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Goldendoodle Grooming: 5 Expert Tips & Must Have Tools

Ashley Bates

By Ashley Bates

young woman grooming her mini goldendoodle at home

Goldendoodles have so many hairstyle possibilities! That is one of the most charming things about the breed that many owners and dog lovers adore. However, as neat as their coat is, it requires frequent maintenance to ensure they are clean, mat-free, and well-kept.

So, here, we will go over some really critical aspects of grooming that are helpful when you have one of these lovable curly Qs.

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The 5 Tips for Goldendoodle Grooming

1. Buy the Right Supplies

One of the primary musts for grooming your Goldendoodle will be to make sure you have the correct grooming supplies. If you are the one performing the grooming, ensure you have the appropriate trimmers and other much-needed items like nail clippers, shampoos, brushes, and so on.

If you are taking them to the groomer, choose a comfortable, convenient, professional, and budget-friendly facility.


  • Bristle Brushes – Bristle brushes are generally made of synthetic plastics or genuine animal hair. These brushes are designed to distribute oils evenly throughout the coat, creating a beautiful lustrous finish. If your Goldendoodle has a tangle-free coat already, these brushes are perfect for sprucing up the code and adding that extra shine.
  • Slicker Brushes  – Slicker brushes are excellent to have on hand. They are good for everyday maintenance as well as getting out tangles. Generally, all bristles on the brush are even, penetrating the coat and removing any dirt and debris. These are easy to clean, regardless of whether they have a self-release mechanism or manual cleaning option. Since your Goldendoodle sheds very infrequently, you aren’t going to see a lot of buildup in the brush for quite some time. However, anytime you need to clean the brush, you can simply push the release button, and the bristles will retract for easy cleanup.
  • Deshedding Tools – Deshedding tools are generally used for dogs with thick coats that shed. However, they can be a nice product to have on hand for your Goldendoodle as well. You can use a deshedding tool once every 6 weeks or so. This will help you penetrate their coat down to the skin, removing any dead hair follicles, dander, or debris that could be hiding therein. You will essentially only want to use these tools during deep grooming sessions. If you use a deshedding tool too frequently, you can damage your Goldendoodle’s skin. So be sure to use it sparingly.
  • Combs – Combs are a great tool to have on hand, especially if you’re giving your Goldendoodle a little trim. These tools help you to create straight lines, perfect for cutting around the facial area, permitting you’re careful of course.

Nail Clippers

Once you notice your Goldendoodle starts scratching you up when they’re excited, it’s time for a trim! Even though certain factors influence nail growth—like diet—most pups need a trim once every 1 to 2 weeks.

You can buy safe nail trimmers on sites like Chewy—or you can buy them at your local pet shops and department stores.

Coat Clippers

If you plan to trim their coat, it’s nice to have a pair of clippers on hand. There are plenty of tutorials online that will show you how to make a few basic hairdos.

If you learn how to cut your Goldendoodle’s coat at home, it can save you quite a bit of money on professional grooming. However, we only recommend doing so at home if you are completely comfortable. You can find quality clippers both online and in-store.


While getting a toothbrush for your pet might sound rather bizarre, dental care is very important for all dogs. Acclimating your Goldendoodle to this early will improve their overall health and create a habit your Goldendoodle can get used to.

Shampoo and Conditioner

You should always have shampoo on hand for your Goldendoodle. Human shampoos do not have the correct pH balance and formula to work on your dog’s skin. So, we highly recommend a fragrance-free, moisturizing shampoo to keep your Goldendoodle’s locks looking their best.

furminators grooming deshedding brush tools for pet cats and dogs
Image Credit: Photo_mts, Shutterstock

2. Brush Your Goldendoodle Everyday

Making a brushing routine is a huge must when you own a Goldendoodle. You have to brush them daily for 5 to 10 minutes at a time. If you don’t, they can easily get mats or tangles, which can be a really big pain in the butt!

We already discussed the different grooming brushes you can buy for your Goldendoodle. How do you know which to use? For everyday maintenance, the slicker or bristle brush will work just fine. If you are getting into a few tangles here and there, a slicker brush or firm bristle brush will work very well.

Deshedding tools should only be used once every few weeks, as frequent use can cause irritation. So choose your brush that day based on your grooming needs. However, if you are trying to do some serious grooming work, you can use a deshedding tool.

3. Bathe Your Goldendoodle on a Schedule

You should give your Goldendoodle a nice scrub down every 4 to 6 weeks. This will remove any dirt or debris in the coat, leaving your Goldendoodle feeling fresh. If you bathe your Goldendoodle more frequently than the recommended 4 to 6 weeks, it can cause skin irritation, dryness, flakiness, and a dull coat.

F1b mini goldendoodle puppy in a wooden bucket
Image Credit: Marcello Sgarlato, Shutterstock

4. Plan Trips to the Groomer

Even if you learn to trim your Goldendoodle’s coat at home, it can be a fun adventure to go to the groomer occasionally. This gets you both out of the house and will take out much of the extra work.

Always be sure to select a groomer with reasonable rates and excellent reviews. This process will ensure your dog gets the desired experience and is worth your hard-earned money.

You can find groomers at vets’ offices, chain pet stores, and private facilities. Pricing will vary based on your location, business rates, and experience levels. It will also depend on the size of your Goldendoodle.

Since Goldendoodles can range quite a bit in size due to the Poodle parent influence, you could be paying at the lower or higher end of the spectrum. Larger dogs tend to cost more. Also, certain hairstyles take longer to accomplish than others.

Your trip to the groomer might cost differently each time you go, depending on your selection.

5. Learn to Trim Up at Home

As mentioned in this article, you can buy clippers and give your dog a haircut at home. Some hairstyles take extensive skill levels, while others are basic enough to try independently.

Learning how to give your dog a basic cut now and again can cut out a lot of the financial expense of grooming. Plus, you can improve your skills as you go, giving way to a lot of new possibilities in the future.

If you are an inexperienced groomer or have a very rambunctious Goldendoodle, we highly recommend having a partner to help you. If your Doodle is bouncing off the walls, it can make it very hard to get a precise cut that looks professional.

Also, it can cause skin abrasions and cuts if they aren’t holding still.

Grooming tools. Showing of various tools which are used for fine dog grooming at the salon
Image Credit: Dmytro Zinkevych, Shutterstock

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One thing is for sure, Goldendoodles require regular grooming. Their fur is easily tangled, matted, and fast-growing; they can get pretty shabby pretty quickly. So it’s vastly important to keep up with regular grooming practices so your Goldendoodle can stay in tip-top shape.

Learning to groom your Goldendoodle at home might save you money. However, an occasional trip to the groomer might be just what you and your pup need for a lovely day out.

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