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How Much Does Ollie Dog Food Cost? (2024 Update)

Jessica Rossetti

By Jessica Rossetti

ollie dog food

Ollie is a dog food delivery service. It sends freshly cooked, pre-portioned dog food right to your door. The recipes are designed by veterinarians to give your dog natural, fresh ingredients with minimal processing.

This subscription service can be convenient for busy pet owners who want to give their dogs quality nutrition without the hassle of shopping for the food. But how much does it cost to do this? This premium food can quickly add up. The cost of Ollie dog food depends on your dog’s size and the amount of food ordered, from approximately $3 per meal to $200 for a month’s worth of food for medium dogs. In this article, we look at how much it will cost to feed Ollie dog food to your dog.

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The Importance of Ollie Dog Food

The right dog food can make all the difference in your dog’s health. Dogs benefit from eating high-quality protein combined with vitamins and minerals. A healthy amount of fat should be in their diet, along with other nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

Ollie dog food includes vegetables like carrots, kale, pumpkin, and spinach to give your dog the nutrients that they need. There are no artificial flavors or preservatives.

The recipes also include organ meat from animal sources that give your dog a protein-packed diet that mimics the one that they’d have in the wild. If you want to feed your dog a grain-inclusive diet, Ollie has a recipe made with rice and chia seeds.

If you don’t want to sacrifice room in your fridge for the fresh dog food packages, Ollie also offers baked recipes of dry kibble.

Meat is always the first ingredient in the recipes. Since all the recipes contain limited ingredients, Ollie is a good option for dogs with allergies or food sensitivities. The risk of allergic reactions is much lower.

While it might sound like this food is incredibly expensive, it may not be as much as you think. Read on for more information about the cost of Ollie dog food.

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How Much Does Ollie Dog Food Cost?

You won’t know for sure how much your specific Ollie dog food plan will cost until you’ve signed up for the service online. However, here’s a table to give you an idea of the prices for different dogs. These are estimates, but you will be able to see the exact number before you make a purchase.

Cost Per Meal Cost Per Day Cost Per Month
Small dogs (10–20 pounds) $1–$2 $2–$4 $60–$120
Small to Medium Dogs (20–40 pounds) $2.50–$3 $5–$6 $150–$180
Medium to Large Dogs (40–65 pounds) $3.50 –$4 $7–$8 $210–$240
Giant Dogs (over 65 pounds) $4–$6 $8–$12 $240–$360

Additional Costs to Anticipate

If you have large or multiple dogs, it will automatically cost more to feed them if they only eat Ollie dog food, but at least you won’t be surprised by added costs. When you choose your dog’s meal plan, the price is what you pay. The shipping is free and there are no hidden fees.

When you receive your first box, you will get a feeding guide, a container to keep your Ollie food fresh, and a food scoop. You can also get a 50% discount on your first order, and you have to option to return the box for a full refund.

Typically, you will spend around $3.50 per day to feed a dog that weighs 10 pounds. For a large breed dog, you can spend up to $11 per day to feed them the proper amount of food.

You are billed for your subscription 2 days before your box ships, and you can amend your order at least 4 days before the shipment is sent out.

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How Often Should I Order Ollie Dog Food?

You choose the schedule that your Ollie dog food is delivered to your door. You can change your delivery schedule as necessary to make sure your dog is never left without a fresh meal. The schedule is easy to adjust.

Since the subscription is so flexible, you can also opt to only purchase Ollie dog food once or twice a month to supplement your dog’s current diet. Instead of feeding them only Ollie dog food, you can save money by making their diet consist of half or a quarter Ollie food and the rest their regular dog food. This way, they can receive the health benefits from Ollie without you having to break the bank.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Ollie Dog Food?

Pet insurance will not cover Ollie dog food. Pet insurance sometimes covers prescription dog foods that are medically necessary for your dog. Ollie is a premium dog food, but you don’t need a prescription to get it.

If your dog does require a prescription food that pet insurance covers, you can supplement that food with Ollie dog food if your dog can eat other foods aside from the prescription diet. This way, you can save money and still make sure your dog is eating healthy.

How to Store Ollie Dog Food?

Ollie dog food comes freshly packed and will need to be stored in the freezer to keep it that way. Each package should defrost in the fridge for 24 hours before being given to your dog. This requires room in your fridge and freezer. It’s also more work to feed your dog, and you have to remember to thaw the food naturally so your dog has a meal.

It’s not recommended to thaw the food in the microwave or heat it because you could deplete the nutrients in it, which is the main reason to feed Ollie food to your dog in the first place.

If you’re not home when your shipment arrives, that’s no problem. The food is packed in dry ice and will remain cold for 12 hours after it’s placed at your door. Just take the food out once you get home to store it in the freezer, and keep enough out in the fridge if you need to feed your dog that day.

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Ollie dog food is worth the money if you’re looking for a fresh, natural diet to feed your dog. If the daily price doesn’t fit into your budget but you still want to feed your dog this food, you can buy it occasionally as a supplement to your dog’s current diet.

These meal plans start at just over $1.00 per meal, and you can give your dog the recipes that you want them to have. Once you sign up for the service, you will see actual prices for the plan you select. Remember, shipping is always free, and you won’t be hit with any hidden fees.

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