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Gotti Pitbull: Facts, Origin & History (With Pictures)

Codee Chessher

By Codee Chessher

tricolor american bully standing on the grass

If you’ve ever seen a Pitbull that looks absolutely ripped, it may have been a Gotti Pitbull. Huge head, neck, and chest? Check, check, and check. Let’s check out a bit more about this breed, including what sets them apart, a bit about their history, and a few major characteristics.

Height: 18–22 inches
Weight: 40–50+ pounds
Lifespan: 10–15 years
Colors: Black, red, white, tricolor, blue
Suitable for: Active people & households who want a protective large dog who won’t shed much
Temperament: Active, affectionate, loyal, gentle, protective

Allegedly, the sire Notorious Juan Gotty sired over 900 pups, and another ‘Pocket Gotti’ mini line was also created from this popular bully breed. They have a mellow enough temperament to serve as a family dog, but their muscles relegate them to guard dog duty sometimes. In reality, they’re much more family-oriented than people give them credit for.

Gotti Pitbull Breed Characteristics


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The Earliest Records of the Gotti Pitbull in History

Gotti Pitbulls are a newer dog breed, specifically spun off a single dog, Juan Gotty, who lived in Los Angeles, California. The breed only traces back to 1997, but the breed quickly boomed because of its chill attitude and imposing musculature.

There’s a smaller Pocket Gotti breed and some enterprising dog breeders crossed the Gotti with Blue-Nosed Pitbulls to create the Razor Edge Gotti, popular on the West Coast.

American Pitbull terrier
Image Credit: Zita Ile, Shutterstock

How the Gotti Pitbull Gained Popularity

Juan Gotty and the Gotti breed is known for its large head, neck, and chest. They run a bit stockier than the average American Pitbull Terrier, which gives them a compact frame. Owners seeking a sleeker yet buff Pitbull quickly sent the breed’s popularity to the moon, and the even smaller, stockier Pocket Gottis provided other options.

People looking for other colorings may prefer the Razor Edge Gotti, which have more blue in their coats.Divider 5

Formal Recognition of the Gotti Pitbull

The Gotti Pitbull isn’t formally recognized by any pet organizations. The only Pitbull breed that is recognized by the AKC and other similar organizations is the original American Pitbull Terrier. With that said, the breed has an authentic pedigree with documented evidence of lineage. Many bullies in other breeds owe their bloodline to the Notorious Juan Gotty as well.

Gotti Pitbull Common Health Issues

Like nearly any dog, Gotti Pitbulls are more susceptible to certain health conditions as they age. Let’s check those off on a quick bullet list so you can get a better idea of what kind of health issues the breed has.

Gotti Pitbull Common Health Issues:

  • Hip & Elbow Dysplasia: common with most large dog breeds.
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy: relatively rare but common enough to mention since it could cause cataracts and/or blindness at a certain age—typically 2 to 3 years.
  • Congenital Heart Defects: this usually becomes an issue when the dog has a poor diet or doesn’t get enough exercise.
  • Obesity: like some other large dogs, Gotti Pitbulls can become obese if given too much food, which exacerbates a whole host of other health problems.
Pitbull Checked By Vet
Image Credit: Andy Gin, Shutterstock

Divider 53 Unique Facts About the Gotti Pitbull

1. Juan Gotty is said to have sired over 900 AKC-registered Pitbull pups in his lifetime.

2. Gotti Pitbulls have many of the same colors as regular Pitbulls, like blue, white, brown, gray, and champagne. Tri-color and bicolor Gottis are also common.

3. Sadly, because of their appearance, Gotti Pitbulls are more likely to be used as fighting dogs than other dogs.

American bully dog
Image Credit: Edgar BJ, Shutterstock

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Does a Gotti Pitbull Make a Good Pet?

Yes! Gotti Pitbulls are the definition of a gentle giant—imposing at a glance and a mellow-hearted goof at heart. They love getting attention, even if they have to jump on you to get it. Gottis are maligned by some folks who just see them as fighting dogs, but the breed is much more than that.

Gotti Pitbulls could make a great dog for a single man who wants a high-energy breed to match his lifestyle, or just a high-energy family with kids. Socialized properly, Gottis are an ideal choice for families with kids. They shed a lot less than most large dog breeds, which keeps grooming to a relative minimum.

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Often misunderstood, the stocky Gotti Pitbull is a big softy who just wants a loving family and plenty of walks. As long as they get regular checkups to prevent bone dysplasia and a closely monitored diet, Gottis can do well in nearly any active household.

Featured Image Credit: Luxorpictures, Shutterstock

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