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International Pet Groomer Appreciation Day 2024: When & How to Celebrate

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Pets are more than just animals to most of us; they are family. They live in the house with us, join us in celebrating our milestones, and offer us companionship. We want them to be happy and healthy, and also want them to be groomed properly, which means taking them to the people who know how to go about it—pet groomers.

Pet groomers are unsung heroes. Because of them, we can help our furry family members look and feel their best. International Pet Groomer Appreciation Day is celebrated every year on November 1st and is meant to show our pet groomers appreciation and create awareness of the profession.

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What Is International Pet Groomers Appreciation Day?

Krista Olson founded International Pet Groomers Appreciation Day in 2019.1 It’s meant to appreciate those who work in a close capacity with our pets. Pet groomers give our pets baths, trims, and spa days, thus freeing up our time. They do it in a safe and controlled environment and are extremely compassionate.

Pet groomers are also often the first to discover something wrong with your pet since they are usually in close contact. For this reason alone, they deserve to be celebrated.

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The 4 Reasons the Pet Grooming Is Important

Pet groomers play a vital role in caring for our pets’ physical appearance and mental well-being. Here are some reasons why pet grooming is important.

1. Improved Coat and Skin Health

Grooming your pet enables it to maintain a healthy coat and skin. Pet groomers wash your pets with the proper shampoos and brush and oil your pets to remove mats and give their fur a trim if needed. This is especially vital if you have a long-haired breed.

2. Early Detection and Prevention of Diseases

Professional pet groomers usually look for any lumps, lesions, infections, and parasites during pet grooming, and they can identify signs of health problems early, especially physical problems. Early detection leads to easier and shorter treatment plans and can save your pet from serious illness. It’s easy for regular pet owners to miss early warning signs since they are not actively looking for them and, in most cases, don’t know what to look for.

3. Improved Mental and Emotional Well-being

Groomed pets are often happier and have a better temperament than those that aren’t. Grooming helps reduce stress and anxiety in pets, thus having a positive impact on their mental health and making them a joy to be around. A clean and good-smelling pet is also more likely to be cuddled by friends and family, which improves its overall emotional state.

4. Socialization

Unsocialized pets are likely to scratch and bite. Regular pet grooming makes your pets comfortable with being handled and touched, making them easy to handle during other social interactions and vet visits. It also makes them easier to train.


The 5 Ways You Can Celebrate International Pet Groomers Appreciation Day

Professional pet groomers are indispensable, and you should think of creative ways to show your pet groomer appreciation and spread awareness. Some ideas include:

1. Sending Them a Thank-You Card

As a pet owner, you can send your pet groomer a thank you card/note on International Pet Groomers Appreciation Day. It’s a great way of showing them an appreciation for their hard work. You can add more detail to your note and accompany it with a bouquet for a more personal touch.

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2. Post on Social Media

If you are active on social media, you can post your pet groomer with a caption appreciating them. Ensure you tag them so they don’t miss out, and use the hashtag #PetGroomerAppreciationDay to spread awareness.

3. Tip Them

For International Pet Groomers Appreciation Day, consider tipping your pet groomer. You can give them a hefty tip on top of what you usually tip them to show gratitude.

4. Get Them a Gift

Make an effort to visit your pet groomer on this day and give them a gift. You can gift them a gift card or baked treats if you don’t know them well, get them a functional gift for the shop or leave a positive review on their website.

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5. Spread Awareness

International Pet Appreciation day is a day to spread awareness of this profession. You can do so by posting about it on social media and spreading the message to friends and family. Doing this encourages more pet owners to take their pets to professional groomers. It also sheds light on this field and advocates for fair wages.



Pet grooming is not easy—some pets are wary of strangers and may even scratch and bite. Supporting your pet groomer motivates them to continue doing what they do. You can do this by compensating them fairly and spreading their services to friends and family. Also, ensure you leave a positive review and give them a good rating after a session.

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