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It’s a Fish Thing and Pure Goldfish Are Now a Part of Hepper

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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We are pleased to announce that Pure Goldfish and It’s a Fish Thing have joined forces with Hepper to create a more in-depth online resource for all pet enthusiasts. Whether readers own a pet with four legs and fur or one with fins and scales, they will find a plethora of articles to answer their questions about breeds, feeding, and products.

What Was It’s a Fish Thing?

As the title of the website suggests, It’s a Fish Thing aimed to be a one-stop-shop of knowledge for fish keepers, with comprehensive information on salt and freshwater fish as well as tropical and cold water fish. Our fellow fish-keeping enthusiasts contributed blogs about care tips, tank mates, plants, filters, or other supplies best suited for their particular piscis.

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Image Credit: motorolka, Shutterstock

What Was Pure Goldfish?

PureGoldfish.com was the principal online hub for goldfish enthusiasts. Founded and curated by a lifelong fish keeper, the site covered every angle of goldfish care and went out of its way to help your goldfish live its best life.

What Is Hepper?

Hepper started as a feline-focused website promoting premium and modern cat furniture and accessories. If a reader wanted something special for their cat, they could find it at Hepper! Cat parents could also browse through the blogs to learn more about cat behavior, nutrition, and DIY toys. However, Hepper has expanded its content to reach all pet lovers, so readers with dogs can benefit from the informational blogs to learn more about canine companions’ nutritional needs, training ideas, and breed behavior.

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Image Credit: Chatchai Chaihan, Shutterstock

Benefits of Being Part of Hepper

Hepper not only offers information about readers’ beloved pets but also provides them with vet-approved articles about nutrition and health. Why is this important? The Internet is packed with information; however, not all that information is fact-checked by professionals. At Hepper, we have a growing collection of articles of which the content is checked and approved by our international team of veterinarians. Knowing that the health-related information published has been checked over by one of our vets can give you comfort.

Will Hepper Still Have Plenty of Fish Articles?

Don’t worry—fish keepers will find the information and content they need about fish at Hepper. Fish keeping is a growing niche in the pet world; more and more people are considering having fish as pets. Fish keepers know the beauty and variety of fish are just some of the many reasons why owning fish is a fantastic choice for people who want a pet…just not one with fur or feathers. Hepper is excited to become one of the top online resources fish keepers utilize for their fishy friends.

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