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How Much Does Figo Pet Insurance Cost? 2024 Update

Brooke Bundy

By Brooke Bundy

figo pet insurance

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When your pet has an inevitable mishap, pet insurance helps you cover the costs by reimbursing you up to a certain percentage determined by your plan. Figo leads the pack in top dog insurance companies, with exclusive benefits such as the option of a 100% reimbursement rate if you have a $500 or $750 deductible under the Preferred or Essential plan. While they’re considered a good choice for most, Figo scores higher in some categories than others, so we’ll explore what makes them a good fit for which type of pet (and pet parent) and talk more about how much it’s going to cost.

FIGO Pet Insurance

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Why Do You Need Pet Insurance?

It’s been said that every dog has its day. Statistically, your pet will experience an emergency every three years, and usually when you least expect it. The resulting vet bills can be alarmingly high, especially if the incident occurs after-hours, and you might not be fortunate enough to have thousands of dollars sitting in your bank account to pay for it.

That’s where pet insurance comes in to help. While you typically have to pay the total cost up front, most pet insurance companies reimburse you within thirty days, allowing you to pay off the vet bill that’s sitting on your credit card before it accrues interest.

A few companies, such as Healthy Paws, function like human health insurance by paying your vet directly instead of reimbursing you later. This model works best if you don’t have good credit, but it’s not the best for flexibility since you must choose a vet in-network like you would with human healthcare.

Figo follows the standard pet insurance model by reimbursing you, which allows you to choose your provider. Even better, they have a stellar reputation for quick claims processing and reimbursements, which means you don’t have to worry about not receiving your money back before your credit card payment is due.

How Much Does Figo Pet Insurance Cost?

When searching for an insurance policy, it’s always best to get your own quote. Prices vary greatly depending on the size and age of your dog or cat, as well as your geographic location and the type of coverage you choose.

Here’s a chart showing the coverage options for a 17 lb. Maltipoo who lives in New Orleans, Louisiana:

Preferred Plan
Deductible $750 $500 $250 $100
70% $8.98 $11.49 $15.57 $19.68
80% $12.47 $15.57 $20.43 $25.07
90% $16.59 $20.30 $25.89 $31.07
100% $20.30 $24.51 N/A N/A

The Essential Plan is cheaper than the Preferred Plan by $0.79 to $2.68, and the Ultimate Plan is $2.59 to $8.98 more expensive. Also, the Ultimate Plan does not have 100% Reimbursement available.

Additional Costs to Anticipate

If you want extra coverage for wellness exams and routine expenses, you can add one of Figo’s “Powerups” to your pup’s plan. The $9.50/per month plan gives you a total of $135 in annual coverage, whereas the $16.50/per month plan gives you $250. Both add-ons cover the same things, such as routine vaccines, but the more expensive plan allows you to have a higher allotment.

One thing to note is that unlike the actual health insurance plan, which doesn’t have per-incident caps as long as it’s under the maximum annual payout, the wellness powerups have stringent limits on how much you can spend in each category. For example, Basic Wellness only gives you $20 towards wellness visits each year despite the $135 total.

There are several extra power-up options beyond the wellness plan. For example, one of them pays for the accident exam costs. Another one, the Extra Care Pack, covers miscellaneous expenses such as boarding, pet theft, and up to $250 in cremation fees.

Other Top-Rated Pet Insurance Companies

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What Does Figo Pet Insurance Cover?

Figo covers most accident and illness related expenses as long as it’s not pertaining to a pre-existing condition. This includes procedures such as surgery and diagnostic testing, as well as long-term treatments for chronic illnesses such as cancer.

Since Figo follows a reimbursement model, they’ll let you visit any licensed vet of your choosing in the world. Figo also pays for any FDA-approved, prescribed medications, although they won’t pay for veterinary prescription diets unless you buy the Veterinary Powerup.

Unlike some companies which don’t allow “high-risk” senior dogs to enroll, Figo doesn’t have any upper age limits. This means as long as your puppy or kitten is at least 8 weeks or older, they’re guaranteed coverage for life.

What Are Some Coverage Exclusions?

Figo has a good reputation as a pet insurance that specializes in accident and illness coverage, but we find that their wellness coverage is subpar compared to other competitive providers such as Embrace. The stringent per-incident caps on the wellness plan don’t give you much liberty to choose which expenses are covered, which may render you unable to use all of your annual allotment.

Figo stands out from the crowd by covering hereditary and congenital diseases. The only exclusion is if your pet develops a hereditary disease while being uninsured for the first two years of their life. For example, the Cavalier Spaniel almost always develops heart disease if they live long enough. If you enroll them with Figo before their second birthday, this genetic disease will be covered.

However, if you choose to enroll them at seven years old and then they develop heart disease later on, you still might not receive coverage for that particular illness, even though it wasn’t considered a pre-existing condition at the time of enrollment.

Figo is actually one of the only pet insurance companies that will cover your pet’s pre-existing conditions as long as they haven’t received any treatment for those particular symptoms in the past year. However, according to multiple reviews on Trustpilot, Figo sometimes finds a way to make various illnesses count as a pre-existing condition, so we’re not too certain on how this functions in practice.

What Do Fellow Pet Parents Think About Figo

Pet parents are far from unanimous in their opinions on Figo. Some claim that the company quickly processed their claims for accidents and illnesses. Others accuse the company of trying to label every possible illness as a pre-existing condition to avoid reimbursement entirely.

In 2022, customers are complaining that their premiums rose by nearly 20% over the past year. Certainly, the increasing costs make Figo not the most affordable choice on the market. However, considering that they have an unlimited maximum payout option coupled with an inclusive mindset towards pets of all ages—and unlimited lifetime caps—Figo may be worth paying a little more if you have an older dog or cat who may need extensive treatment in their later years.

Find The Best Insurance Companies in 2024

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If you’re looking for a company with flexible coverage options for accidents and illnesses, Figo could be a good match for you. Figo insures dogs and cats of any age as long as they’re 8 weeks or older, so it doesn’t matter if your fur baby is a freshly adopted family member or a long-time friend. Hereditary and pre-existing conditions may be covered, too, but there are several exemptions. While reviews can give you a good idea of what to expect, you should always contact the company directly to receive an individualized quote and give you more insight on what’s covered for your pet.

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