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10 Best Dog Calming Supplements for Anxiety & Stress in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Calm Dog Several dog anxiety medications are on the market because dogs struggle with different anxiety issues. Whether their struggle comes from behavioral issues or traumatizing and unpleasant situations, getting to a place where they can be happy and healthy dogs sometimes requires supplements.

Finding the right medication to manage a dog’s mental health can take time. Not all anxiety supplements for dogs are created equally, and each dog can react in slightly different ways.

To help you find what will work best for your dog, we have reviews of the top 10 best dog calming supplements for you to consider.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites – 2024 Update

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
PetHonesty Hemp PetHonesty Hemp
  • All-natural solution
  • Registered with the FDA
  • Works in 45 minutes or less
  • Best Value
    Second place
    ThunderWunders Hemp Dog Chews ThunderWunders Hemp Dog Chews
  • Drug-free formula
  • Quick-acting soft chew
  • Best option for a budget buy
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Purina Pro Plan Calming Care Supplement Purina Pro Plan Calming Care Supplement
  • Doesn’t contain drugs or hemp
  • Veterinarian-recommended
  • Comes with a six-week supply
  • Zesty Paws Stress & Anxiety Calming Bites Zesty Paws Stress & Anxiety Calming Bites
  • Peanut butter flavor
  • Features Suntheanine
  • Comes in a 90-count canister
  • Pet Naturals of Vermont Calming Dog Chews Pet Naturals of Vermont Calming Dog Chews
  • Non-controversial and limited active ingredients
  • Formulated by veterinarians
  • Produced within the U.S.A. in Vermont
  • The 10 Best Anxiety Supplements for Dogs to Calm Stress

    1. PetHonesty Hemp Calming Supplement for Dogs — Best Overall

    PetHonesty Hemp Calming Dog Supplement

    Check Price on Chewy

    Products derived from the hemp plant have recently gained exposure because they have been legalized and become safer for consumption with monitored production. The plant produces a couple of different chemical compounds.

    It is the compound THC that is psychoactive. CBD is not psychoactive and can be safely used to stay in a calm state of mind. It is often used to treat anxiety symptoms because it can soothe and calm humans and animals.

    This product produced by PetHonesty is created from hemp and uses the properties of CBD to calm your dog. It can soothe them when they experience typical anxiety issues or are hyperactive. It can be used to make it easier for your dog to visit public spaces calmly.

    This product works in 30-45 minutes and has natural herbal ingredients from organic hemp and chamomile. There are no drugs or sedatives involved, and the supplement doesn’t include corn, wheat, soy, or GMOs. These supplements are registered with the FDA and are produced in a  GMP-certified facility within the U.S.A. They have a natural chicken flavor in the form of soft chews. This makes it easier to give to your dog.

    • All-natural solution to hyperactivity, stress, and anxiety
    • Registered with the FDA and produced entirely within the U.S.A.
    • Works in 45 minutes or less
    • Some pet owners are distrustful of hemp products

    2. Thunder Wunder Calming Chews — Best Value

    ThunderWunders Hemp Calming Dog Chews

    This is a hemp-based product that utilizes the natural calming properties of herbs. Beyond hemp seeds, other herbs are known for their calming properties. These include chamomile, passionflower, thiamine, ginger, and melatonin.

    ThunderWunders recommends this product if your dog is afraid of thunder and fireworks. If they suffer from separation anxiety, are not good travelers, or hate being taken to the vet or the groomer, ThunderWunder chews can help them relax.

    In each canister, you get 60 or 180 soft chews, depending on the purchase size. If you only want to try them out, you can feel safer with the 100% satisfaction guarantee and the fact that these are the best dog-calming supplements for anxiety and stress for the money.

    Depending on your dog’s size, you must give them more chews to obtain the desired results. It should not be given to pups under 12 weeks of age. If your pup is under 26 pounds, they shouldn’t have more than one chew in 12 hours. If they are 27 to 50 pounds, they can have two. Up to 100 pounds, you can give them four chews in 12 hours, and dogs weighing over 100 pounds can have six chews. You shouldn’t exceed these dosages.

    • Drug-free formula to protect your pet
    • Quick-acting soft chew to encourage calm reactions
    • Best option for a budget buy
    • Not all dog owners trust hemp products

    3. Purina Calming Care for Dogs — Premium Choice

    Purina Pro Plan Calming Care Supplement

    Perhaps your dog has struggled with anxiety or hyperactivity for much of their life, and you want the best of the best to ease their emotional struggle. Purina Pro Plan Calming Care Supplement is just the thing if you want the premium option. Veterinarians often recommend this product as a dietary supplement for stressful situations.

    Purina Pro Plan Calming Care Supplements is sold in a box with a 6-week supply and does its job by harnessing the power of a probiotic strain known for having a calming effect in canines. The strain is BL999 and has been tested to treat stress effectively.

    This supplement is easy to give to your dog because it is a highly palatable food topping. You open the sachet and sprinkle it over their bowl for the desired effect. It even helps them maintain positive cardiac activity whenever they feel stressed.

    This product is a good option for dogs that excessively bark, suffer from hyperactivity, or deal with separation anxiety. BL999 is the only active ingredient; the two inactive ingredients are liver flavor and maltodextrin. You can give them up to one packet a day, but it is best to do so with a recommendation from your vet.

    • Doesn’t contain drugs or hemp
    • Veterinarian-recommended
    • Comes with a 6-week supply if used daily
    • Premium product comes with a premium price

    4. Zesty Paws Calming Bites for Stress & Anxiety

    Zesty Paws Stress & Anxiety Calming Bites Dog Supplement

    Just because dogs are calmer doesn’t mean they lose their zest for life. This is precisely what Zesty Paws promotes with their calming bites to help your canine deal with stress and anxiety.

    Each canister comes with 90 soft chews. You should begin by giving them half the suggested daily amounts. Depending on their weight, this will be one to three chews daily. Gradually increase the daily dosage if necessary. You can even break up their dosage between the morning and evening to disperse the reaction throughout the day and night.

    These chews can be given to dogs of all ages and are peanut butter flavored to make them a palatable treat for your pup. They are formulated to support a pup that is stressed out, nervous, or hyperactive.

    The active ingredients are from herbs. They include organic hemp powder, chamomile, valerian root, Sensoril ashwagandha, and L-tryptophan. They also have an amino acid called Suntheanine that promotes a sensation of relaxation in your pup. These chews can help them better deal with thunderstorms, fireworks, or other situations that they find uniquely stressful.

    • Soft chews flavored with peanut butter for palatability
    • Features Suntheanine
    • Comes in a 90-count canister
    • Includes controversial hemp powder and extract

    5. Pet Naturals of Vermont Calming Dog Chews

    Pet Naturals of Vermont Calming Dog Chews

    Produced in Vermont by Pet Naturals, this calming dog chew comes from a smaller, family-owned business that believes in helping dogs cope with mental and emotional trauma.

    It works naturally and should not be confused with a sedative. It does not work to put your dogs to sleep but to calm them and help them feel more at ease in stressful situations. These chews are formulated with veterinarians’ help and are palatable to make it easy to give to your pup.

    These chews’ active ingredients include thiamine, C3 or Colostrum Calming Complex, and L-theanine. The inactive ingredients include brewer’s yeast and canola, vegetable oil for the texture, and chicken liver flavor for the taste.

    It is safe to give your dog one chew a day, and you can also double or triple the dose if they are experiencing a time of increased stress. However, the dosages are not listed as different according to the breed size. This is a concern for those who have especially large or small dogs.

    • Non-controversial and limited active ingredients
    • Formulated by veterinarians
    • Produced within the U.S.A. in Vermont
    • Dosages are not specified based on the weight of each dog

    6. HomeoPet Anxiety Relief Dog Supplement

    HomeoPet Anxiety Relief Dog Supplement

    HomeoPet markets its product as being the natural choice to help relieve anxiety. They want to mitigate anxious feelings that can frequently come from separation when an animal is kenneled or afraid of going to the vet or groomer.

    This product isn’t only meant for dogs. It can be safely used for cats, birds, and even animals like rabbits. It helps them deal with barking, crying, destructive behavior, panting, and feather plucking (for a bird).

    HomeoPet comes in a liquid. You give it to your pet in drops with their food and water. It is an entirely chemical-free formula that uses natural ingredients. The combination is based on years of research and has yet to show side effects. It is not a sedative but rather a calming agent meant to give your animals a sense of relief.

    These homeopathic anxiety drops are FDA-registered. Some of the primary ingredients include Calcarea phosphorica, lycopodium, phosphorus, and staphysagria. It takes between 15 and 20 minutes for the product to take effect. There are mixed reviews about whether it works on dogs or not.

    If you give it to cats or dogs, the dosage is based on their weight. They can safely take 5 to 20 drops spread throughout the day. It is best to discontinue using the product when their signs clear up. It is best if a vet’s recommendation accompanies this product.

    • Easily administered in a liquid droplet form
    • All-natural formula
    • Works for a wide variety of animals
    • Mixed reviews about effectiveness for dogs

    7. Vet’s Best Comfort Calm Dog Supplement

    Vet’s Best Comfort Calm Dog Supplement

    Vet’s Best Comfort Calm Chews come in a package of 30 or 90 soft chews. As the name suggests, it is recommended by veterinarians, who created the formula to provide a solution that wouldn’t induce feelings of drowsiness in pets. They can continue their daily activities but with fewer signs of anxiety.

    The chews are primarily formulated with plant-based ingredients. These include tryptophan, valerian root, chamomile, thiamine, ginger root, and ocean kelp. It also includes antioxidants and prebiotics to make it an even healthier, immunity-boosting treat. These ingredients have been optimized for their bioavailability to make them as effective and fast-acting as possible.

    The ingredients are not all from the U.S.A. Instead, they are globally sourced, and although the company assures buyers that they come from quality sources, restrictions in those countries do not allow us to know for sure.

    The chews are extra moist and flavored with dried chicken liver. It is made slightly sweeter with cane molasses. You only need to give your pet a maximum of two chews daily, depending on their weight. It features the seal of approval from the National Animal Supplement Council and is gluten-free.

    • Gluten-free and plant-based ingredients
    • Promote balanced behavior
    • Formulated by vets for bioavailability
    • Globally-sourced ingredients

    8. Nutramax Solliquin Calming Chews

    Nutramax Solliquin Calming Soft Chews

    Nutramax Solliquin Calming Soft chews come in a sealed package of 75 chews and can be used for dogs and cats. These chews are behavioral health supplements to encourage dogs to remain calm in stressful scenarios. They can help them with hyperactivity and barking issues.

    Although you can buy Nutramax online, it is best to source it from your vet because they will inform you of the recommended dosage and brand. The ingredients are largely plant-based. The chews are part of a comprehensive treatment plan from Nutramax, which states that paired with patience and training, the chews can help prevent most behavioral problems that are caused by anxiety.

    The chews are safe to be used daily. They do not work immediately; they take time to get into your dog’s system and create an overall sense of well-being. The recommended initial administration period is between 30 and 45 days for long-term results.

    The active ingredients in these supplements include extracts from Magnolia officinalis and Phellodendron amurense. The others are L-Theanine and dried whey protein concentrate. The flavor comes from an undisclosed “natural flavor.”

    • Possible long-term calming effects
    • Primarily natural ingredients
    • Not all the ingredients are clear

    9. waggedy Calm Stress & Anxiety Relief Dog Supplement

    waggedy Calm Stress & Anxiety Relief Dog Supplement

    This product from waggedy is meant to reduce stress and anxiety. The stress can be due to storms, fireworks, travel, or visits to the vet and groomers. It is a relatively affordable option that is better suited for budget buyers. The supplement comes in soft chews, and there are 60 in each canister.

    These chews contain chamomile, thiamine mononitrate, ginger, passionflower, L-Tryptophan, and melatonin. Melatonin is known to cause symptoms of drowsiness and is often taken by humans as a sleeping medication. It can have a slightly drowsy effect on your pup after they take it.

    These supplements from waggedy are produced in the U.S.A. and can easily be given as a treat due to their overall palatability. The natural flavoring is not specified in their ingredients list but is palatable for dogs.

    The number of chews that you feed your dog depends on their weight. They will need between one to six chews, but they can only be given to dogs over 12 weeks old. It takes about 30 minutes to be effective, so it should be taken at least half an hour before a predicted stressful situation. You should not exceed more than a double dose within a 12-hour period, no matter the scenario.

    • Naturally derived active ingredients from plants
    • Highly palatable texture and taste
    • Can cause drowsiness due to active ingredient melatonin
    • Natural flavoring not specified on the ingredients list

    10. PL360 Anxiety Relief Supplement for Dogs

    PL360 Calming Supplement for Dog


    PL360 Anxiety Relief for dogs is a supplement that comes in a small canister or pill bottle. There are 60 soft chews in each bottle, and they are made palatable by their natural beef flavoring.

    If you want help taking the edge off for your stressed-out pup, you can rely on PL360. It is full of all-natural ingredients, making it chemical-free and safe for your pet. The active ingredients include chamomile, passionflower, GABA, thiamine, and ginger root powder. The inactive ingredients are relatively few, including beef flavoring, liver powder, brewer’s yeast powder, and compounds used as preservatives.

    These soft chews should not be given to a puppy under 14 weeks old. They can be used effectively in conjunction with an installed behavior modification program. A dosing chart on the back of the bottle should be followed carefully and determined by your pup’s weight.

    This product, which is made in the U.S.A., uses natural ingredients like chamomile and tryptophan to promote health and wellness among dogs. There are mixed reviews about their effectiveness, however.

    • Made in the U.S.A.
    • All-natural ingredients
    • Mixed reviews about effectiveness

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    Buyer’s Guide: Best Supplements for Anxiety

    No one likes to see their pup stressed out or afraid. If you have difficulty getting your dog to calm down, a calming supplement might be what you need. Some are more effective than others, and some have ingredients you might not feel safe giving your dog.

    While looking through the products available to help calm your dog, consider these factors before purchasing.

    Ingredients: Natural or Not?

    Supplements can be good for your dog but can also be potentially harmful in the long run. They can contain preservatives, chemical additives, and more. If you are like many dog owners, you don’t want to feed your pup a pill or chew full of unknown ingredients.

    Pay attention to the ingredients list, and look up the purpose of each one. It is better to be safe than sorry, especially if your dog is sensitive to certain foods or chemicals.

    If your dog does have an adverse reaction to a supplement that you give them, take the time to figure out the culprit. You need to identify which ingredients don’t work so you can avoid them in the future.

    Administration Form

    You can get an animal or human to take medication in several ways. You know your pup and what they will and won’t be okay with ingesting. The most common form of administration for calming supplements is taking them orally by eating a treat-like soft chew. For most dogs, that will work well if it tastes good since they love treats and aren’t discriminating. For others, you might need to be sneakier. You could use liquid droplets in their food or water, for example.

    Length of Supply

    Some people have huge dogs, and they don’t want to buy new bottles every 2 weeks. Pay attention to your pet’s size to determine if it will be a cost-effective remedy for your dog’s stressed-out behavior. You might be able to order it in bulk.

    Time Until Acting

    All meds and supplements react somewhat differently. Look for the amount of time the manufacturer says it will take to see the effect if you want to plan out trips or prepare for stressful days. Some supplements are meant more for long-term usage than immediate relief. However, most supplements will work within 15 to 30 minutes from the time that they are eaten.

    Calming Chews

    Ingredient Sourcing

    Finally, just because the ingredient list seems okay, that doesn’t mean you are entirely out of the woods for how safe they are. If the company sources its ingredients from other countries, those might not be held to the same production and quality standards as the U.S.A.

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    Conclusion: Anxiety Supplements for Dogs

    If you are looking for one of the best-rated products currently on the market, trying PetHonesty’s Hemp Calming Dog Supplement is the way to go. Or, perhaps you need an option that is budget-friendly before deciding to commit to this treatment plan. Then, look into ThunderWunders Hemp Calming Dog Chews.

    Trying out a new supplement to help keep your dog calmer can be a great help to you and your pup. However, there is bound to be uncertainty at the start. It is best with any of these products to get a recommendation from your veterinarian first so you aren’t having your dog take unnecessary medications.

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