutch personally, I gave a quality rating of 5/5. The veterinarian I saw via Zoom was thorough and explained everything in great detail. I was also impressed with the potential treatment plan for my dog Sophie, even though she is a complex case. I was advised to speak to my in-person veterinarian to ensure Dutch’s treatment plan coincided with the treatment plan implemented by my in-person veterinarian. Dutch’s vet kept in contact with me after the appointment through the secure messaging portal, and I was able to view the treatment plan and everything we discussed afterward.

vet-recommended treatments message on dutch

Customer Service

Dutch’s customer service is nothing short of superb. After signing up, I received the necessary correspondence, and they made sure I understood how to get set up with Zoom for my video chat. After the visit, they kept me up-to-date with information regarding medications that were prescribed, and the treatment plan was laid out nicely for my review. I had unlimited access to any questions or concerns, and the responses were quick and helpful.

Is Dutch Good Value?

Yes! Dutch is an affordable option for those who desire peace of mind if their pet needs a quick vet visit without having to take the pet to the vet. Some pets have anxiety going on car rides, especially to the vet, and Dutch is an excellent alternative for non-life-threatening medical issues. They offer competitive pricing for medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, through their online pharmacy. You can also add up to five pets to your account, which is an excellent value. Unlimited follow-up care for free is another excellent perk with Dutch.

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What are the benefits of veterinary telemedicine?

Veterinary telehealth services are an excellent way to seek treatment right away should you need a veterinarian for minor concerns or conditions. You don’t have to wait long for an appointment, and you’ll receive advice and treatment from a licensed Dutch-affiliated vet. Keep in mind, however, that telehealth services are meant as a complementary option when you cannot get in to see your in-person vet in a timely manner.

What are the risks of veterinary telemedicine?

Telehealthcare may not be warranted in certain situations, such as a medical emergency. Remember that Dutch is a complementary option to your in-person veterinarian—if the Dutch veterinarian does not feel they can provide the necessary service for the problem, they will defer you to your in-person vet for care.

Another risk of using telehealth services is a potential security breach or failure regarding personal information from using online services. Medical care could also be delayed due to equipment failures or information transmission deficiencies.

Is veterinary telemedicine legal?

Some states do not allow a remote veterinary-client-patient relationship (VCPR). However, Dutch has built telemedicine technologies to allow veterinarians to care for pets remotely in connection with anxiety and dermatology. The veterinarian you see through Dutch will be licensed in your particular state and will provide care in accordance with your state’s laws.

sophie during online appointment with vet

Our Experience with Dutch

The Good

Don’t just take our word for it; see for yourself what users say about Dutch and their veterinary services, as many reviews are positive.

Users love the quickness and ease of setting up appointments; in many cases, appointments are scheduled within a few hours, and they can accommodate Zoom calls as soon as 30 minutes if needed. Users also praise the response times from the secure messaging portal and the fast delivery service for prescribed medications. Users also praise the value of Dutch and what the service has to offer, all at your fingertips.

Dutch receives stellar reviews regarding follow-ups and the friendliness of veterinarians. The veterinarians do a superb job of checking on your pet to ensure any treatment plan implemented is working.

The Bad

Negative reviews involve the inability to check your pet’s heart rate or look into the ears with the proper instrument—it is a virtual service after all. A few users complain about the medicine delivery time as well, although most users report receiving prescribed medications in a timely manner.

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Dutch is an affordable telehealth option for dogs and cats. You can purchase an annual plan, which is the most cost-effective, and you can add pet insurance at a reasonable price. Dutch is an excellent pet service for those who have pets with car riding anxieties or for pet parents who may be disabled. You can schedule an appointment with a licensed veterinarian quickly, and medications are conveniently delivered free of charge.

Remember that Dutch is not a suitable option for emergencies, and if the veterinarian feels your pet should be seen by your in-person vet, he or she will defer you to your personal veterinarian. You have 24/7 access via their platform with unlimited follow-ups through the secure messaging system. If you’re looking for a veterinary telehealth service, we highly recommend Dutch online veterinary services.

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