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Is Office Depot Pet Friendly? 2024 Policies Guide

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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We love to go on trips with our pets, including when we shop. While some stores welcome pets, others have strict regulations about the presence of animals. One store that people often want to take their pets to is Office Depot. Most of the locations allow pets, but there isn’t an official blanket policy regarding pets in the stores.

That said, some locations don’t allow pets at all, and only service dogs are allowed in.

This guide goes over Office Depot’s pet policy While Office Depot doesn’t openly welcome pets like a pet store does, there’s no universal ban on them either.and how it can vary depending on the location of the store and the views of the manager.

What Is Office Depot?

Office Depot is one of the leading providers of office supplies and other business necessities. Since there’s no food sold on the premises, it’s usually friendly toward pets.

That said, the pet policy in individual stores can differ, though service dogs are allowed in every Office Depot location.

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Are Pets Allowed in Office Depot?

Many people take their pets into stores even when they’re not strictly allowed. It’s always a good idea to respect your fellow customers and the staff by adhering to the store’s pet policy. Places like Office Depot don’t have a blanket policy for all locations, but the actions of pets in the stores play a big part in affecting whether pets will continue to be allowed inside.

This section explains which pets are welcome in Office Depot and how the pet policy affects pets, emotional-support animals, and service dogs.

1. Dogs

Office Depot’s current policy seems to apply to dogs more than other animals. Dogs are also among the more popular pets that are taken into stores, but you might see other animals visiting Office Depot with their human companions.

If your pet is well-behaved, socialized, and friendly, they’re usually welcome in Office Depot locations. The policy regarding pets can vary between stores, though, so it’s always polite to ask before you take your pet inside, whether they’re a dog or another animal.

2. Emotional-Support Animals

A great deal of confusion surrounds emotional-support animals (ESAs) and their public access rights. Generally, if pets are allowed in a facility, such as an Office Depot, it’s safe to assume that ESAs are too.

However, unlike service dogs, ESAs fall under “no-pet” policies. If your local Office Depot doesn’t allow pet dogs, your ESA won’t be permitted either. Since their purpose is to provide comfort rather than perform a specially trained task to assist their handler, ESAs are not considered service animals under the ADA and don’t have the same access rights.

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3. Service Dogs

Service dogs are trained to assist their handlers, whether for physical or mental disabilities. Their access rights under the ADA make them exempt from “no-pet” policies.

While pet dogs and ESAs are subject to the individual store policy or state and city regulations, service dogs are allowed in all Office Depot locations, regardless of the location’s pet policy.


When Are Pets Not Allowed in Office Depot?

The first thing to remember when you take your pet into a store is that it’s a public place. Office Depot isn’t a pet store (though some locations might stock pet supplies), and the employees must consider the comfort of every customer, not just those with pets.

This means you’ll need to follow a few rules when you take your pet into an Office Depot store. Remember that the less obtrusive you and your pet are when you visit, the more likely you’ll be welcomed back.

Disruptive or Inappropriate Behavior

Even if your local Office Depot allows pets, the staff reserves the right to ask you to leave if your pet is disruptive or showing inappropriate behavior. If they’re acting aggressively, barking excessively, knocking everything off the shelves, harassing other customers, or otherwise not behaving well, you will be asked to exit the store.

When you take your pet into any store, their behavior is your responsibility. They need to be socialized, friendly, and well-trained. The staff might ignore a bark or two, but if you can’t maintain control of your pet, it’s safest for the other customers and the staff if you take them outside.

Managerial Discretion

Whether pets are allowed in individual Office Depot stores depends on the location and the manager, as they have a certain amount of control over the store’s regulations, which include the pet policy.

One Office Depot might love all animals and let everyone in, while another might only permit service dogs. You’ll need to call ahead and double-check your local store’s policy before taking your dog inside.

Always accept their rules with grace. If pets aren’t allowed, don’t try to sneak yours. You’ll also need to abide by the restrictions of the policy. For example, if pets are only allowed if they can fit in a cart, your Great Dane might not be permitted unless they’re a service dog.

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State Regulations

Depending on where you and your local Office Depot are located, state regulations can affect whether pets are allowed in the store. While a state law might seem like it only affects your pet’s presence in grocery stores, it can impact places like Office Depot too.

The manager of your local branch will take the law into account when they decide whether pets are allowed. However, even if the state allows dogs in stores like Office Depot, the manager can still introduce a “no-pet” policy if they feel that it’s necessary.



In most Office Depot locations throughout the U.S.A., pets are allowed on the premises. However, the company doesn’t have a blanket policy regarding pets for every location. The manager of each store is allowed to make their own decision when it comes to allowing pets, and some locations don’t allow pets at all.

This policy covers emotional-support animals too, so they might not be allowed in your local store. The only exceptions are service dogs, which are allowed to accompany their handlers in all Office Depot locations.

To make sure your pet is welcome at your local Office Depot, call ahead or speak to the manager during a visit when you don’t have your pet with you. Make sure to accept and follow the store’s policy, whether it allows pets or not.

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