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5 Ways to Get Rid of Dog Poop Smell Outside: Easy & Effective Methods

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Dog pooping

Nobody wants their home to smell like dog poop. That’s why most dog owners put their dogs out to do their business. But if your yard or patio smells like dog poop, you probably don’t like spending time there. It’s also likely that you don’t want visitors to go outdoors because you’re ashamed of how awful the area smells.

We’ve put together the top ways to get rid of dog poop smell outside that will help freshen up those areas where your dog defecates outdoors near your house. The good news is that these methods are easy to do, and they work to eliminate the unpleasant smell of dog poop!

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The 5 Best Ways to Get Rid of Dog Poop Smell Outside

1. Pick Up the Dog Poop

disposing dog poop
Image Credit: Miriam Doerr Martin Frommherz, Shutterstock
Materials needed Pooper scooper or poop bags
Difficulty Moderate
Effectiveness Good

Perhaps the best way to get rid of the smell of dog poop is to remove the dog poop from your yard. This involves using a pooper scooper or dog poop bags. You can also use a rake and shovel if you don’t want to spend money on a scooper or poop bags. However, the rake and shovel method can get messy and stinky! We recommend investing in a few rolls of poop bags or a quality poop scooper that’s easy to use.

The only downside to this method is that it requires dedication and some manual labor. It’s best to pick up the dog poop shortly after your dog leaves it in your yard so the piles don’t build up and stink to high heaven!

  • Works great
  • Easy to do
  • Requires consistency
  • Costs money

2. Use Fresh Water

garden water sprinkler near a flower bed
Image Credit: Peggychoucair, Pixabay
Materials needed Garden hose
Difficulty Easy
Effectiveness Good

An effective way to get rid of dog poop smell outdoors is to use plain water. Before using your garden hose, be sure all the solid dog poop has been picked up so you don’t make matters worse. You’ll have to spend several minutes and use a good amount of water to eliminate the unpleasant smell, but it will be worth it in the end.

You can use this method both on your grass and patio, making it versatile. This method works best if the odor of dog poop isn’t too overpowering. If the smell is strong, water may not get rid of all the odor. If you go with this method and use it often, you’ll probably see a higher water bill.

  • Effective if the smell isn’t overpowering
  • Easy to do
  • Don’t need to spend much money
  • Takes time
  • Not very effective if the smell is overwhelming
  • Can run up a water bill

3. Use an Odor Eliminator

Materials needed Odor eliminator, garden hose
Difficulty Easy
Effectiveness Great

This method works best for small yards and patios. You can pick up a commercial odor eliminator at your local pet or hardware store. Look for a product that’s safe to use and one that leaves behind a fresh clean scent.

The typical odor eliminator comes in a gallon jug that’s designed with a built-in hose attachment for quick and convenient dilution and application. Even though you’ll have to pull out your garden hose for this method, it’s relatively easy to do and very effective at getting rid of dog poop smells.

If you choose to go this route, you will have to pick up all the piles of solid dog poop before you start so you don’t make a big sloppy mess of your yard or patio.

  • Very effective
  • Easy to do
  • Not ideal for large yards or patios
  • Takes time

4. Use Lawn Lime

Garden Lime

Materials needed Outdoor lime powder for lawns
Difficulty Easy
Effectiveness Great

Lawn and garden lime works great at getting rid of dog poop odors. This method involves sprinkling lime powder on the dog poop spots so it can quickly deodorize the area. On top of working great for door poop odors, the lime powder also works to neutralize the smell of urine, so you’ll be killing two birds with one stone if you also smell dog pee in your yard. Your dog may or may not react to the smell of lime. If they dislike the smell, don’t worry! Your pooch will find a new place to poop—you can be sure of that! A downside to using this method is that the lime powder will quickly dissolve if it rains so check the weather forecast before using this method.

A benefit of this method is that it will help your lawn grow thick and plush due to the lime’s ability to remove toxins and infuse the ground with essential nutrients. While this is an effective method for removing dog poop odors, it can be costly if you need to buy bags of lawn lime all the time.

  • Gets rid of odors quickly
  • Easy to do
  • Helps grass grow green and plush
  • Can get costly
  • Not ideal for rainy weather

5. Use an All-Purpose Cleaner on Hard Surfaces

All-Purpose Cleaner

Materials needed All-purpose household cleaner, scrub brush
Difficulty Medium
Effectiveness Good

If your dog is pooping on your patio or porch, you obviously can’t use all the methods above. But you can use a good all-purpose household cleaner to cover up the smell of dog poop. The first order of business is picking up the poop. Once that’s done, fill a big bucket with warm water and add some all-purpose household cleaner. Then you’ll have to put on some gloves, roll up your sleeves, grab a scrub brush, and get to work!

While you may work up quite a sweat using this method, it’s an effective way to get rid of dog poop and even pee smells. Depending on how big your porch or patio is, this method can take anywhere from an hour to several hours to complete. Don’t forget to rinse the area well with clean water to keep your dog safe!

  • Works great on patios and porches
  • No tools necessary
  • Requires some hard work
  • Takes time to complete

Divider 2How to Prevent Dog Poop Smells Outside

To avoid having the smelliest yard on the block, there are some things you can do to prevent the stink of dog poop from taking over your yard. The best way to prevent poop smells from taking over your yard is to take your dog on walks so they can poop somewhere else. Just be sure to take along some poop bags to collect and dispose of the poop.

If you can’t walk your dog regularly, you should pick up the poop they leave in your yard. Sure, it’s easier to just leave those piles of dog poop in your yard, but it’s not a good practice! Instead of being lazy, pick up those piles of poop every single day. Your yard can’t smell like dog poop when there’s no poop laying around your lawn!

trash bin for poop
Image credit: RitaE, Pixabay

Don’t Forget to Dispose of the Poop

If you pick up poop with poop bags and toss them in your trash, your yard may continue to stink and especially on hot and humid days. A better idea is to toss those used poop bags into an outdoor trash can with a tight-fitting lid. Place the trash can far away from your house and empty it into your main trash bin right before your garbage truck comes around to collect your trash. Another option is to use compostable poop bags that can safely be tossed in a compost pile or buried in the ground. This method is great if you already have a compost pile or live on a big piece of property where you can dig a hole.Divider 2


Nobody wants their yard to smell like dog poop. If you’re fed up with that terrible smell, use one of the methods above. Pick the method that best addresses your needs and one you can commit to doing. Once you get a handle on all those piles of dog poop that are littering your lawn, your yard will smell fresh and look much nicer too!

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