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5 Best Golden Retriever Haircuts & Grooming Styles in 2023

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Golden Retrievers have a lot of positive attributes. They are loyal, loving, obedient, and easy to train. They make excellent hunting and working dogs as well as family companions. They also look stunning. However, one attribute that is often considered less than perfect is their incredible propensity to shed. Their double coat means that they require a lot of attention, and as well as regular brushing, your Golden may benefit from a regular cut.

You should brush frequently. It will make them comfortable, and it will reduce the amount of fur that gets into sofas and other furniture. Although it might seem tempting to give him a full shave, especially if your Retriever is struggling with the heat in summer, you should never shave your Retriever. He needs his hair to protect him against the cold in winter but also against the sun’s rays, ticks, and other potential nasties during the summer.

While you shouldn’t shave your Golden Retriever, there are some cuts that he can benefit from.

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The Top 5 Golden Retriever Haircuts:

1. Puppy Cut

The puppy cut is considered one of the simplest cuts and it is the same no matter the breed of dog that has it. It is called the puppy cut because of how simple it is. The fur is cut to around half an inch in length and is trimmed to the same length all over their body.

A puppy cut is easy to maintain, provides comfort for your dog, and although it’s a short cut, it should leave enough hair to protect your Golden Retriever. It may not prevent shedding, but it will limit the amount of fur that finds its way onto your sofa and other furniture.

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2. Simple Trim

The simple trim can be considered a breed-appropriate cut and doesn’t actually require much in the way of cutting or even trimming. Any long hairs are removed, the coat is feathered, and you may want to thin the coat out around your dog’s neck and chest.

Because the amount of hair you cut is so minimal, the simple trim ensures that your dog’s coat remains true to the shape of the breed. It may not make much difference to the dog, they will still get warm and their coat will still protect them, but they will look neater and even more majestic.

3. Show Cut

The simple trim is functional and primarily benefits you, as the owner. The show cut is similar, in that it requires minimal cutting, but trimming is kept to a minimum to show off your Retriever’s greatest asset: his beautiful golden locks.

Trim, feather the fur, and properly trim the paws, ears, and sanitary areas. Because the show cut is for dogs that are being shown, it requires a lot more attention to detail. You will need to ensure that it follows the right shape and that you do a good job of cutting areas like the paws. It may be worth getting a professional groomer to complete this trim.

4. Summer Cut

It is summertime when a lot of owners decide to shave their dogs. It makes sense in many ways. Your dog is hot. Getting rid of their double coat will reduce the temperature and even the weight that they have to carry around. But your Retriever’s double coat actually serves to protect them from the sun’s rays, as well as ticks and other nasties that are present during the summer months.

The summer cut is a good alternative. This is similar to a trim because you follow the existing shape of your dog’s coat. It is more shaped than a puppy cut but can be as short. Keep the shape of the coat but cut it down to an inch or shorter. Ensure that ears, chest, and feet are well-trimmed, as well as your Retriever’s personal areas.

5. The Teddy Cut

The Teddy Cut is a professional cut that is specifically offered to breeds like the Golden Retriever that have luscious, long double coats. It helps regulate temperature and keep them cooler during the summer months without affecting the double coat itself.
The body is clipped really short while the legs are scissored to their natural shape. The tail and feet are also trimmed and curved to shape. This cut makes your dog look fluffy and like a teddy, hence its name, and it will help keep them cool and minimize the risk of damaging their natural, double coat.

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Golden Retriever Haircuts: Final Thoughts

The Golden Retriever has a long list of recognizable attributes, but they get their name from their beautiful golden locks. Whether you exhibit your Retriever, or he is a family companion, you can provide him with a haircut that keeps him cool, ensures that he looks his best, and that will not damage his incredible double coat.

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