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How Much Exercise Does a Labradoodle Need? Age & Size Activity Chart

Rachel Giordano

By Rachel Giordano

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Any Labradoodle owner knows that this designer dog breed loves to play. A mixture of the Labrador Retriever and the Poodle, these dogs are sociable, intelligent, lovable, and perfect for the first-time dog owner. If you’re a first-time Labradoodle owner and have no idea how much exercise your Labradoodle needs, the answer is that it depends on the size of your Labradoodle. For example, an adult mini Labradoodle should receive at least 45 minutes of exercise twice daily. In comparison, an adult standard Labradoodle should receive at least 60 minutes of exercise twice daily.

Exercise can be in the form of short or long walks, as well as playing a game of fetch or similar activity. These dogs love and need both physical and mental stimulation, and in this article, we’ll explain how to exercise your Labradoodle so they are happy and healthy, both mentally and physically. Read on to learn more about the fascinating Labradoodle!

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How Far Should a Labradoodle Walk Per Day?

How far a Labradoodle should walk per day depends on your Labradoodle’s age and size. For example, puppies cannot handle too much exercise in their delicate and early years because their little bones and muscles are still developing, and too much exercise could hinder their growth. Regarding walking, puppies under 2 years of age should only walk no longer than 1 to 2 miles at a time. For adults, you can walk your Labradoodle 5 to possibly 10 miles, depending on your doggie’s stamina. Never push your dog to do more if they seem tired, and give them time to build up stamina before taking long walks.

As a general guideline, puppies should be exercised 5 minutes for every month of age; for instance, a 6-month-old puppy should receive 30 minutes of exercise twice per day. An 8-month-old should receive 40 minutes twice per day. Once your standard Labradoodle reaches adulthood, which is usually around 2 years of age, 60 minutes twice per day should suffice. It’s best to cater your daily walks to these time frames. Also, check with your veterinarian to ensure your Labradoodle has indeed stopped growing before you engage in rigorous exercise.

For more clarity, and given these dogs come in different sizes, here’s a breakdown of the appropriate times of exercise per day:

Age Teacup Mini Standard
2 months 10 minutes/1 to 3 times daily 10 minutes/1–3 times daily 10 minutes/1 to 3 times daily
4 months 20 minutes/1 to 3 times daily 15 minutes/1–3 times daily 15 minutes/1–3 times daily
6 to 12 months 30 minutes/1 to 3 times daily 25 minutes/1–3 times daily 30 minutes/1–3 times daily
12 to 24 months 30–60 minutes/1–2 times daily 45–90 minutes/1–2 daily 30–60 minutes/1–2 times daily
Adult (2 years+) 30–60 minutes/1–2 times daily 45/90 minutes/1–2 times daily 60 minutes/1 to 2 times daily
Senior (8–12+ years) 20–30 minutes/1–2 times daily 30-45 minutes/1–2 times daily 30–60 minutes/1–2 times daily
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Image Credit: Olga Marti Rodriguez, Shutterstock

How Much Exercise Should a Senior Labradoodle Receive?

Speaking of age, your senior (8 to 12+ years) will not require quite as much exercise, but they still need it to stay healthy in their golden years. A mini Labradoodle senior should receive 30 to 45 minutes twice a day, while a standard Labradoodle should receive 30 to 60 minutes twice per day. It’s important to monitor your senior to ensure they’re not limping or seem uncomfortable on the walk or other physical activity.

What Is the Best Physical Exercise for Labradoodles?

Walks are an excellent way to exercise your Labradoodle, but there are plenty of other forms of exercise if you don’t have time for a walk. Playing fetch is fun for both of you, and it’s great exercise for your doggie. Swimming is another excellent form of exercise for your Labradoodle, and they love water! Do you love to go on hikes or go jogging? If so, take your Labradoodle along. However, ensure your Labradoodle has the stamina to go on hikes or jogs, and never push them to exercise when they’re tired.

F1 labradoodle standing on the grass
Image Credit: Olga Marti Rodriguez, Shutterstock

What Are the Best Mental Stimulation Exercises for Labradoodles?

Mental stimulation is just as important as physical stimulation. Labradoodles are highly intelligent, and teaching them new tricks is a fun game for them. Teach them to retrieve and ball and drop it or play a game of hide and seek. When your dog finds you, praise them with a treat. If you’re gone a big portion of the day, try mental stimulation games to keep your Labradoodle entertained, such as games and puzzles. Your pooch will appreciate games and puzzles for when you can’t be home to play.

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Final Thoughts

Labradoodles are an intelligent and fun designer breed to own, but they do require daily exercise to be healthy and happy. It’s best to establish a daily exercise routine, such as walking before you leave work and taking another one in the evening an hour after your Labradoodle eats. If you can’t make time for a walk, throw the ball around in the yard or engage in a fun mental activity in case the weather is bad, such as hide and seek or a puzzle.

Remember not to over-exert your Labradoodle and stick to the timeframe guidelines for exercising them according to their size and age.

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