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Hawaiian Cat Names: Our Top Picks for Your Cat (With Meanings)

Lindsey Lawson

By Lindsey Lawson

cat in hawaiian shirt with lei and cocktail on beach

The island paradise of Hawaii is rich in history and well known for its beaches, beautiful weather, and breathtaking landscape. The Hawaiian culture is one to be admired. Hawaiian names are unique, beautiful sounding, and stand out among the rest.

Whether you have a personal connection to Hawaii, or simply appreciate the Hawaiian names, we have come up with a list of 150 Hawaiian cat names for your new cat. Let’s look at our top picks and their meanings.

Hawaiian Names for Male Cats

  • Aalona: with Hawaiian origin means “high mountain”
  • Aheahe: means as gentle as the breeze’s caress since “Ahe” means the breeze.
  • Akamai: with Hawaiian origin means to be the clever or intelligent one.
  • Akamu: In Hawaiian terminology, it means “made from clay or the red earth”
  • Akela: means “one who walks alone”
  • Bane: In Hawaiian, “the child that is long-awaited” or “the child born after a long time”
  • Elta: It means ‘the Lord is mine’ or ‘the Lord is my only God’
  • Haikili: is used to denote the Hawaiian Thunder God.
  • Hani: means “to move or touch lightly”
  • Hanale: is used to denote the master of the house, which most cats can relate to
  • HaniniI: “pour like rain”
  • Haulani: If your son is born to rule, this is a great name as it means the “imperial ruler” in Hawaiian.
  • Ikaia: is derived from an inspirational biblical quote to mean “God will deliver” and is popular in Hawaii where it originated.
  • Ioane: represents the Hawaiian way of saying “one who is in God’s favor”
  • Kaeo: means strength and is used for the one who is born strong and healthy
  • Kahawai: term for the “river”
  • Kaholo: term for speed and means the “light-footed one.”
  • Kahula: refers to “dancing”, especially if your son is always cheerful and happy when the music is on.
  • Kahuna: a term is used in Hawaii to refer to the “medicine man” or a “wise man.”
  • Kalino: means “the brilliant one” or “as bright as the sun”.
  • Kalon: It means “the sky”
  • Kana: refers to a demigod from the Island of Maui who supposedly became a rope and covered the stretch from Hawaii to Molokai.
  • Kanoa: “the one who is born free” or “the free-spirited one”
  • Kaui :means “this youth is beautiful”
  • Kawai: means born of water and is of Hawaiian origins
  • Kelani: is unisex and means “from the heavens”
  • Kilo: In Hawaiian, it means “the astronomer”, “the daydreamer” or “the one who always observes the stars”
  • Kimo: “to supplant” or “replace”
  • Koa: “the one who is a valiant warrior”
  • Koi: means to beg and implore. It is a variant of the Greek name Troy
  • Kona: is used for both genders in Hawaii, but it means “lady”
  • Kukane: very masculine name from Hawaii that means “the great man”
  • KyeKye: water-inspired Hawaiian name means “to possess oceanic qualities”
  • Lono: is regarding the “God of Agriculture and Peace”
  • Liko: means the young flower bud
  • Lopaka: Of Hawaiian origin, signifies a “bright flame” or like the sun
  • Makani: means “the one who flies like the wind”, perfect for a baby boy who aspires to become a sportsman
  • Makai: “the one who heads to the sea”
  • Makoa: used for the one who is both courageous and fearless, it means “a brave and bold man”
  • Malo: has Hawaiian origins and connotes a winner who is full of victory
  • Mano: is used to referring to a shark
  • Maui: A typical name from Hawaiian folklore about the Fire God deity who created the Hawaiian Islands by tricking his brothers to fish the land out of the ocean.
  • Moani: is a term used in Hawaiian that means “the scented breeze blowing over the land”
  • Ori: This is a Hawaiian term that means “my light”
  • Pekelo: means “steadfast” and “abiding”. The Hawaiians also use it to signify a rock or a stone
  • Pika: is a Hawaiian endearment for a baby boy who is vibrant and full of life
  • Uluwehi: means plants that are lush green and grow well in Hawaii
cool looking cat in sunglasses
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Hawaiian Cat Names for Females

  • Aheahe: a variant of Ahe and still means “softly blowing breeze”
  • Ailana: means “strength of God” or “the memory of the Lord”
  • Ailani: means “high chief”
  • Akamai: This beautiful name means “smart,” “intelligent” or “wisdom”
  • Akela: The Hawaiian version of s Asher and Adela, “graceful and noble”
  • Alamea means “ripe” or “precious”
  • Alani: This short but beautiful name means “precious” or “awakening”
  • Aleka: means “defender of mankind”
  • Alikae: the Hawaiian version of Alex and it means “protector”
  • Allanna: means “serenity,” “calmness,” or “tranquility”
  • Allyna: means “precious,” “awakening,” or “light”
  • Aloha: is synonymous with Hawaii and it means “loving or kindhearted”
  • Alohalani means “full of compassion”
  • Alohi: This short name means “brilliant” or “shining”
  • Anani: This beautiful name means “orange tree”
  • Anela: means “angel”
  • Anuhea: means “cool fragrance”
  • Aonani: means “beautiful light”
  • Aouli: “describing how the beautiful blue sky expands on a clear sky”
  • Aulani: means “king’s messenger”
  • Aulii: means “something very delicious”
  • Ele: This sweet and short name means “the black shining one”
  • Eleele: means “dark-colored eyes”
  • Enakai: means “raging or glowing sea”
  • Ewalina: This pretty name means “hazelnut”
  • Hali: This sweet name means “necklace”
  • Hadassa: means “flowering myrtle”
  • Halia: means “remembrance of a loved one” or it can mean “memorial”
  • Hawaii: “homeland”
  • Haukea: “snow white”
  • Haulani: means “snow beauty”
  • Hokulani: means “divine star”
  • Iekika: means “one who can foresee”
  • Iokina: means “God will develop”
  • Iolana: means “to soar like the hawk”
  • Iwalani: means “heavenly seagull”
  • Kahula This is an older and more traditional name that means “dancing”
  • Kai: means “from the sea”
  • Kaiah: “earth”
  • Kailani: means “sea” or “sky”
  • Kailea: “baby doll”
  • Kaipo: means “sweetheart”
  • Kaleah: “the flower wreath” or “the beloved”
  • Kaleikaumaka: This beautiful name means “beloved child to look upon with pride and love”
  • Kalia: A variation of Kaleah, “the flower wreath” or “the beloved”
  • Kaloni: means “the heavens,” “sky,” or “royal one”
  • Kalua: A name perfect for a second child because it means “the second child”
  • Kaneeta: means “sound”
  • Kanoa: A beautiful Hawaiian name that means “free one”
  • Kapena: means “captain”
  • Kawai: A pretty name that means “coming from water”
  • Kawailani: means “the heavenly water”
  • Kaylani: means “sea heavens”
  • Keala: “the pathway”
  • Kealani: means “clear heavens”
  • Kealii: means “chief”
  • Keanu: “cool mountain breeze”
  • Keao: A lovely name that means “the light of day”
  • Kehaulani: means” dew from the sky”
  • Kehlan: “sea heavens”
  • Keiba: This cute name means “sunrise”
  • Keiki: Another cute name that means “child”.
  • Keilani: “heaven,” “sky,” “glorious,” or “royal one”
  • Keola: A beautiful name that means “the life”
  • Kieli: “heavenly garden”
  • Lalani: “heavenly lei” or “royal child of heaven”
  • Lahela: means “sheep’s friend”
  • Lanah: means “precious” or awakening”
  • Lannie: A variation of Lalani, it means “precious” or “awakening”
  • Leiko: A cute name that means “little flower
  • Leilana: means “heavenly child”
  • Leilani: means “heavenly flower”
  • Lilinoe: “goddess of haze”
  • Lono: means “news”
  • Luana: A pretty name that means “enjoyment”
  • Luanda: A variation of Luana and means “enjoyment”
  • Luwana: Another variation of Luana. This means “enjoyment”
  • Mahina means “moon” or “moon-light”
  • Makani: means “the wind”
  • Malana: means “buoyant” or “light”
  • Malia: This beautiful name means “of the sea”
  • Malina: means “peace”
  • Melya: “plumeria”
  • Milani: “gentle caress”
  • Moanna: “from the ocean”
  • Moani: means “breezes of scent”
  • Nalani: “serenity of the skies”
  • Napua: Perfect for those who love flowers, means “the flowers”
  • Noelani: A variation of Noe, it means “mist of heaven”
  • Nohea: This sweet name means “beautiful”
  • Okalani: A beautiful name that means “heaven”
  • Oke: Perfect for animal lovers, means “deer lover”
  • Olina: A sweet name that means “joyous”
  • Ona: means “sweetness”
  • Palila: A variation of Pali, means “bird”
  • Pele means “goddess of fire, wind, lightning and volcanoes”
  • Puanani: means “gorgeous flower”
  • Talei: means “precious”
  • Ulani: This cute name means “cheerful”
  • Uma: This cute name means “goddess Parvati”
  • Urima: means “fruit of the earth”
  • Uriah: means “God is light”
  • Wikolia: means “woman of victory”
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hepper-cat-paw-dividerHow to Name Your Cat

Choosing the right name for your new cat can be challenging. After all, this is a name they will have for their lifetime, so the pressure is on. Below are some tips that may help you decide on your new kitty.

Keep it Short and Easy to Say

Shorter names that only have one or two syllables are going to be much easier for your cat to learn. As you can see, there are a lot of Hawaiian names that have several syllables and are a bit harder to pronounce, but no worries, there are some that are pretty short and sweet as well.

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Consider Their Personality

You want a name that fits their personality. Knowing their personality traits can help you pick a name that best suits their overall essence. You can even search for a name that has a meaning that fits them well.

Involve the Whole Family

Involve the entire family in choosing the name of your new cat. This can be a fun way to bond and come to the best decision that works for everyone in the household.



If you’re looking to add a unique, exotic flavor to your feline’s name, one of these Hawaiian names should fit the bill! Hawaii offers tons of unique names thanks to its rich cultural heritage and beautiful language. Whether you want something very unique or just a bit unusual, we included names of just about any sort of this list.

Hopefully, one of them stood out to you!

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