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Golden British Shorthair: Facts, Pictures, Origin & History

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Golden British Shorthair

Nothing beats the feeling of coming home to a furry friend who’s always ready to snuggle up with you. And when it comes to feline companions, the British Shorthair is one breed that stands out from the rest. With its adorable face, plush coat, and gentle nature, it’s no wonder why these cats have become a fan favorite among cat enthusiasts. These stunning felines are a rare and highly sought-after breed that boasts a unique golden coat that’s sure to turn heads.

Height: 12–14 inches
Weight: 7–12 pounds
Lifespan: 13–15 years
Colors: Silver, chocolate, golden, cinnamon, cream, blue, and lilac
Suitable for: Singles or families looking for easygoing cats that are active
Temperament: Relaxed, adaptable, self-reliant, trainable, and family-friendly for the most part

The Golden British Shorthair is a beautiful and unique breed of cat that has become increasingly popular in recent years. This breed is known for its distinctive golden coat, which can range in shade from pale cream to deep gold. In addition to their coat color, these cats also have a distinctive round face and large, expressive eyes.

One of the things that sets the British Shorthair apart from other breeds is the variation in their appearance. While all Golden British Shorthairs have a similar body type and facial structure, their coat colors and patterns can vary quite a bit. Some may have more subtle markings, while others may have bold stripes or spots.

Golden British Shorthair Breed Characteristics



The Earliest Records of Golden British Shorthair in History

The British Shorthair cat is one of the oldest cat breeds in the world, with a history dating back to ancient Rome. These cats were originally bred to hunt mice and rodents in the streets of Rome and were later brought to Britain by Roman soldiers. Over time, the Golden British Shorthair became a popular breed among British royalty and aristocracy and was often depicted in paintings and other works of art.

During World War II, the Golden British Shorthair almost went extinct due to food shortages and breeding restrictions. However, a group of dedicated breeders managed to save the breed by crossbreeding it with other breeds, including the Persian cat. This led to the development of new colors and patterns in the British Shorthair cat, including the golden variant that we’ll be exploring in this article.

golden british shorthair cat lying on bed
Image Credit: Katrin Baidimirova, Shutterstock

How Golden British Shorthair Gained Popularity

Many people are drawn to the breed because it is easygoing and affectionate and makes a great family pet. The British Shorthair cat has also gained popularity due to its appearance in popular culture. In recent years, the breed has been featured in movies, TV shows, and even commercials. Its unique look and charming personality have made it a fan favorite among cat lovers around the world.

The Golden British Shorthair cat has been a beloved pet and companion to humans for centuries, and its role in human society has evolved over time. Originally, cats were kept for their hunting abilities, as they were skilled at catching rodents that threatened human food stores. In ancient Egypt, cats were even worshiped as sacred animals, and their images were frequently depicted in art and architecture.

As time went on, cats became more and more domesticated and were kept primarily as pets rather than as working animals. The British Shorthair breed was first recognized in the late 19th century and quickly became popular due to its friendly and affectionate nature. Golden British Shorthairs, with their striking coloring, have always been particularly prized as pets.

Formal Recognition of Golden British Shorthair

There has been some debate over whether the golden British Shorthair should be recognized as an official breed. Currently, there is no formal recognition of the golden British Shorthair by any major cat associations such as the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) or The International Cat Association (TICA). However, some breeders and enthusiasts have been working to establish the golden British Shorthair as a separate breed with its own standards.

The lack of formal recognition can impact the breeding and showing of these cats. Without standardized guidelines, it can be difficult for even experienced breeders to produce cats that meet certain expectations. Additionally, without recognition from major associations, these cats may not be eligible for certain competitions or shows.

Overall, while there may not be formal recognition of the golden British Shorthair cat yet, there are efforts being made to establish it as a separate breed.

close up of golden british shorthair cat
Image Credit: Carry Wu, Shutterstock


Top 5 Unique Facts About Golden British Shorthair

1. The British Shorthair Cat Has a Long and Interesting History

This breed is believed to have originated in ancient Rome, where they were known as Felis catus. Later, they were brought to Britain by Roman soldiers and became popular among the nobility. In the 1800s, breeders began to develop the British Shorthair into the breed we know and love today. One of the most notable events in the history of the British Shorthair cat was their appearance at the first cat show in Britain in 1871. At this show, a British Shorthair named Belle won the first prize, cementing the breed’s place in cat history.

2. British Shorthair Cats Are a Part of Pop Culture

British Shorthair cats have become quite popular in pop culture in recent years. They have been featured in a number of TV shows and movies, including the animated film Alice in Wonderland and the TV series Friends. One of the most famous British Shorthair cats in pop culture is Grumpy Cat, who became an internet sensation with her perpetually grumpy expression. Sadly, Grumpy Cat passed away in 2019, but her legacy lives on.

golden british shorthair cat lying on the floor
Image Credit: SunRay BRI Cattery RU, Shutterstock

3. Their Personalities Are One of a Kind

British Shorthair cats are known for their laid-back and friendly personalities. They are affectionate with their owners and enjoy snuggling up on laps. These cats are also quite independent and don’t require a lot of attention, making them a great choice for busy households. Despite their relaxed demeanor, British Shorthair cats are still playful and enjoy chasing toys and playing with their owners. They’re also intelligent cats and can be trained to do tricks, make vocalizations (depending on the cat), and respond to simple commands.

4. These Cats Are Often Used to Create Other Breeds

The British Shorthair cat is a popular breed known for their plush fur, stocky build, and calm temperament. Because of this, these cats were also one of the original breeds used to create the Himalayan cat. The Himalayan is a cross between a Siamese and a Persian, with the British Shorthair added to the mix to create a more rounded body shape. This breed is known for their striking blue eyes and long, fluffy coat.

5. Golden British Shorthair Cats Are Often Used in Advertising Campaigns

Golden British Shorthair cats are a popular choice for advertising campaigns due to their charming and adorable appearance. These cats have a distinct look that exudes elegance and sophistication, making them perfect for promoting high-end products and services. Marketers and advertisers can leverage the beauty and cuteness of these cats to grab the attention of their target audience and create an emotional connection with them. Additionally, Golden British Shorthairs are known for their calm and gentle personality, which further adds to their appeal in ads.


Does Golden British Shorthair Make a Good Pet?

Yes. Many owners of this lovable feline would say so. The Golden British Shorthair is known for its affectionate and laid-back personality. They’re generally easy-going and calm, which makes them an ideal pet for families with children or other pets. They’re also very intelligent and can adapt quickly to new environments, which makes them easy to train for simple tricks and gestures.

The Golden British Shorthair is a low-maintenance breed. Their short coat requires minimal grooming, and they are generally healthy and robust. They don’t require a lot of exercise (about 30 minutes a day), which makes them ideal for apartment living.

Lastly, the Golden British Shorthair has a long lifespan. They can live up to 20 years, which means they can be a loyal companion for many years to come. They’re also known for their playful nature, which makes them a joy to be around.



The British Shorthair cat is a beloved cat breed that has a fascinating history, charming personality, and unique appearance. Its golden variant, in particular, is a rare and stunning cat that is sure to capture the hearts of cat lovers around the world. So, if you’re looking for a laid-back family pet or a companion for your daily adventures, the British Shorthair is a great choice. With its gentle personality, adorable appearance, and easygoing nature, it is sure to bring joy and happiness to your life.

Featured Image Credit: SunRay BRI Cattery RU, Shutterstock

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